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How to Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024
How to Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

Learn how to paint laminate furniture without sanding! Whether you plan to paint Ikea laminate furniture or a fireplace like us- you need this easy tutorial!

Laminate furniture often has a reputation for looking cheap. Let’s be honest- that faux grain finish does not fool anyone!

However, a simple paint job can completely transform and elevate any piece in your home in a single day, and I would love to show you how.  

How to Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

Today’s painting tutorial is an excellent technique to try on new pieces.

Fresh paint can also cover up scratches, discoloration, and other imperfections on furniture you already own.  

Painting pieces to match can make a room feel cohesive. And as our decorating styles evolve, we can choose any color or finish to match where you are at NOW with your style.

What has surprised me about this process is just how easy it is.

How to Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

For today’s tutorial, we will paint the electric fireplace that I featured in this guide- The Best Electric Fireplaces With Heaters

I’m excited to share with you how to make this laminate piece look more expensive than it is with a coat of paint- NO SANDING REQUIRED.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of painting laminate furniture without sanding, including the materials you’ll need and expert tips for achieving professional-looking results.

How to Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

Here is a picture of our fireplace TEN YEARS after we painted it. There is no nick or chip in sight, so you are in wonderful hands today!

Understanding Laminate Furniture

Before diving into the painting process, it’s essential to understand what laminate furniture is and why it requires special preparation.

Laminate furniture is made of particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard) covered with a thin layer of laminate. This synthetic material mimics the look of wood, stone, or other textures. 

This laminate layer can challenge paint adhesion, as it is smooth, non-porous, and moisture-resistant.

To paint laminate furniture without sanding, you will need a special primer, latex paint, and water-based acrylic to finish. You can scroll down to see the complete step-by-step instructions.

FAQs on Painting Laminate Furniture Without Sanding:

What is Zinnser primer?

Zinsser primer is a shellac based primer that acts as a versatile base primer for various surfaces, including laminate furniture.

This primer sticks effectively to surfaces without sanding, making it an ideal choice for prepping laminate furniture for painting. This is a top coat for your project, but you may need more than one coat depending on your furniture piece.

What kind of paint do you use on laminate furniture?

It’s essential to use really high-quality paint when painting furniture.

Latex paint is recommended for laminate surface painting projects because of its durability and smooth finish, and we have had the best success with the Benjamin Moore brand.

Many of our projects have stood up to over a decade of use without any need for retouching.

Can This Tutorial Be Used With Chalk Paint?

Yes, you can use chalk paint on laminate furniture, but I have yet to do this personally and can only provide instructions on what I’ve read elsewhere. You may not achieve the glossy results that I’ve shared today.

Follow the same steps I’ve outlined.

Once your primer is dry, you can paint your laminate furniture with chalk paint.

Keep in mind this paint will offer a matte finish.  

Be sure to add a protective topcoat to ensure durability, especially if the furniture will see regular use.

What Fireplace Paint Did You Use For This Project? 

This color is Benjamin Moore White Owl, the white paint we use in our home’s trim and furniture pieces. This piece from Architectural Digest showcases the versatility of the color and why it has become such a go-to white paint color choice! 

Do you have to sand laminate furniture before painting?

As we shared in this tutorial, using a product like Zinsser Primer eliminates the need to prime your laminate furniture. This bonding primer is designed for laminate furniture projects like this one and is a great option for Ikea furniture or painting laminate cabinets in your home. 

Can I Use Oil-Based Acrylic On Laminate Furniture?

We learned the hard way that using an oil-based acrylic finish on white furniture can lead to undesirable yellowing over time. 

Two dressers I had finished began to slowly turn yellow, a devastating DIY mistake that meant I had to repaint our pieces to restore the white color. 

Oil-based acrylic finishes contain ingredients prone to oxidation, a chemical process that can cause the paint to develop a yellowish hue when exposed to light and air. 

Additionally, oil-based acrylic finishes may take longer to cure and harden compared to water-based alternatives, leaving the furniture vulnerable to damage and staining during the curing process.

As a result, the finish may not provide adequate protection against everyday wear and tear, making the furniture more susceptible to scratches, stains, and other forms of damage.

I ALWAYS recommend a water-based acrylic finish or clear protective coating to prevent yellowing.

How to Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding: A Step-by-Step Guide

Materials Needed:

  1. Zinsser Primer
  2. Latex Paint 
  3. Water Based Polycrylic in Clear Satin (no substitutions- this product will not yellow your furniture)
  4. Drop Cloth
  5. Foam Roller
  6. Paint Brush


  1. Apply Zinsser Primer:
    • Clean the laminate surface thoroughly to remove any dirt or grease.
    • Apply a coat of Zinsser Primer to the surface using a paintbrush or foam roller.
    • Ensure even coverage and allow the primer to dry completely, usually within an hour or two of time.
  2. Apply Paint:
    • Once the primer is dry, apply your chosen paint color (see the suggestion below for my favorite white paint option)
    • Use a paintbrush or foam roller to apply the paint in thin, even coats.
    • One coat may be sufficient, but additional coats may be needed for full coverage or touch-ups.
  3. Finish with Polycrylic:
    • Once the paint is dry, apply two coats of Polycrylic in a Clear Satin finish, giving your piece a slick, smooth finish using a clean paintbrush or foam brush to apply evenly.  
    • Allow each coat of Polycrylic to dry for two hours before reapplying.
    • After applying the final coat, allow the piece to dry overnight before using or moving it.
How to Paint Laminate Furniture from
How to Paint Laminate Furniture from

How Do I Keep Laminate Furniture Clean?

While painted laminate furniture can be durable, it must be treated carefully to prevent chipping, scratching, or other damage. 

Avoid placing hot or heavy objects directly on the surface, and use coasters or protective pads as needed.

To clean painted laminate furniture, use a mild detergent, water solution, and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, which can damage the finish of your piece. 

I can’t wait to hear how your first project goes!

Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding Furniture Ideas

Here are a few examples of furniture pieces you could try as a great beginner project for painting laminate furniture. 

This post contains affiliate links.
How to Spray Paint Furniture

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How to Stain Wood Furniture– Bring new life to your furniture by staining it. Follow these straightforward steps to add rich color and depth to your favorite pieces.

TELL ME: Did you have success with this painting project? What has been your experience painting laminate wood?

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How to Paint Plastic Eggs for Easter

Friday, February 9th, 2024

Learn how to paint plastic eggs for a fun spin on Easter egg decorating for kids. These dyeable plastic eggs can be used year after year unlike real eggs!

The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now

Did you know that you can paint and dye plastic eggs to look just like the real deal? Well, now you do! Today, we’re diving into the world of decorating plastic eggs and, most importantly, how to avoid colorful hands afterward.

These dyeable plastic eggs offer a delightful twist to traditional Easter egg decorating for kids. You can find them in the seasonal section of stores, offering a reusable option for Easter décor year after year. Plus, unlike real eggs, they won’t spoil or need refrigeration!

Where to Buy Dyeable Plastic Eggs

These new dyeable plastic eggs can be found over in the seasonal section of stores and are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Just remember to pick up a paint kit or acrylic paint set if your egg set does not include paint.

Why Choose Dyeable Plastic Eggs

Unlike the shiny, brightly colored eggs typically used for egg hunts, these plastic eggs have a unique brushed exterior that almost feels like wood.

Made from lightweight, 100% recyclable plastic, they’re durable and won’t crack as easily as their traditional counterparts.

The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now

The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now
How to Dye Plastic Eggs

What Do We Love About the Plastic Decorating Eggs?

I love decorating eggs with my kids, but when we do it, I wish that I could keep them longer without them spoiling or needing refrigeration. We also ran into instances of little hands being excited to dump their eggs in the dye, often resulting in cracked eggs.

Unlike the shiny brightly colored eggs we use for our egg hunts, these almost feel like a wooden egg with a brushed exterior, yet are lightweight since they are made from a lightweight plastic.

There is a small seam that can be seen in my close-up pictures, but it does not break open like the neon plastic eggs.

The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now
The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now

Experimenting with different decorating techniques is part of the fun! While dunking the eggs in dye might not work well due to their lightweight nature, painting them yields vibrantly beautiful results.

Consider using egg painting kits for a hassle-free decorating experience.

Let your creativity run wild! Whether it’s speckled eggs, sponge painting, or golden glaze, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Encourage the kids to unleash their imagination and create their own unique masterpieces.

In our house, we tried a couple of different techniques with these dyeable plastic eggs.

When attempting our Kool-Aid dying we found that the eggs did not absorb the dye well.

Painting our eggs with an egg painting kit, however, yielded vibrantly beautiful eggs. We combined the sponge technique with the golden glaze, and let the kids create their own masterpieces.

The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now
The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now
How to Dye Plastic Eggs
The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now

Here are the eggs we created with our kits. Some of the most beautiful eggs actually resulted from dyed fingerprints that added color and texture to them.

My daughter loved doing the speckled eggs, while my son painted his fully with a brush.

We let them dry in the carton and they now have a spot in our front room in a bowl to be admired all season long.

I would recommend these dyeable eggs for little hands that have a hard time handling delicate eggs, children with egg allergies, and moms that might like to keep their decorated eggs from year to year.

Remove Dye From Skin

That was a messy job so I am sharing our tried-and-true recipe for removing egg dye & paint off of your hands.

We can attest to this formula as we may or may not have used everything in our house from rubbing alcohol to oil to try to figure out how to get the pesky dye of our hands.

Smarter people might wear gloves while decorating. We risk it all for our art. That’s how we roll.

How to Remove Dye From Skin

1 squirt whitening toothpaste

1 squirt face or body exfoliant

1 squirt baby oil

Scrub well. Add a little water and continue scrubbing. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.

Maybe three times if you look like a Smurf.

The Dyeable Plastic Eggs Tutorial You Need Now
How to Remove Food Coloring From Skin (or Dye)

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Advent Calendar for Teens That They Will Love

Monday, November 6th, 2023

An advent calendar for teens and tweens can make the holidays special. Shop this curated guide for fun ways to countdown to Christmas this year.

Advent Calendar for Teens They Will Love

One of my favorite gifts to give my teen is their advent calendar as a Christmas gift each year. This year, we wanted to offer this year’s best calendar ideas for your kiddos in this age category, as well as those college-age kiddos that deserve a fun way to celebrate the season.

We have you covered with a few of our favorite ways to countdown Christmas in 2023. 

To keep it economical, be sure to read our suggestions for ways to reuse keepsake boxes or diy advent calendars for the season with our smart ideas for saving.


If you aren’t familiar with the program, this is my beginner’s tutorial on how to use Rakuten (and some sneaky ways I get cashback on stuff we buy all the time).

Let’s celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with these fun ideas for the season.

Advent Calendar for Teens

Discover the perfect teen advent calendar for a memorable holiday countdown with these fun suggestions curated by the MomAdvice team.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.


These advent calendar games and puzzles can be done independently or as a family experience.


These arts and crafts advent calendars are perfect for the budding artist in your life.


You don't need to be a teen boy to love these ideas, but Google likes us to have gender specific category titles for our gift guides. Why? We don't know!


Unwrap a tasty surprise every day with this list of food advent calendars. From chocolates to gourmet treats, find the perfect December bite for the season.


You don't need to be a teen girl to love these ideas, but Google likes us to have gender specific category titles for our gift guides. Why? We don't know!


These personalized calendars allow you to personalize it to your teen's interests.

Fill the pocket calendar with handwritten notes, a crafty calendar with homemade treats. These DIY advent calendars offer a unique way to make the holiday season more meaningful.


Have a teen that's crazy about their furry friends? A pet advent experience can be a lot of fun for teens to open!

Love this guide? Don’t miss these other holiday gift guides:

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The Best Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

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Advent Calendars for Teens They Will Love

How to Make a Burlap Wreath (VIDEO)

Sunday, September 10th, 2023
How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Learn how to make a burlap wreath with a wire wreath frame and burlap ribbon. This beginner craft takes 30 minutes. and can be customized for any holiday.

I am all about beautiful and simple decorations for the holidays. Today’s tutorial will show you how to make a simple burlap wreath that can be customized for any holiday.

This is a no-sew, no-glue, no-cut wreath project that should be easy to create in about 30 minutes.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Burlap ribbon does not only come in brown. There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from.

At the end of this post, you can see how I made a beautiful fall wreath in orange burlap.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath (Pictures)


How to Make a Burlap Wreath
The Easiest Burlap Wreath You Will Ever Make from


Before you visit your craft store, make sure to sign up with Rakuten to make money back on all your craft store purchases.

Gather your supplies. You will need burlap ribbon, a wire wreath form, mini clothespins, floral picks, floral wire, scissors, and wallet-size holiday photos.

Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Get wallet-sized photos printed or print them at home with a mini photo printer.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Now let’s begin weaving the burlap through our wire wreath form.

This is going to take a little time and practice with your first one so don’t get discouraged.

Begin by folding your burlap in half, like I have shown above, and keep it folded like this as we go.

Select one section of the wire wreath to start in.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Feed the beginning end through the wreath as shown above.

Leave a little loose end to tuck in or you can wire it to the wreath with a little floral wire in the back.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Over the outer ring, under the next, over the next, and under to finish.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

This is the technique we are using throughout.

I am showing it to you tightly so you can see how this will work, when you do this, you will be actually pulling out the burlap a bit to give it to that bubble effect that we are going for. 

Begin right next to the previous row, within the same section of the metal wreath.

However, this time, we’ll weave in the opposite direction.

As you go along, keep pulling out the burlap to create bubbles. Move the working burlap into each section, alternating the weaving direction.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath
How to Make a Burlap Wreath

When you run out of burlap (it should be when you are about halfway through covering the wreath), tuck the end towards the back and pick up where you left off.

Again, you can wire these ends with a little floral wire on the back.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Finish the wreath with your holiday accessories.

You can trim any of the pieces down that were wired to help your wreath lay more flush to your front door.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Wouldn’t this just make the most fabulous little gift for someone you love for the holidays? I’ve provided some bulk purchasing options if you want to make more than one wreath.

Happy crafting!

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

How to Make a Burlap Wreath

Yield: 1 Wreath
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

This no-sew, no-glue, no-cut wreath is the perfect DIY burlap wreath for decorating your door or gifting to a friend! Follow this step-by-step to make your own.



  1. To begin, select a few of your favorite holiday photos that can be attached to your wreath.
    Tip: Send them to a photo lab and have them printed in wallet size.
    burlap wreath supplies
  2. Choose one section of the wire wreath to start in. Begin by folding your burlap in half, as I have shown below.
    How to Start a Burlap Wreath
  3. Feed the beginning end through the wreath. Over the outer ring, under the next, over the next, and under to finish.
    Leave a little loose end to tuck in or you can wire it to the wreath with a little floral wire (or zip tie) in the back.
    How to Make a Burlap Wreath
  4. Using the end of the burlap you're working with, begin creating burlap bubbles right next to the previous row, in the same section of the metal wreath. However, this time, weave it in the opposite direction.
    Keep pulling and forming bubbles in the burlap as you proceed.
    Move the working burlap into each section, first weaving in one direction and then in the other direction.
    Each fold should be about 4-6 inches wide. The continuous piece of burlap will naturally form a series of loops or bubbles.
    How to Make a Burlap Wreath
  5. When you run out of burlap (it should be when you are about halfway through covering the wreath), tuck the end towards the back and pick up where you left off. Again, you can wire these ends with a little floral wire on the back.
    How to Make a Burlap Wreath
  6. Once the entire wreath is covered, secure the final end with floral wire.
  7. Begin puffing up some of the folded bubbles (if desired) or you can leave them as is, if you prefer a more ruffled, rather than bubbly effect.
  8. Finish the wreath by hot gluing or wiring two floral picks on the wreath. Attach a few of your favorite holiday portraits with those mini-clothespins.
    How to Make a Burlap Wreath


You can use a small amount of hot glue, not too excessively to attach your floral pick. These floral picks can be switched for the seasons.

Looking for more burlap craft ideas? Here are a few of my most visited projects!

Crafting With Burlap

The Easiest Burlap Wreath You Will Ever Make from
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Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe (The BEST Gift Idea)

Friday, August 11th, 2023
Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe (The BEST Gift Idea)

Make this easy microwave peanut brittle recipe for a quick holiday treat. Simply stir in peanuts and microwave with a few common pantry ingredients!

Elevate your gift-giving game with this easy and easy microwave peanut brittle recipe you can make in the microwave. Simply stir in peanuts and microwave with a few common pantry ingredients.

Say goodbye to hours of stirring over a hot stove with a candy thermometer, and say hello to a simple, modern approach to crafting an old-fashioned peanut brittle.

With just a microwave and a few pantry staples, you can create a crunchy and sweet peanut brittle that’s bound to become a festive favorite.

Are you ready for the easiest no-bake treat? 

If you haven’t tried making microwave peanut brittle, you are in for a real treat.

The only trick with making peanut brittle in the microwave is keeping a CLOSE eye on it so you don’t burn your nuts.

In this article, we unveil the secrets to crafting the perfect microwave peanut brittle while providing a unique gifting idea that will impress. 

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen newbie, this recipe is designed to simplify your holiday preparations. 

Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe (The BEST Gift Idea)

Here are some frequently asked questions about this easy microwave recipe:

How Can I Prevent Air Bubbles?

Air bubbles can be a common occurrence when making microwave peanut brittle.

While they may not always be preventable, there are some key things to keep in mind to minimize their presence and ensure a smooth brittle:


When stirring the mixture after adding the butter and vanilla, do so gently but thoroughly. 

Stirring helps distribute the ingredients evenly and reduces the risk of large air pockets forming.

Baking Soda Reaction:

Adding baking soda to the mixture causes it to foam and expand. 

Stir in the baking soda quickly but gently, and avoid over-mixing to prevent excessive air incorporation.

Microwave Wattage:

Microwave wattage can impact the cooking process. Lower-wattage microwaves may require slightly longer cooking times to ensure the mixture reaches the desired consistency without trapping excess air.

If your microwave has different power levels, consider using a lower power setting during certain stages of cooking to minimize rapid boiling and bubbling that can introduce air bubbles.

You should also consider the size of the microwave-safe container you use. Using a wide, shallow bowl may help prevent excessive bubbling and make it easier to mix the ingredients evenly.

Pouring Technique:

Pour your brittle gently and evenly when pouring the hot mixture onto the greased baking sheet. 

Avoid pouring from a great height, which could introduce more air into the mixture.

Tapping or Shaking:

As I describe in the recipe below, after pouring the mixture onto the baking sheet, gently tap or shake the sheet to help release any trapped air bubbles before the brittle sets.

Cooling Process:

Allowing the brittle to cool slowly and evenly can help minimize the formation of large air bubbles as it solidifies.

It’s important to note that some air bubbles are natural and won’t necessarily affect the taste or quality of the peanut brittle. 

In fact, a bit of texture and irregularity can add character to the final product. 

However, if air bubbles are consistently causing issues, you can experiment with different mixing techniques and microwave settings to achieve a smoother result.

Bowl of Raw Peanuts

What Other Microwave Brittles Can I Make With This Recipe?

While our recipe offers a traditional peanut brittle experience, you can get creative by adding your favorite nuts or even a hint of your preferred spices for a unique twist on this classic treat.

Here are some brittle combinations you can try! 

Almond Brittle: Substitute peanuts with chopped almonds for a rich, nutty almond brittle. The microwave method works just as well for almonds, delivering a satisfying crunch and delightful flavor.

Cashew Brittle: Cashews lend their buttery taste to create a delectable cashew brittle. The microwave ensures the cashews caramelize beautifully, resulting in a mouthwatering treat.

Pistachio Brittle: Experiment with colorful and flavorful pistachios for a unique twist on traditional brittle. The microwave preserves the vibrant green pistachios while turning them into a delightful brittle.

Seed Brittle: Opt for a healthier version using a combination of pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds. These nutrient-packed seeds create a brittle with a satisfying texture and earthy flavors.

Hazelnut Brittle: Indulge in the rich and decadent flavor of hazelnuts. The microwave method ensures that the hazelnuts are evenly coated in the sweet caramel, resulting in an irresistible brittle. If you have extra hazelnuts to use up, try this hazelnut soup recipe


Sugar and Spice Nuts Recipe

Mixed Nut Brittle: Combine a medley of your favorite nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, and cashews, for a diverse and flavorful brittle. The microwave technique simplifies the process of making a mixed nut brittle.

Remember, when experimenting with different nut or seed varieties, the microwave cooking times might vary slightly, so keep a close eye to prevent overcooking. 

Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe (The BEST Gift Idea)- Packaged with a Mini Hammer

How can I present the microwave peanut brittle as a gift?

Visit your local dollar store for cookie sheets and hammers for a delightful and memorable holiday gift. 

If you don’t have a dollar store, I’ve provided some other options including baking trays for toaster ovens and mini-hammers you can buy in bulk.

These packaging details offer a creative and thoughtful way to share your homemade treat.

Easy Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle
Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe (The BEST Gift Idea)

Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle Recipe (The BEST Gift Idea)

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 9 minutes
Additional Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 29 minutes

This easy microwave peanut brittle is the perfect no-bake treat. Package with a small hammer from your local dollar store tied with a bow.


  • 1 cup dry roasted peanuts
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup light corn syrup
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda


    1. Grease a baking sheet & set aside.

    2. Combine peanuts, sugar, corn syrup, and salt in a microwave-safe bowl.

    3. Cook in the microwave for six minutes on high (keep one eye on it to ensure it isn’t bubbling over or burning the nuts). The mixture should be bubbly, and the peanuts should be golden brown.

    4. Add the butter & vanilla; cook for two to three more minutes.

    5. Quickly add the baking soda, just until the mixture is foamy.

    6. Pour immediately onto a greased baking sheet and spread. After pouring the mixture onto the baking sheet, gently tap or shake the sheet to help release any trapped air bubbles before the brittle sets.

    7. Let cool for fifteen minutes or until room temperature. Break into pieces.


If packaging for gifts, leave the brittle in tact and package with a hammer for gift-giving.

Recommended Products

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 563Total Fat: 21gSaturated Fat: 5gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 14gCholesterol: 8mgSodium: 400mgCarbohydrates: 91gFiber: 3gSugar: 85gProtein: 9g

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How to Make a Slushie (In Blender)

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023
How to Make a Slushie in Blender

Learn how to make a slushie in blender with sugar, ice cubes, and a Kool-Aid drink mix. Pick your favorite flavor and blend these up on a hot summer day.

Have you been looking for an affordable recipe for slushies at home? When we were struggling financially, we were always looking for the best bang for our buck, and this cheap dessert with a bowl of popcorn was always a crowd-pleaser.

Few recipes in my house have earned me more fame than this easy summer dessert. If you need a dairy-free dessert option is, this is the perfect alternative to an ice cream treat.

The best part is that I created this summer drink is made with an inexpensive drink mix powder. 

If your family loves the Sonic slushes or 7-11 gas station Slurpees, I know they will love this inexpensive recipe just as much.

How to Make a Slushie In Blender

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this slushie recipe:

How to Make a Slushie With a Blender

Honestly, these are as easy as they sound! You will blend a packet with ice water, crushed or cubed ice, and sugar.  

High-speed blenders offer a more robust motor and sharp blades that can handle even the toughest ingredients, giving you smoother and finer textures.

I’ve found it perfect for all sorts of tasks, like making smoothies and soups, and you know what’s really cool?

It crushes ice effortlessly, making it a total winner for whipping up slushies!

Over the years, I have had great success with this my Ninja Blenders. You can usually find these more affordably at places like Costco or Sam’s Club.  

How Do I Make This Smoothie With Fruit Juice?

We recommend trying this watermelon ice smoothie recipe. It is reminiscent of those Slurpees & Icees, but an all-natural homemade slushie option instead. 

Kool-Aid Packets for Homemade Slushies

Can I Make These With Sugar-Free KOOL-AID?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend this method. The consistency drastically changed. If you substitute with the sugar-free KOOL-AID, it will have more of a shaved ice consistency. 

Can I Replace the Water With Club Soda? 

Yes, you can substitute this ingredient with club soda, tonic water, or even Sprite. 

To make a soda slushie, follow these instructions, but keep in mind that Sprite will add more sugar to your drink. 

How Do I Make Wine Slushies? 

I recommend blending this rosé and strawberry wine slushie recipe. These can be blended into wine pops or you can pour the wine slushies with fresh fruit into a plastic bag with the mixture and freeze until it reaches your desired consistence. 

How Can I Keep My Smoothies Colder Longer?

Serve these up in a double insulated cup to help this frozen treat last longer. 

How to Make a Slushie in Blender

What is the Best Slushie Machine?

If you have a blender, you do not need a Slushy machine for this recipe. 

There are a variety of slushy machines and shaved ice makers for treats on Amazon, including individual slushy cups. Shop these slushy makers here.

How to Make Slushies With Kool-Aid

Keeping Homemade Slushes Cold With a Double-Insulated Cup
How to Make a Slushie With Kool-Aid

Testing flavors is the best part. It can be a fun summer project to try new combinations.

I am always tweaking my recipes and have tried everything from sugar-free Kool-Aid packets to make slushies (they did not turn out for us) to reducing the sugar in our slushies to see if the kids notice a taste difference. 

How to Make Slushies With Kool-Aid

We decided to drop the sugar to a 1/2 cup in our batch (originally 2/3 cup) and we found that we didn’t notice a big taste difference, but I felt better about sharing this treat with my kids with the lower sugar content. The recipe below is our new lower-sugar verison.

I hope you love this recipe as much as our family! Let me know in the comments below and what your favorite flavors are!

How to Make Slushies With Kool-Aid

How to Make a Slushie With KOOL-AID

Yield: 4
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

An easy slushie that you can whip up anytime for a fun treat! Stock up on a variety of KOOL-AID flavors for this easy 5-minute treat.


  • 2 cups ice water
  • 1 packet KOOL-AID drink mix (use your favorite flavor)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 4 cups or 1 full tray of ice cubes


  1. Put all of the ingredients into your blender.
  2. Process until well blended.

    Recommended Products

    As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Love these frozen treats? Here are a few other recipes we think you will like!

    easy fruit-infused waters (endless combos and healthy!)

    Fruit-Infused Water Recipes With Ice

    blend up strawberries and wine for this fun adult push pop

    Wine Slushie With Fresh Fruit in a Push Pop

    stock your freezer with these make-ahead smoothie packets

    Make-Ahead Smoothie Packets for Your Freezer from

    Happy blending!

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    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)

    Thursday, December 29th, 2022
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial) Header

    This homemade laundry detergent recipe can save your family lots of money at the grocery store. Try this powdered laundry detergent made with Borax, washing soda, & a laundry soap bar. Try this recipe

    A homemade laundry detergent recipe can save your family lots of money. Try this DIY powdered detergent made with Borax, washing soda, & a castile soap bar.

    As we look to reduce our spending this year, I wanted to revive a few of our most popular DIY projects and this is one my FAVORITE DIY projects we have done for our family. 

    This homemade laundry soap has been one of our tried-and-true projects for both savings AND for getting our clothes clean even with our most sensitive skin problems. 

    I made this tutorial WAY back in 2013 and have adjusted the prices to the current pricing to ensure that this is as accurate as possible. 

    As you can imagine, materials pricing went up, but not as much as I had expected. 

    This is still much more economical than buying store-bought detergent. To add to the cost savings, I’ve included some ways that you can make it even more economical. 

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent Money-Saving Infographic

    What are the Benefits to Making Your Own Detergent?

    The top question I get asked is if these homemade detergents work and if it is worth the effort. Not only does it work AMAZING,  but the cost savings (detailed below) is also worth it as we combat these rising grocery prices. 

    Not only does making your own laundry detergent save you money, but it can also reduce your environmental impact. 

    For example, homemade detergents have a smaller carbon footprint than store-bought detergents, simply from a plastic packaging perspective alone.  

    On top of that, you can control the ingredients that go into your laundry detergent.

    What Ingredients Do I Need to Make My Own Laundry Detergent?

    Homemade laundry detergent is a simple and cost-effective way to clean your clothes. It can be made with just three ingredients: Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Soap, washing soda, and borax.

    The Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Soap is a powerful stain remover that can help to lift dirt and grime from your clothes. It is a staple ingredient in many homemade laundry detergents and can be found at most grocery stores or online.

    Alternatively, you can also use Zote, Ivory Bar Soap, or Dr. Bonner’s Castile Bar Soap as a substitute.

    Washing soda, also known as sodium carbonate, is a powerful cleaning agent that can help to remove stains and brighten whites.

    Borax, also known as sodium borate, is a natural mineral used for cleaning and laundry for centuries. It is a powerful stain remover and can help to brighten whites and remove odors.

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent- Supplies

    How Much Does It Cost to Make a Homemade Batch of Laundry Detergent? (pricing updated for 2023) 

    The current pricing on these three ingredients is:

    Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar– $2.59 per bar (currently unavailable online at a reasonable price through Walmart- check on your store shelves)

    Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (55 ounce box)- $4.59

    20 Mule Team Borax (65-ounce box)- $5.97

    One batch of laundry detergent takes one cup of the borax, one cup of the washing soda, and one bar of soap.

    Using these current prices, if the total cost of the ingredients is $2.59 for the laundry bar + $4.59 for the washing soda + $5.97 for the borax, the total cost is $13.15.  Dividing this by the number of batches you can make,  it gives us a cost of about $0.83 per batch! 

    If you use one tablespoon of detergent per load, it will cost you just $0.06 per load! 

    If you have a particularly dirty load, you can use two tablespoons, then it would cost  just $0.11 per load.

    It is possible that buying these items locally will yield even more savings versus buying the ingredients online.

    Where Do I Buy the Ingredients for My DIY Laundry Detergent?

    Walmart can be a great option (only purchase IN STORE to avoid those third-party online prices). These supplies are all right in a row at your local store and are located on the opposite side of the laundry detergents, over by the stain remover. 

    If you don’t have success at your store, another unexpectedly frugal spot to shop is your local hardware store. 

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)

    How Do you Grate the Laundry Soap Bar?

    You can definitely use an old-fashioned cheese grater, but the soap can clump up and not completely dissolve in your load unless you grate it extremely fine. 

    I allow my food processor to do the work for me because it is much easier to do and allows you to also double or triple your batches of laundry detergent in no time flat.

    What Can I Use if I Prefer to Use a More Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent? 

    One update to this recipe we will try this year is substituting our Fels-Naptha with Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap

    Although we have never had any sensitivities to the current recipe, castile soap is made from plant-based oils (olive oil, coconut oil, and hemp oil), and I think it will be a smart switch for a greener formula. 

    In case you didn’t know, castile soap is known for its more gentle and moisturizing properties, as well as its versatility in a range of cleaning applications. 

    It is why it is often used as a base for homemade cleaning products, such as laundry detergent, dish soap, and all-purpose cleaner.

    Because it is made from plant-based oils, Castile soap is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is also typically free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

    Keep in mind, making this switch will add to your cost per  load of laundry. Right now the pricing is roughly $4.50 per bar.  Even with the higher cost of this bar, it is still much cheaper than conventional laundry detergent prices. 

    To save on this item, shop through the Rakuten app to get money back on your grocery purchases (including Instacart!). I’ve also written a full tutorial on how to get cash back on lots of common items you buy for your household.  

    Is Homemade Detergent Safe to Use With High-Efficiency (HE) Washers?

    The true beauty of using this homemade detergent is that it doesn’t have a lot of suds. You can’t use laundry detergents not made for high-efficiency washing machines because of the suds factor in many store-bought detergents. 

    Thanks to the small amount of suds and the minimal amount of soap you need to wash your loads, it is the perfect detergent to use with your HE washer! You can use this homemade laundry detergent with confidence!

    Is This Homemade Laundry Detergent Septic Friendly?

    The ingredients in this soap contain zero phosphates and zero fillers (like montmorillonite clay) that cause commercial powder detergents to clog lines. 

    I am sure other items you have lurking in your home are less septic friendly than this one, so this is a perfectly safe product to make and use.

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)

    How Do I Store Homemade Laundry Detergent? 

    I love to store my detergent in a glass jar, but you could also store this in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. 

    How Can I Prevent Static When Drying My Clothes? 

    You can use vinegar as a natural fabric softener by adding it to your fabric softener compartment in your washing machine. To use vinegar as a fabric softener, you can add 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your laundry.

    Keep in mind, vinegar can be harsh on certain types of fabrics, such as wool and silk, so it’s best to test a small, inconspicuous area before using it on your entire load.

    Personally, I have become a big fan of these wool dryer balls and love to add a few drops of essential oils to my dryer balls to add a fresh scent to my loads. This one natural homemade laundry routine that our whole family has gotten behind. 

    Now that you know all about it, let’s get started on our project!

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)

    Supplies Needed

    1 box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

    1 Bar of Fels-Naptha Soap or Dr. Bonners Castile Bar Soap (or more if you plan to double, triple, or quadruple your batch) 

    1 box 20 Mule Team Borax

    Food Processor

    Large Mixing Bowl

    Measuring cups

    Jar for Storage (found in the kitchen supplies)

    Coffee Scoop (found in the kitchen supplies aisle, optional, but is great for perfect measuring of your detergent)

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent- Fels-Naptha Soap Cut in Half

    Cut your bars of soap in half lengthwise so that you can feed them through the shoot of your processor. 

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent- Feeding the Soap in a Food Processor

    Assemble the processor with your cheese grater attachment and feed your soap in slowly and gently through the top shoot. 

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent-Grating Soap in Food Processor
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent-Grated Fels-Naptha Soap

    Once all the soap has been grated, dump it into a bowl and remove the cheese grater attachment. 

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent- Switching Food Processor Blades
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent- Laundry Soap After Second Processing

    Reassemble the processor with the basic blade and then put the grated soap back in. Spin it again until the soap resembles fine small pellets. Your soap is now ready to be incorporated into your laundry detergent!

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)- Pouring Soap Into Bowl
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)- Pouring Borax
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)- Pouring Washing Soda

    In a large mixing bowl, combine the grated soap, borax, and washing soda. Mix well until the ingredients are well incorporated.

    Transfer the mixture to a glass jar or well-sealed plastic container. Be sure to label the container with the ingredients and the date, so you know what’s inside.

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)- Mixing Homemade Laundry Soap
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)- Jar of Homemade Laundry Soap
    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent (A Picture Tutorial)- Jar of Homemade Laundry Soap

    To use the detergent, add one tablespoon of the mixture to a load of laundry (or two tablespoons for heavily soiled loads). You can adjust the amount as needed depending on the size of the load and the soil level.

    Store the detergent in a cool, dry place. It should last for several months if kept sealed and dry.

    You now have a simple and effective homemade laundry detergent that can save you money and customize your laundry routine. Enjoy the savings and the satisfaction of making your own cleaning products!

    Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

    Prep time: 15 mins
    Total time: 15 mins
    Homemade laundry detergent can be made with just three ingredients! Try this simple recipe and enjoy the savings!

    1 bar (or 4.5 ounces) of shaved bar soap (Ivory, ZOTE, Fels-Naptha, or Dr. Bonners Castile Bar Soap)
    1 cup of borax
    1 cup of washing soda

    Shred your bars of soap as shown in the tutorial above.
    Mix one cup of borax, one cup of washing soda and the grated soap in a large bowl until incorporated
    Store in a glass jar or well-sealed plastic container.

    Love this tutorial? Don’t miss these other money-saving ideas!

    Grocery Tips for Shopping at ALDI Supermarket


    Earn Money Investing In Women With Ellevest


    The Best Libby Tips & Tricks for Using the Library App


    Do you make your own laundry detergent? What is your winning recipe for the perfect homemade laundry detergent? Feel free to share your tips!

    How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent Infographic
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    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium Header

    Looking for the perfect indoor gardening project? Today I’m sharing how to make your own succulent terrarium. This budget-friendly diy project has a picture tutorial to show you how to layer your soil and create that perfect humid environment for your plants.

    As regular readers know, I have a black thumb.

    I have never been successful at growing anything and my lawn can prove it.

    Succulents are my kind of plants because they are so low maintenance and they don’t require a lot of water.

    Today I want to show you how to make a succulent terrarium and how I made it as budget-friendly as possible.


    First, here are a few answers to a couple of frequently asked questions about making your own indoor terrarium. These step by step directions should you walk you through this entire process.

    Where Can I Get Fresh Succulents Delivered Online?

    Before we begin this project, you may be wondering how to obtain the supplies you need for your projects.

    Many of the garden and home improvement stores are offering curbside pick-up right now.

    Many companies also these in bulk and a bulk order would be perfect for making a few special Mother’s Day gifts for someone in your life.

    This is one of those plant purchases that require little upkeep and are enjoyed all year-long.

    Here are a few other options for getting fresh succulents online.

    How Can I Save Money on Making My DIY Terrarium?

    • Fairy gardens are very popular right now. Ask your local nursery if they have smaller bags of pea gravel or moss available for purchase. I was able to get small bags of these items for a lot less.
    • Look to see if there are any succulent arrangements that are already prepared and the pricing and compare it to individual succulents. At my nursery, succulents individually were $4 each, but for $20, I was able to get double the succulents AND it helped to know which ones worked and looked nice together.
    • Thrift shops or Facebook Marketplace are two great places to look for containers. You also can shop your own house and see what serving pieces you have, that just might be gathering dust in your own home.

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium from

    We are going to be making our succulent terrariums with a product called Ecoscraps.

    I’m so excited to share about it because the company’s mission is so awesome and really aligns with our family values.

    EcoScraps recycles food scraps and turns them into organic and sustainable lawn and garden products.

    They recycle by collecting wasted food from from stores and restaurants andconvert it all into natural garden products.

    Simple switches will do so much for our world.You can find out more on the EcoScraps website and find their products on Target shelves.

    Now that you know the company’s mission, let’s make a succulent terrarium with their eco friendly potting soil!

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    Supplies Needed for a Succulent Terrarium

    Supplies Needed

    Glass Trifle Container


    Charcoal or Perlite

    Sphagnum Moss

    EcoScraps Potting Soil (link is to Walmart, but you can also obtain this product on Target shelves too!)

    Succulents (See Above for Sources)I like to choose an odd number for arranging. Mine had 7 of various sizes)

    Garden Trowel

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium from

    Creating a terrarium is a lot like creating a layered cake or trifle so that is why I thought this container was so fitting!

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium Header

    Layering Soil in a Terrarium

    Pebble Layer in a Succulent Terrarium


    1. Begin by adding your pebbles to the bottom of your container. This is to create a false drainage layer so water can settle and not flood the plants. You will want to add one inch to two inches of stone, depending on the size of your container.

    Charcoal or Perlite Layer

    2. Next, we will layer our activated charcoal or perlite. The charcoal can come in granules or shards (the type I am using is shards). We will spread a layer of this over the rock to help reduce bacteria, fungus, and odors in our terrarium.

    Moss Layer in Terrarium

    Moss Layer in Terrarium

    3. Next add a layer of moss to create a barrier between the potting soil and charcoal.

    4. Prepare your plants for planting by removing them from their pots and loosening up the root ball and exposing the roots. If the roots are particularly long, you can trim them down a bit.

    Potting Soil for Terrarium

    Potting Soil Layer in Terrarium

    Layers in Soil for Terrarium

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    5. Add a layer of dirt to your terrarium. Gently place your plants inside and then top them off with a bit more dirt, using your hands to gather the dirt firmly into place around each of the plants. Be mindful where you are planting them, mixing up your plants of varying heights and foliage, to fill your jar.

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    Siri Reminder To Water Plants

    5. Finish by watering your terrarium lightly, being mindful not to overwater it because succulents do not like to be soggy. Caring for your terrarium is easy, especially if you are a terrible gardener like me. I’m so terrible, I put Siri in charge. Feel the soil weekly to see if it is dry and add water if it is.

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium from

    Here is another view of what our terrarium should look like from the side. Make sure to place it in a spot that gets a little sun on their beautiful leaves, but not scorching hot spot in your home.

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

    These are beautiful to keep or to give to someone special in your life.

    Thank you, EcoScraps, for letting me share about your amazing mission to reduce food waste in a really wonderful way.

    I hope you guys can try their products!

    This post was sponsored by EcoScraps.Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help support our site!

    This post contains affiliate links.

    Don’t miss these other great spring project posts on

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    DIY Slow Cooker Citronella Candles with Printable Tag make diy citronella candles in your slow cooker to keep the bugs away

    plan an outdoor movie night with the kids with these fun tips

    Happy Gardening Friends!

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    Easy Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Entertained

    Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

    Easy Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Entertained Header

    Looking for new crafts to keep kids entertained in these upcoming weeks? Today I’m sharing super easy craft projects for kids of any age. If you are looking for super cute paper crafts, diy science projects, or homemade craft activities made from kitchen ingredients, MomAdvice has you covered!

    This week happens to be our Spring Break and, I have to say, this is quite an unusual for most families.

    I wanted to gather some fun ideas for keeping the kids entertained, if you happen to be looking for a few great ideas for boredom busters.

    While many of these crafts rely upon common household items, I do want to share a list of my favorite resources for purchasing craft supplies right now.

    Where to Buy Affordable Craft Supplies Online

    Where Can I Get Supplies Right Now For My Projects?

    First, be sure you are signed up (or signed in) with your Rakuten account to get money back on all your purchases. 

    If you haven’t signed up, this referral link should give you $10 to put towards your craft supplies. 

    Haven’t heard of it?

    Here is a whole post on why this is a great app for receiving cash back rewards, especially as we all have switched (mostly) to online ordering.

    Once you have that set up, here are some of my favorite resources to check out!

    Bluprint If you are looking for even more craft ideas, Bluprint is offering their classes for FREE through April 16th.

    I have taken so many fun classes through this platform. In fact, that’s how I finally got the hang of food photography!

    Oriental Trading Company- This is one of the most affordable sites for good deals on shopping for kids crafts.

    They offer so much in bulk, which is perfect for bigger families or even splitting the cost on craft materials with a friend or neighbor.

    Dollar Tree Did you know that you can order your arts & crafts supplies online from this budget-friendly dollar store? 

    In fact, the store has even more offerings online than they care on their store shelves.

    Etsy Did you know that you can shop Etsy for your craft supplies? Crafting has been a huge part of my job and one of my favorite discoveries is how affordable it is to buy my supplies in bulk from Etsy sellers.

    To make sure that I receive my orders in time, I try to filter by results that are within my own country, just to reduce those long days waiting to do our projects.

    Michael’s Of course, this has always been my go-to in town so this will continue to be my go-to online.

    Be sure to download their app or subscribe to their email list to receive coupons to put towards your craft supplies.

    JoAnn Fabrics Order online or take advantage of their curbside pick-up to grab your craft supplies.

    Also, don’t forget to download their app so you can take advantage of additional coupon savings!

    Now let’s get crafting!

    We have arranged these projects by age groups today.

    Easy Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Entertained Header

    Easy Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Entertained

    Arts & Crafts Ideas for Early Childhood

    Bubble Snakes from How to Make Bubble Snakes from MomAdvice

    You are going to be amazed at the difference in this solution versus what you buy at the store and the staying power of your bubble snake. Not only are making bubbles and bubble snakes fun, but they are also a lesson in science.

    Boredom Busters / How to Make Recycled Crayons from Good Life Eats

    These Easy Recycled Crayons are a fun project for to do. Plus, you’ll get the bonus of your art supplies getting dejunked and reorganized in the process.

    3 Ingredient Cloud Dough from 3 Ingredient Cloud Dough from MomAdvice

    Here is an easy 3-ingredient Cloud Dough recipe that you can make for your kids! This fluffy dough is a great sensory activity for kids and is so fun to play with that even adults want to get on the action.


    Boredom Busters / Amazon Alexa Games for Kids from Living in a Happy Place

    20+ fun and learning games kids can play with Alexa! Get a free printable list.

    DIY Chalkboard Door from DIY Outdoor Chalkboard Door from MomAdvice

    Here is an easy DIY Outdoor Chalkboard Door that I created to entertain the kids! Give your kids some chalk and the chance to create their own welcome sign for your guests outdoors! The best part is the hours of enjoyment they get and the lack of dirt showing on my outdoor door in the backyard.

    Boredom Busters from Nerf Gun Games with Target Printable from Crafting with Kids

    Learn how to create your own nerf wars with targets made from household items.

    Homemade Playdough Recipe from Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe from MomAdvice

    Homemade playdough lasts forever and can be created in whatever vibrant shades your heart desires. This homemade playdough recipe is an easy one to create from items you already have in your pantry and homemade playdough with a big stack of cookie cutters? Well, that just equals hours of fun in our house.


    Boredom Busters from Fizzy Dinosaur Egg Play from Simple Everyday Mom

    These fizzy dinosaur eggs are a fun dinosaur STEM project that your kids will want to do over and over again.


    Shower Curtain Art Canvas from Shower Curtain Art Canvas from MomAdvice

    A day stuck inside is the perfect opportunity to break out one of my dollar store activities for our kids. I bought a shower liner ($1) and had the kids decorate the shower curtain with whatever their heart’s delight was. I don’t know about you, but my children like to go through a million pieces of paper a day so this was the perfect canvas for their artistic souls.

    Boredom Busters from Soccer Fun Cootie Catcher from Rock Your Homeschool

    Now, your soccer fans can enjoy awesome indoor fun with this free printable soccer cootie catcher!


    DIY Pom Pom Bunnies from DIY Pom Pom Bunnies Craft from MomAdvice

    You can create the cutest craft to celebrate spring! We are making DIY pom pom bunnies from a few common items you probably have in your craft supplies and recycling drink containers.

    Boredom Busters from Easy Salt Dough Recipe for Kids from Unsophisticook

    This simple and easy salt dough recipe is the perfect rainy day activity… Kids will master valuable kitchen skills while learning how to make salt dough, and then spend hours playing with it! 


    Rainbow Science Experiments from 3 Easy Rainbow Experiments from MomAdvice

    These rainbow experiments are not only fun, but also educational. We know we are guaranteed spectacular rainbows with these 3 fun activities.


    Boredom Busters from Lego Challenge: 30 Days of Play Calendar from That Brick Life

    Keep the kids busy with this 30 day LEGO Challenge!


    Sidewalk Chalk Paint DIY from How to Make Chalk Paint from MomAdvice

    This is my favorite homemade sidewalk chalk paint recipe. Making DIY sidewalk chalk paint couldn’t be easier and many of the supplies are likely lurking right in your cupboard.

    Easy Arts & Craft Ideas for Tweens

    DIY Elephant Toothpaste from How to Make Elephant Toothpaste from MomAdvice

    Who doesn’t love a crazy chemical reaction? Since we have older kids, we have found it takes a lot to wow them so I wanted to create some science fun that they had never seen before. Grab your safety glasses and dive into a fun science experiment with us as we make Elephant Toothpaste and learn a heck of a lot of science in the process.

    Boredom Busters from 10 Patterns Perfect for Kids to Embroider from Swoodson Says

    Help kids learn how to hand embroidery with one of these simple patterns for kids to stitch!

    DIY String Art Tutorial from DIY String Art Tutorial with Heart Template from MomAdvice

    With tiny nails, embroidery floss, and our free heart pattern, you have everything you need for your first string art project. Learn how to make your own heart shapes with this easy diy project for you or for your kids.


    Watermelon Pirate Ship from Watermelon Pirate Ship from MomAdvice

    I have crafted up a watermelon boat that you can share with your kids for your family night together. This fun food craft can be created together, adding your own personal pirate touches, or you can create it to surprise the kids for your family night.

    DIY Dream Catcher from DIY Dream Catcher from MomAdvice

    Here is a DIY dream catcher that is a fun way to capture dreams and wished. This was an easy one hour project that really gave me and the kids some time to bond and talk about our wishes for the upcoming year. 

    How to Make the DIY Fluffy Slime Recipe With These Fun Slime Ingredients Header DIY Fluffy Slime Recipe from MomAdvice

    Looking for a new DIY recipe for making Fluffy Slime? Making slime is a lot of fun and a great way to teach your children how to measure ingredients.

    Boredom Busters from Lego Coding Activity from Brain Power Boy

    Use LEGO bricks to learn to code! Easy to pull together activity to get them learning coding while being offline.


    3-ingredient-star-cakes from Mini Star Cakes from MomAdvice

    Check out these mini star cakes that you can prepare out of just 3 items from your pantry. These cakes are easy enough that your kid can put these together and impressive enough to share with your friends.


    Pom Pom Flower Bouquets from Pom Pom Flower Bouquets from MomAdvice

    What could be more fun than a bouquet of pom pom posies that you can enjoy all year long? You won’t believe how easy it is to make pom pom flowers for a special someone in your life. And it is a great way to use up scraps of yarn!


    Book Series for Kids who Love Harry Potter from Book Series for Kids who Love Harry Potter from MomAdvice

    I know I’m not alone in navigating the challenge of a tween who loves books and can read at a higher grade level than she’s in – or ready for. So just in case you have a kid who loves Harry Potter (but has already read them all or isn’t ready for the next book in the series) in your life, I’ve got a few other series that might keep your bookworm busy.


    Boredom Busters from Harry Potter Brain Breaks for Fantastic Fun from Rock Your Homeschool

    Your Harry Potter fans can enjoy magical fun with these special brain breaks. Includes prompts for hands-on activities & to get kids up & moving!

    Coffee Filter Flowers from DIY Coffee Filter Posies from MomAdvice

    I have been dying to make coffee filter flowers and wanted to share with you just how easy and inexpensive it is to make these for a fun table centerpiece or just a few posies on your nightstand to brighten up your room.


    How to Make a Minecraft Steve Costume from How to Make a Minecraft Steve Costume from MomAdvice 

    Got a Minecraft fan? Here is a fun Minecraft Costume you can create for your very own little Minecraft-addict. DIY Minecraft costumes are fun to make with your kids and give you a chance to spend time together.


    Easy Arts & Craft Ideas for Teens

    DIY Terrarium from DIY Succulent Terrarium from MomAdvice

    Succulents are my kind of plants because they are so low maintenance and they don’t require a lot of water. Here is an easy DIY showing you how to make a succulent terrarium as budget-friendly as possible.

    DIY Book Page Flower Tutorial from MomAdvice

    Learn how to make book page flowers out of old books to brighten someone’s day. These book flower bouquets are beautiful to display or to give as a treat to someone else!

    How to Dye Canvas Shoes from How to Dye Canvas Shoes from MomAdvice

    I am such a fan of fabric dying and we wanted to show you a way that you can customize your style. This is a fun way to customize your gym shoes or to refresh an old pair of sneakers.


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    DIY Burlap Pom-Pom Wreath

    Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath Header

    A painted wreath form becomes the base to this modern wreath. Burlap ribbon and wired ribbon are gathered into ruffled pom-pom flowers for the festive accents. Throw in an ostrich feather and you have everything you need for this inside out burlap wreath.

    The self-proclaimed queen of wreath making is back and I can’t wait to share another wreath tutorial for a modern wire wreath for your front door.

    This slimmed down wreath is particularly awesome if you have a glass door and your wreaths get smashed between the two doors.

    While I have adorned this for wreath for Valentine’s Day, the metal base can be used over and over again with fresh floral picks, different colors of burlap, or different ribbons.

    The possibilities are endless.

    The best part about this wreath?

    The accessories take just five minutes and don’t require any special pom pom maker to pull of this diy project.

    DIY Burlap Pom-Pom Wreath

    (don’t forget to download the Rakuten app to save on craft supplies- read all about it or just sign up here and get $10 of your first purchase)

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath Supplies List

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath Supplies List

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath Supplies

    Supplies Needed:

    18″ Wire Wreath Frame

    Metallic Acrylic Paint– pick your favorite shade or use my exact match

    Foam Brush

    Paper Plate or disposable cup for paint

    Ostrich Feather

    2 ⅜” Wide Burlap Ribbon (this is linked to exactly what I bought or search for your own favorite colors) NOTE: you will need 9 yards of burlap ribbon to replicate this project

    2 ½” Wired Buffalo Plaid Ribbon (this is linked to exactly what I bought or search for your own favorite pattern) NOTE: you will need 8 yards of ribbon to replicate this project

    Tape Measure

    Cotton Twine (embroidery thread is pictured here, but I found it too fragile)

    Embroidery Needle

    Hot Glue Gun

    Glue Sticks

    Vintage Buttons or Vintage Jewelry for Flower Centers


    Floral Wire (this is the kind I love)


    Painting a Floral Wreath Frame

    Paint your metal wreath with metallic acrylic paint.

    You can just brush it on or you can try to create a bit of texture by sponging and then lifting your foam brush to give it a little more texture.

    Set aside to allow plenty of dry time for your wreath base. It should take approximately an hour.

    Burlap Pom Poms & Ribbon Pom Poms

    While your wreath is drying, make 3 burlap pom poms and two ribbon pom poms for your accessories. You will find this step-by-step 5 minute craft tutorial over here.

    After your wreath has dried, add another coat (if necessary) or touch up the paint as needed.

    Allow to fully dry before proceeding to the next step.

    Attaching the Ostrich Feather to Wreath

    Once the wreath is dry, we can begin assembling everything for the wreath. 

    My wreath form was still drying, but this picture should show you exactly how to do it.

    Add your ostrich feather to hug around the wreath and secure it, about 3/4’s of the way down, and then at the base of the feather.

    Mapping Out Placement of Burlap Pom Pom Flowers

    Once you have your burlap pom poms and ribbon pom poms done, lay them out to figure out the perfect placement.

    Remember, odd numbers of accessories are pleasing to the eye.

    This wreath has 5 flowers, but you could add 7 or even 9, depending on how large you want the accessories to be.

    Using the ends of the twine, on the back of the pom poms, tie your accessories to the wreath form. If necessary, add a dab of hot glue to secure it in place for your wreath.

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath

    Painted Wreath Form

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath

    That’s it! It is super easy to hang since the wreath form is exposed!

    I can’t wait to see your wreaths and I hope this inspires you to create a special wreath for your front door this year!

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    As a RewardStyle affiliate I earn from affiliate links.

    Looking for more wreath ideas for every season? Check out my favorites below.

    fabric floral wreath make a floral fabric wreath out of scrap fabrics

    fabric rag wreath make a fabric rag wreath out of scrap fabrics

    diy peep wreath turn peeps into a wreath with toothpicks (this lasted FOR YEARS- not kidding!)

    How to Make a Yarn Pom Pom Wreath from  diy yarn pom pom wreath

    (don’t feel like neutral? try this craft with colored pom poms. The multi colored would be so fun for your home and you can use different size pom poms)

    burlap wreath tutorial make a burlap wreath for your front door

    Happy crafting, friends!

    DIY Burlap Pom Pom Wreath