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The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

Thursday, November 30th, 2023
The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

Explore the 2024 MomAdvice Book Club books for your best reading year! Join the online club for an immersive reading experience with these twelve selections. 

Friends, I am SO THRILLED to be announcing the 2024 MomAdvice Book Club selections! Cue the confetti!

The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

I’m hosting my first backlist book club year in honor of my 20th year as an online creator, and I would be HONORED to have you join me on this journey.

What is a Backlist Book?

A backlist book refers to titles published over a year ago.

This year’s offerings include backlist books from 1979 up to 2022! Some of these are new favorites, while others are books I have wanted to discuss for years. 

Won’t it be so fun to revisit some of our favorite books over the years?

The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

Why Should You Join This Book Club?


First, I would love to meet you! We can hang out every single month!

This blog is run by a real person who genuinely would love nothing more than to share books with you.

Second, the goal of my book club is to sample a wide variety of books that I feel will offer dynamic discussions, give us a new viewpoint on the world (and the people in it), and introduce you to your new favorite author (that you may have never heard of before).

This year’s stack offers a diverse selection of family drama, crime fiction, thriller, dystopian, historical fiction, and horror (just to name a few!). There is something for everyone this year. 

Where Do Book Club Chats Happen?

Hosting this book club for free since 2014 has been a joy. Unfortunately, as a small business owner, I can no longer offer this for free due to my increasing overhead costs.  

Although I don’t have to justify this, hundreds of hours go into every book club year and dollars to edit materials and host each month.

We are doing everything possible to keep the website going through increasingly challenging times in the tech world. 

Funds that are collected cover all hosting services related to running a club of this size and payment for our special guests who will join us to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Join my Book Gang

We are offering two tier levels for this year on Patreon.

For full details on each month’s benefits, you can view each month’s “Book Club Experience” outlined with each of the books below.

Please note that if you are a current subscriber, you are a Book Club Explorer- NO PRESSURE to do anything else!

Book Gang Patreon

Book Club Explorer

  • Full Access to the Book Club Benefits includes a recorded fireside chat with the author (or book adjacent guest), a monthly Zoom to discuss the book with me, and a music playlist based on the book’s themes.
  • Annual printable Book Club organizer for keeping track of meet-ups, reviews, and notes for our meetings
  • The FULLY BOOKED podcast book review show offering book reviews on the new buzzy books hosted with Larry Hoffer of @getbookedwithlarry
  • The FULLY BOOKED newsletter that includes book adaptation news and what is coming to store shelves each month (25-35 pages) 
  • Spoiler-filled episodes where authors discuss the ending of their books with you after our shows and why they made the choices they did
  • Printable Sumer Reading Guide & Fall Reading Guide
top secret file

Literary Conversationalist

  • All Book Club Explorer benefits
  • TOP SECRET FILES- A two-page secret mission to take with each book club book created and collaborated with each guest. This file will offer immersive experiences beyond the books, like book pairings, movies, and insider scoops to share at your next dinner party.  The file shown here is just the top page. I told you that it’s top secret- haha!

Fireside chats are recorded in high-definition video AND audio format so you can access whichever format is best for your reading month.

The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

We are lucky to be joined by the authors of these books, authors discussing parallel themes between their books, and incredible people with real-life experiences on these book’s themes.

Even if you have read these books before, you will love our fresh take on these themes and the unique experiences offered.

Listen to Today’s Announcement on the Book Gang Podcast

You can listen to today’s Book Gang episode below to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what I’m offering for your stack this year. 

If you are planning to join in on the fun, these episodes are essential to understand how our club works and why I have chosen these books, in particular, for you.

Listen to Part 1:

Listen to Part 2:

Now meet our 2024 book club line-up!

The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books

Discover the MomAdvice Book Club selections, curated in honor of my 20th year as a content creator.

These twelve carefully curated selections of backlist books feature a diverse genre lineup to expand your reading life this year. I hope you'll join me on this literary adventure!

Please support our indie bookshop partner, Fables Books, for an incredible new and used book selection.

TELL ME: What book are YOU most excited to read together this year? Are there any surprises on this year’s list?

The 2024 MomAdvice Book Club Books Are Here

The Best Tools for Cozy Reading With Chronic Pain

Thursday, November 9th, 2023
The Best Tools for Cozy Reading With Chronic Pain

This cozy reading guide offers surprising tips for the best reading chair, book light, and pillows for reading in bed. Get ready for the winter reading season!

In this week’s Book Gang podcast, Osteopath Alexandra Orfanides shared surprising tips for creating a cozy winter reading space despite chronic pain challenges. She does this as a practice, runs the Hypermobility HQ on the TikTok account, and hosts the Help! I’m Hypermobile Podcast.  

We encourage you to listen to hear more details on what we are getting wrong about reading posture, her towel hack for full-body support, and other tips for chronic pain management.

Listen to the full episode (the show notes are located here) below and subscribe to the Book Gang podcast for more episodes like this one.

Get ready for a bonus treat! I’ve made a Cozy Reading Guide with the best tips and essential items from today’s talk with Alex.

If you love this guide, you can support my work through a one-time donation on Buy Me a Coffee or join our Patreon community for book fun all year long. The financial support helps us keep the lights on in our online space.

More than anything, we hope this improves your reading life this year!

The Best Tools for Cozy Reading With Chronic Pain

The Best Tools for Cozy Reading With Chronic Pain

Discover helpful tips to make your reading experience enjoyable, even on challenging days with chronic pain.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.


Sink into the most comfortable reading chair with these unique ideas and ways to build the best cozy reading experience at home.


From book lights to ADHD timers, these reading tools can ensure your body is always cozy when reading.


Find the ideal book holder for reading. Discover a range of ergonomic and adjustable options for a comfortable reading experience.


Discover tips for cozy essentials for reading in bed. From the soft glow of reading lights to the comfiest pillows- this list has you covered.


Explore tips and products designed to alleviate strain, making your reading experience more comfortable with hand pain.

What’s your go-to gadget for reading with chronic pain? Share your favorite tools and devices that make your reading experience more comfortable.

The Best Reading Hacks for Chronic Pain Podcast

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

Chronic pain shouldn’t stop you from living your best reading life. A registered osteopath shares her surprising tips for a cozy winter reading season.

The Best Reading Hacks for Chronic Pain Podcast

Does the perfect reading chair exist? How do I maintain a good reading posture? And what book format is best for someone who has chronic pain problems?

The answers might surprise you in this special winter reading episode dedicated to anyone navigating chronic pain challenges. 

Today’s podcast will help you create the perfect cozy reading space while acknowledging the additional challenges you might face, especially during winter.

This week’s remarkable guest is Alexandra Orfanides, a registered osteopath, the creative mind behind Hypermobility HQ on TikTok, and the host of Help! I’m Hypermobile Podcast.  

With her wealth of experience in the medical and creator spaces, Alex shares insights on the best ways to give your body TRUE rest when reading. 

As a bonus, Alex shares a touching personal connection to literature and discusses her recent challenges with connecting to books. To kick start her reading life up again, I’m providing three book recommendations to reignite her passion for literature.

Check out our bonus Cozy Reading Guide featuring all the products recommended by Alex and essential items that have personally helped me navigate health challenges while reading.

Whether seeking advice, inspiration, or a book review, this episode is your guide to the best winter reading set-up. 

Alexandra Orfanides

Meet Alex

Alexandra Orfanides brings her expertise as an osteopath with a Master’s degree in Osteopathy and a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. This unique combination couldn’t have been more perfect for today’s show. 

Alexandra offers in-person and virtual consultations to patients. She hosts the new podcast Help! I’m Hypermobile, and uses her various platforms to raise awareness about hypermobility to help her community navigate daily challenges. 

The Best Reading Hacks for Chronic Pain

Listen to the Book Gang Podcast:

Listen below or listen on your favorite podcast listening platform!

Mentioned in this episode:

Joining the Patreon community is an affordable way to support the show and gain access to a wealth of resources, including our monthly FULLY BOOKED buzzy new release show, exclusive author interviews, music playlists, and more! 

2023 MomAdvice Fall Reading Guide

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Breathe and Count Back From Ten by Natalia Sylvester

Watch Alex’s Towel Trick on TikTok


Animation tablet

Penguin upright mouse

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami

The Ladies Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness by Sarah Ramey

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Shark Heart: A Love Story by Emily Habeck

A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers – solar punk

A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by Becky Chambers

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances by Ruth Emmie Lange

Shop the above (Amazon) links or through my Book Gang Bookshop Page!! They pay a 10% commission on every sale and match 10% to independent bookstores.

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100 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Everyone On Your List

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023

This INCREDIBLE list of 100 stocking stuffers offer the perfect gift ideas for everyone on your list. We have included men, women, teens, tweens, and toddlers!

100 Unique Stuffing Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

Are you looking for the perfect small gift to tuck in your family member’s stocking? Today I’m sharing my Christmas stocking stuffers that everyone will love.

My family never did stockings, when I was growing up, and I was always so enchanted by the tradition at my boyfriend’s (now husband) house.

Each stocking was uniquely made and cut from felt with adorable details on each one. I loved watching them open their stocking and the fun things that their parents came up with to give to them.

In their house, they had scratch-off lottery tickets, car wash gift certificates, toll road gift cards, and their favorite candy.

As with ALL my holiday gift guides I want to give you a list of useful gifts to share with a loved one on Christmas morning.

100 Unique Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your List

We want to acknowledge that 2023 is expensive, and we have done our best to include families in ALL budgets for this year’s list.

If you are on a budget, I recommend that you sign up with Rakuten to do your shopping. We’re sharing some instructions below for ways to apply this to bigger ticket items in our list. This app gives you cash back on all your qualifying purchases.

If you want to read more about this shopping app, head here for an in-depth review of what Rakuten offers.

If you just want $40 and plan to get shopping, this should automatically deposit $40 in your account for your purchases (sorry- new customers only!).

And while the new stuff is fun, remember that experiences can also be an excellent stocking surprise that will only take up a little room in your home.

We have ideas for saving on theatre tickets and a fun Choose Your Own Adventure travel experience you can gift for the holidays.

However you shop, sharing this resource is a big help to our family!

You are supporting a woman-owned small business, and I’m SO GRATEFUL. Thank you for trusting me with this process for TWENTY YEARS.

100 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Everyone On Your List

The Best Stocking Stuffers

We have 100 ideas for the best stocking stuffers for men, women, kids, teens, and toddlers in this 2023 gift guide!

This year's list is divided into categories for easy shopping.


Looking for the best stocking stuffers for the guy in your life? This list has you covered with lots of incredible budget-friendly options.


The best stocking stuffers I recommend for the women in your life. These are some of my tried-and-true favorites that have been a hit with readers, too.


You don't need to be a teen girl to love these stocking stuffer options, but Google likes us to have gender specific category titles for our gift guides. Why? We don't know!


You don't need to be a teen boy to love these stocking stuffer ideas, but Google likes us to have gender specific category titles for our gift guides. Why? We don't know!


The best stocking stuffer ideas for kids can be found in this fun gift list for the holidays.


Looking for the best stocking stuffer ideas for your favorite toddler? We have you covered in this fun list with age recommendations on these gift ideas.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
This post contains affiliate links from RewardStyle. Thank you for supporting our website through your purchases.
100 Unique Stocking Stuffers for Everyone On Your List

Advent Calendar for Teens That They Will Love

Monday, November 6th, 2023

An advent calendar for teens and tweens can make the holidays special. Shop this curated guide for fun ways to countdown to Christmas this year.

Advent Calendar for Teens They Will Love

One of my favorite gifts to give my teen is their advent calendar as a Christmas gift each year. This year, we wanted to offer this year’s best calendar ideas for your kiddos in this age category, as well as those college-age kiddos that deserve a fun way to celebrate the season.

We have you covered with a few of our favorite ways to countdown Christmas in 2023. 

To keep it economical, be sure to read our suggestions for ways to reuse keepsake boxes or diy advent calendars for the season with our smart ideas for saving.


If you aren’t familiar with the program, this is my beginner’s tutorial on how to use Rakuten (and some sneaky ways I get cashback on stuff we buy all the time).

Let’s celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with these fun ideas for the season.

Advent Calendar for Teens

Discover the perfect teen advent calendar for a memorable holiday countdown with these fun suggestions curated by the MomAdvice team.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.


These advent calendar games and puzzles can be done independently or as a family experience.


These arts and crafts advent calendars are perfect for the budding artist in your life.


You don't need to be a teen boy to love these ideas, but Google likes us to have gender specific category titles for our gift guides. Why? We don't know!


Unwrap a tasty surprise every day with this list of food advent calendars. From chocolates to gourmet treats, find the perfect December bite for the season.


You don't need to be a teen girl to love these ideas, but Google likes us to have gender specific category titles for our gift guides. Why? We don't know!


These personalized calendars allow you to personalize it to your teen's interests.

Fill the pocket calendar with handwritten notes, a crafty calendar with homemade treats. These DIY advent calendars offer a unique way to make the holiday season more meaningful.


Have a teen that's crazy about their furry friends? A pet advent experience can be a lot of fun for teens to open!

Love this guide? Don’t miss these other holiday gift guides:

Best Gifts for Minimalists

The Best Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

Retirement Gifts for Men They Will Love and Use

Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Advent Calendars for Teens They Will Love

Amazon First Reads for November (Choose a FREE Book)

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Discover the best Amazon First Reads for November and choose one FREE book. Browse this month’s Kindle book titles- a limited-time Prime member offer.

Amazon First Reads for November (Choose a FREE Book) from

Happy November, readers! I’ve heard from so many of you that these posts are helpful as you select your books each month, so I wanted to continue that tradition.

Each month I spend time going through the early feedback on the First Reads options and help you make the best book choices for your reading life.

This month’s book selections come with some content warnings for sensitive readers. One book is set during the pandemic, another offers lots of spice, and we also have darker themed books this month.

If you haven’t cashed in before, Prime members can choose Kindle eBooks a month before their release dates. I have an article that fully explains the Amazon First Reads program (previously known as Kindle First).

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see what I picked in November. I encourage you also to browse my UPDATED  Prime Reading Guide and access TEN FREE BOOKS through the Prime library.

Amazon First Reads Free Book

Make sure you see the BUY IT NOW FOR FREE option (pictured above) when checking out. You might not be signed into your account if it doesn’t show.

I’ve gathered the book summaries, early reviews, and feedback to assist you, but don’t feel limited by my suggestions. You can go directly to the landing page to pick your book. 

Amazon First Reads November Books

Amazon First Reads for November (Choose a FREE Book)

Pick one FREE Amazon First Reads book for November, included with your Amazon Prime member benefits.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.


I’m very intrigued by The Last Caretaker as I screen selections for potential book club book features for the Book Gang podcast. I love helping you find the best book club books, so I’ll go with that this month.

Keep in mind this exploration does involve women fleeing domestic abuse and may be unsuitable for some readers.

If you are craving a lighter escape, I recommend Leave It to Us or The Daughters of Block Island for readers craving a Gothic mystery.

TELL ME: What are you picking this month?