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Menu Planner & Grocery List 05.11.07

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Well, it has finally happened- I got an email from the corporate office at Aldi. The VP of the company emailed me to tell me how much they have appreciated our endeavors to support their company and even said he might be sampling some of the recipes that we have featured on the blog. It was a very heartfelt and sincere note, so much thanks to those of you who have spread the word about our corner of the internet! It is good to know that they know what we are up to and how much we enjoy their great food.

Here is this week’s menu planner & grocery list. Please send your Aldi-friendly recipes my way to [email protected] so that I can have some new ideas for next week’s planner!

051107 Menu Planner

051107 Grocery List

Meal Planner & Grocery List 04.27.07

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Have a wonderful weekend!

042707 Menu Planner

042707 Grocery List

Meal Planner & Grocery List 04.20.07

Friday, April 20th, 2007

I just wanted to thank everyone who has emailed or left a comment about how much they are enjoying these planners. It really has made my week to know that these are helping some tired moms plan their evening meals. It has helped me too as I have to be more dedicated towards the planning of our own meals to make them ready to be published on here.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Enjoy your new planner & grocery list! Let me know how the recipes turn out- it helps to know which ones to repeat again.

042007 Menu Planner

042007 Grocery List

Meal Planner & Grocery List 04.12.07

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Here are this week’s planners. Hope it makes your grocery day easier! Let me know what you guys think and I am so happy to hear that most of you are enjoying the new format!

041207 Grocery List

041207 Weekly Planner

Meal Planner & Grocery List for 04.06.07

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

I am going to try something different this time and I am VERY anxious for your feedback. Please click and leave me a comment about the new format and let me know how I am doing.

I have decided to make these lists printable PDF files for everyone. There will be two files- a grocery list & a menu planner with all of your recipes on it. This is a lot of work to put together each week, but this is the most user-friendly way that I can do these and make it easy for you to print and take with you to the grocery store.

In light of that, it is difficult for me to price everything out each week so I will be omitting the final cost. I do guarantee that you will never spend more than $50 on groceries every week and most times you will spend much less than that since many of my recipes contain ingredients that you already have in your pantry.

I know that there are many services out there that require you to pay for something like this and I would never charge you. The only way I am able to stay home with my kiddos and run something like this though is through you visiting the awesome sponsors that we have on our site. These people make my job possible and without them I would not be able to do this. The other way that you can support us is by sharing our site with your friends, family, neighbors, strangers- anyone and everyone!

Please send me feedback- I need it as it keeps me motivated!

040607 Grocery List

040607 Menu Planner

Meal Planner & Grocery List for 03.16.07

Saturday, March 17th, 2007


Chicken Broccoli Lo Mein

Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks served with a side of Microwave Taters

Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad

Amy’s French Toast served with turkey bacon

Meatloaf Muffins served with mashed potatoes & steamed broccoli

Pizza Hut Style Pizza & Cheesy Bread

Shopping List:


1 loaf white bread


baking powder




tomato sauce

instant mashed potatoes (herb & butter flavored)


tomato paste


parmesan cheese

mozarella or Italian cheeses


Caesar dressing

soy sauce



olive oil

vegetable oil


penne or elbow macaroni (whichever is available)

spaghetti or linguine (whichever is available)






1 pound ground turkey (frozen)

1 bag chicken breasts (frozen)

1 bag chicken drumsticks (frozen)

1 package turkey bacon (cooler)


broccoli cuts


broccoli hearts

romaine hearts

cherry tomatoes



SPICES & SEASONINGS (NOT Guaranteed to be at Aldi, but you can check)


garlic powder

onion powder

Italian herb mix


vanilla extract



APPROXIMATE COST for meal planner: $44 (this will include everything you need for baking and will also leave you leftovers for lunches & such)

Meal Planner & Grocery List for 03.09.07

Friday, March 9th, 2007


Pizza Hut Style Pizza, Cheesy Bread, & Homemade Sauce

Chicken BBQ Sandwiches with Shoestring Oven Fries

Chicken BBQ Pizza with a Garden Salad

Italian Turkey Burgers & Italian Spiced Fries

Scalloped Potatoes with Ham, Garden Salad, & Biscuits

Creamy Chicken Burritos with Tortilla Chips & Cream Cheese Salsa Dip

Pete’s Scratch Pancakes with Warmed Maple Syrup


Chocolate Cupcakes With Peanut Butter Frosting

Shopping List:


1 package of buns


brown sugar
2- flour
baking cocoa
baking powder
baking soda
vegetable oil
vanilla extract
chocolate chips
powdered sugar
olive oil


pinto beans
2- cream of chicken soups
spaghetti sauce (any meatless variety)
parmesan cheese
tomato paste


2- cream cheese (only need one, unless you intend to make the dip that was suggested with the creamy chicken burritos)
Large package (4 cups) cheddar cheese


maple syrup
worcestershire sauce
soy sauce
peanut butter


tube of biscuits


1 bag of chicken breasts (frozen)
1 pound ground turkey (frozen)
1 turkey ham (near the sandwich meat)

SPICES & SEASONINGS (NOT Guaranteed to be at Aldi, but you can check)

garlic powder
onion powder

APPROXIMATE COST for meal planner: $53 (this will include everything you need for baking and will also leave you leftovers for lunches & such)

Meal Planner & Grocery List for 03.02.07

Friday, March 2nd, 2007


Italian Chops served over Spaghetti Noodles

Bruschetta Chicken Bake with a Garden Salad

Amy’s French Toast with Hot Cocoa

Pan Grilled Salmon with Chicken Flavored Rice & Green Beans

Chicken Tacos with Carrot Sticks

Spaghetti with Cheesy Bread

Chicken Wings with Honey BBQ Sauce, Cheese Quesadillas, & Carrot Sticks


Heavenly Banana Bread

Shopping List:


White bread 1 (Amy’s French Toast) & save a portion for Cheesy Toasts



Baking Soda


Brown Sugar



Chicken Flavored Stuffing mix


Chicken broth canned 2 cans- 1 (Slow Cooker Taco Meat) & 1 (Green Beans)

Vegetable canned Green Beans

Tomatoes canned 1 can diced (Italian Chops) | 1 can (Bruschetta Chicken Bake)

Spaghetti sauce, any variety


Shredded mozzarella cheese 1 package (Bruschetta Chicken Bake) & save a portion for Cheesy Bread

Mexican Cheese


Vegetable oil

Olive oil

Barbecue sauce

Soy sauce

Maple syrup



1 package Butter

1 dozen eggs

Taco shells 2 packages (for Cheese Quesadillas & for Taco Night)


Salmon Fillets in Frozen Section




1 package center-cut pork chops


Spaghetti 1-2# box of thin spaghetti noodles

Rice- Chicken Flavored


1 bag chicken breasts (split for Brushetta Chicken Bake & Slow Cooker Taco Meat)

1 bag of chicken wings

SPICES & SEASONINGS (NOT Guaranteed to be at Aldi, but you can check)




Vanilla Extract

1 Taco Seasoning Packet


Carrot 2 bags of carrot sticks or 1 bag of regular carrots cleaned and sliced

Garlic (you can substitute this ingredient with garlic powder, if you like)

1 package Romaine Hearts (for Slow Cooker Tacos & a Garden Salad)


White wine (For Italian Chops)

APPROXIMATE COST for meal planner: $60 (this will include everything you need for baking and will also leave you leftovers for lunches & such)

Price Books 101

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005

Several months ago, I thought I knew it all on how to save money when grocery shopping.  I have found, however, that there is always more to learn as months later I am beginning to address this topic again.  I know I am not the only one who thinks that we are playing a game when we go to the grocery store.  Educated consumers walk away with loads of goodies for minimal money and others of us fork over the big bucks for the same exact thing. What sets one shopper apart from another? How do you beat the grocery game?  Is it really all about coupons and rebates?

Let’s begin by discussing the fliers that you receive in your mailbox each week which outline the stores deals and steals for that week’s particular campaign.  These items are called the store’s loss leaders. Loss leader simply means that the store is losing money by offering these items to you at a lower price in hopes that you are going to do the rest of your grocery shopping with them.  Will you, an educated consumer, necessarily put all of your money down into one store? Absolutely not! An educated consumer walks away with the loss leaders and adds nothing more to her basket unless the prices are unbeatable elsewhere. How does this educated consumer know that these prices cannot be beaten? They know this because they keep a price book.

A price book will make you the smartest consumer in the store because you will actually know whether or not an item really is on sale or not.  Begin by setting your price book up in a way that makes it easy for you to use.  There are two common ways that price books are set up- alphabetically or categorically. I find my price book is easier to use when it is set up by category because it is easier for me to locate milk under the category of dairy rather then the letter M.

Each page in your price book should contain the date, name of your grocery store (use a code that is easy for you to remember), the brand of the item, the size of the item, the price of the item, and then the unit price of the item. The unit price can be discovered by dividing- size/price. The unit price can also usually be found on the actual grocery sticker below the item which can save you some time in the math department.

Here is a sample of what a price book entry would look like for Peanut Butter:

Unit Price
Store Brand
18 oz/.99
.88 lb

The first couple of months of filling your price book is very tedious, but after you have logged this information in for awhile the best deals will emerge and you will also see a pattern in the store’s timing of these sales. For example, you will know that John Doe’s Supermarket runs their special on pasta at 25 cents a box every July and January.

Begin filling your price book by writing in all of the items that appear in your local fliers and the unit prices on them. After filling in these, you can then begin logging in all of the receipts that you have from your past visits to the grocery store. Doing this the first time was rather sickening when I wrote all of it in for our family because this is when I realized my steal of a deal was actually a dud. Don’t kick yourself when discovering this; pat yourself on the back instead because you know you will be saving money from this moment on.

Write in your price book items that you purchase on a regular basis: bread, milk, eggs, cheese, etc… Your job this month will be to fill this price book with this information on your next grocery trip.

One good strategy that I found when reading The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn was to shop at different stores each week of the first month so that within a thirty day cycle you can hit all of the stores and begin filling your price book with each of the store’s information. By the end of the thirty days you will have a clearer picture on the great sales each of the stores run.

As time goes on your entries will slow down and your price book will now be a great reference to you.  The real question is what do you do with this information and how do you make it work to your advantage? I find that the best thing you can do is that when you see a particular item on sale at a great price then stock up! And up and up and up! The last thing you want to do is have to buy that item when you run out of it because chances are there will be no sale in site and you will be stuck paying full price for that peanut butter that you are now scraping the bottom of. Buy as much as your budget allows, but be smart about how much you buy and how much you can use between now and the next sale. The last thing you want to do is to stock up on bologna and then end up throwing half of it out because it has gone bad before you could eat it.  I tend to stock up the most on items that I can freeze, staples, and pantry items.

I hope that this month you can make it your goal to discover the best deals in your local market. There is definitely something empowering about having your own price book.  More empowering though is knowing that your wallet is just a little bit fatter then it would have been had you not been armed with this information.