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The 2020 MomAdvice Reading Challenge (FREE PRINTABLE)

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

2020 MomAdvice Reading Challenge



Are you reading for your next book challenge? Set a goal to switch up your reading this year with our 2020 reading challenge worksheet. These 24 prompts will help you expand your reading this year.

I hope you caught our MomAdvice 2020 Book Club selections that were announced this week! I am so excited to share these next twelve books with you and thrilled about the new additions we are making to help create a more interactive reading experience for you.

I have heard that many of you have really benefited from these reading challenge worksheet so today I am sharing a year in reading challenge that should help you reach your reading goals and challenge you to read more books this year.

What is a Reading Challenge?

Typically, reading challenges are lists that offer prompts for selecting books throughout the year.

Reading challenges can offer advanced reader goals (reading books over 800 pages, classics, 52 books for each week of the year, 50 book challenges, or advanced nonfiction topics), fun exploratory ways of reading (i.e.- reading a book that starts with each letter in the alphabet, reading that is set to one theme (only books by women, books written by people of color, or books about/by the LGBTQ+ community), or they can offer broad challenges that tackle a wide diverse range of topics (like books being made into movies, a book in your tbr pile, something you missed on your 2019 reading challenge, summer reading/ beach reads, or a book that challenges your viewpoint).

What is the Goal of the MomAdvice Reading Challenge?

My goal each year is to create a reading experience that helps you branch out of your comfort genres and helps you to expand a previously held viewpoint about the world and the people in it.

I love to push people to look differently at previously held ideas about topics and that is what you will find in our 2020 worksheet.

With categories like settings in rural places, stories on mental illness, nontraditional family stories, a exploration on a religion you aren’t familiar with, immigrant stories, book set during wartime, and a book that challenges your own viewpoint, I REALLY believe that this can expand your view of the world and the people in it.

Do You Have Any Suggestions on Books I Should Pick for the MomAdvice Reading Challenge Categories?

I thought you would never ask! 

Here is what I will be reading for this year’s challenge!


MomAdvice 2020 Reading Challenge

Recommended by a favorite online source/podcast- A Curse So Dark and Lonely (recommended by Currently Reading)

Being adapted for film- News of the World

Set in a rural location- The Line That Held Us

A memoir or journal- Inheritance

One you meant to read in 2019- The Silent Patient

MomAdvice 2020 Reading Challenge Book Options

With a beautiful cover- Wilder Girls

A 2019 GoodReads selection that did not win- This Is How You Lose the Time War

About mental illness- The Great Pretender

With a dysfunctional family- Wild Game

A MomAdvice Book Club pick- I read and loved them all! Join the club!

A political book- Becoming

Recommended by a Librarian- Help a girl out if you are a librarian!

MomAdvice 2020 Reading Challenge Book Options

Written by someone younger thank you-  Normal People

About music or a musician- A Visit from the Goon Squad

Written by a woman of color- With the Fire On High

Set around a holiday- Mr. Dickens & His Carol

On addiction- Marlena

MomAdvice 2020 Reading Challenge Book Options

A novel set during a war- The World That We Knew

One you haven’t read by a favorite author- The Silent Sister

About a religion or culture you are unfamiliar with- The Book of Lost Saints

On an immigrant experience- Behold the Dreamers

One that challenges your own viewpoint- In the Dreamhouse

MomAdvice 2020 Reading Challenge Book Options

About a news headline topic- Long Bright River

MomAdvice 2020 Reading Challenge Book Options

About an artist- Cooking for Picasso

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Looking for book ideas? Check out our entire Book section of the site! Don’t forget to friend me on GoodReads! xo

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2020 MomAdvice Reading Challenge

The 2019 MomAdvice Reading Challenge (FREE PRINTABLE)

Monday, January 7th, 2019

Use this free reading challenge worksheet with 26 reading prompts to help you GROW and STRETCH as a reader in 2019!

We are here and we want our MomAdvice Reading Challenge!

Bookworms, you have been heard! I apologize that I didn’t get this out on the first of the month, but today is my FIRST day without my kiddos home from their winter break. I am sitting amid a mountain of laundry and four cups of coffee, but I was NOT about to put this reading challenge aside one more day for you!

Each year I hear how much you enjoy doing these and I have loved seeing these worksheets all filled out with your pretty checks. More than that though, I love seeing how it is helping you grow and stretch as a reader.

I am sticking to our plan of having 26 categories and have added many of the suggestions made by our book club members that they were interested in tackling this year.

After all, this challenge is for YOU!!


designed by MJ from pars caeli!!


Missed the previous reading challenge worksheets? Check them out here!

momadvice 2018 reading challenge

momadvice 2017 reading challenge

Start your engines, friends! I hope this helps you reach your reading goals! Don’t forget to join our book club and check out my list of top books of 2018 for inspiration for this fun challenge! xoxo

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Readers Recommend: A Book About Refugees or Immigrants

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Books About Refugees or Immigrants from

I thought it would be fun to work through our 2018 Reading Challenge worksheet together! I asked our amazing book club members to share their favorite reads about refugees or immigrants and wanted to share their favorites with you today. This list is such a great place to start when thinking about tackling the first category together.

Looking for more reading challenges to join? Here are a few that look like winners to me!

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2018 Reading Challenge

2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Tale_Away 2018 World Reading Challenge

Book Riot’s 2018 Read Harder Challenge

GoodReads Around the Year in 52 Books (don’t forget to friend me!)

Last year’s MomAdvice Reading Challenge Worksheet


Books About Refugees or Immigrants To Check Out

Americanah Americanah

The Book of Unknown Americans The Book of Unknown Americans (read our author interview)

Saints for All Occasions Saints for All Occasions (featured in our Best Books of 2017)

Brooklyn Brooklyn

Refugee Refugee (this was the MOST recommended book!)

Behold the Dreamers Behold the Dreamers

Pachinko Pachinko

Behind the Beautiful Forevers Behind the Beautiful Forevers

We Were the Lucky ONes We Were the Lucky Ones

A Good American A Good American

The Sun is Also a Star The Sun is Also a Star

The Leavers The Leavers

American War American War

Stealing Buddha's Dinner Stealing Buddha’s Dinner

The Illegal The Illegal

Exit West Exit West

Little Bee Little Bee

Breath Eyes Memory Breath, Eyes, Memory

The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing

We Never Asked for Wings We Never Asked for Wings

Shanghai Girls Shanghai Girls

Weeping Under the Same Moon Weeping Under the Same Moon


Books About Refugees or Immigrants

What books would you add to this list today? Don’t forget to print out your free Reading Challenge Worksheet and join our FREE book club!


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