The 2023 MomAdvice Book Club Selections Are Announced

The Best 2023 Book Club Book Selections Are Announced on

Discover the 2023 MomAdvice Book Club Books I have curated for our reading year. These fifteen selections will yield dynamic discussions for any group.

It is finally time to turn this stack around! Today I get to reveal our 2023 book club selections for our best reading year ever.

I have learned so much from leading this club over the years, and this year, I believe, is our best one yet. While we still have a few books with challenging themes, this year’s stack offers more life-affirming and heartwarming stories than any other year.

We have joyful traditions, meaningful coming-of-age stories, found families, and found loves.

We also have some dynamic discussions in store around challenging topics like the disparities in our medical system, reproductive rights, body autonomy, and disability awareness.

As I’ve learned so much through this selection process, I am confident that you will also walk away with a new understanding of the world.

What is the MomAdvice Book Club?

The MomAdvice Book Club is a carefully curated book club year designed with busy budget-minded readers in mind.

Each year I select twelve book club books for discussion, so you can make necessary library hold requests for materials early or to take advantage of our partnered bookshop savings.

Why Should You Join This Book Club?

The goal of my book club is to sample a wide variety of books that I feel will offer dynamic discussions, give us a new viewpoint on the world (and the people in it), and introduce you to your new favorite author (that you may have never heard of before).

This year’s stack includes literary fiction, memoir, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction mystery, and young adult.

Where Do Book Club Chats Happen?

First, request to join the MomAdvice Book Club on Facebook.

The Book Club Chat is held on the last Friday (of the month) at 8 PM EST. All events for the year will be posted by January 1st.

Once you RSVP to an event, Facebook will send you the reminders.

As so many readers have Zoom fatigue, we do a typed chat. I provide the typical book club discussion with questions about the book, but I also supply 5-7 quotable news articles and facts to round out that chat.

Discussion questions are posted throughout the event and you can hop on at any time during the evening (or when you finish that book) to answer the questions at a time that is convenient for you.

All events (starting by January 1st) will be listed under the Events tab of our group. Click to RSVP on any (or all) events.

What New Book Club Features Can I Access in the MomAdvice Patreon?

Joining the Patreon group is just FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH or you can pre-pay for a year for a ten percent savings.. Your membership includes MORE perks than EVER. Most of all, your dollars fund our book club so we can continue to expand your reader perks and help this small business grow.

Without our patrons, this group would not be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Let’s discuss the new benefits offered for 2023!

The Best 2023 Book Club Book Selections Are Announced on

Monthly in-depth video interviews with each of our chosen authors– We have a commitment from 11 authors this years to participate in our EXCLUSIVE Author Interview Series. I spend an hour recording an interview with each of our authors discussing their books from start to finish.

This will GREATLY enhance your connection to each of these books, and they have become a patron favorite. These are posted on the fifteenth of every month, so you have two weeks to watch them before our discussion.

These conversations are recorded in video AND audio format so you can access whichever format works best with your reading month.

Exclusive Book Club Playlists- Each month you receive a curated music playlist around each of our book’s themes.

I take the books chapter-by-chapter to tell their story through music. It has become one of our patron’s most special perks and an excellent way to use my background in music to immerse us further in these selections.

Exclusive Bookstore Coupon Discounts- Our Fables Bookstore partnership will give Patreon members 15% off ALL the book club selections for our year. This can be applied to paperback and hardback selections from our 2023 year.

Take advantage of this discount savings to make your holiday shopping easy AND affordable. You will find the coupon code loaded in your account today.

Three Bonus Selections- This year we will offer three bonus selections (perks listed below) with exclusive interactive live discussions around the book’s themes. I hope to form deeper friendships and a stronger sense of community around these fun reads that beg to be read with a buddy.

The FULLY BOOKED Podcast & Newsletter– Each month we offer a 37-page reading guide with reviews on all the buzziest books, book adaptation news, and what upcoming releases will hit store shelves.

This is co-hosted with my well-read co-host (Larry), who reads hundreds of books and shares his top recommendations.

Print or screenshot the monthly written guide for your library day AND listen to a podcast with our uncensored opinions on the books coming out.

The Best Book Shirts for a Book Club

Don’t Forget to Grab Your Grown-Up “Book-It Pin” Shirts

This cult-classic merchandise is what I call our “Grown-Up Book-It Pin.”

Not only do our readers love it, but our writers love it too.

These buttery soft shirts, durable totes, and generously shaped coffee mugs are bought over and over again by repeat customers.

Sizing is true to size and these do not shrink. We stand behind the quality of our supplier and the durability of these designs.

These fundraiser shirts help offset the numerous expenses of running a book club of this size. All funds raised will go towards our administrative expenses, software, and equipment.

Products Available This Year:

Coffee Mug With All Fifteen Books

Coffee Mug With The Classic Dozen Books

Library Tote With Fifteen Books

Library Tote With The Classic Dozen Books

Book Shirts (All Styles Available) With Fifteen Books

Book Shirts (All Styles Available) With Twelve Books

Shop the whole rest of the collection HERE

Listen to Today’s Announcement on the Book Gang Podcast

You can listen to today’s Book Gang episode below to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what I’m offering for your stack this year. If you are planning to join in on the fun, this episode is essential to understand how our club works and why I have chosen these books, in particular, for you.

Thank you to my dear friend AND excellent host, Meagan Francis. Be sure to check out The Mother of Reinvention, a beautifully cultivated community and podcast for women in a new season of rediscovery.

Listen to the Book Gang Podcast Below or Stream Wherever You Get Your Shows:

The 2023 MomAdvice Book Club Books

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The Best 2023 Book Club Book Selections Are Announced

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