13 of the Best Book Club Books to Discuss Now

13 of the Best Book Club Books to Discuss Now from MomAdvice.com

Looking for the best book club books for your book group? Don’t miss these 13 discussion-worthy books in literary fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction.

In today’s Book Gang episode, Meagan Church brought her favorite selections for the best conversation starters and discussed her magnificent debut, The Last Carolina Girl. Don’t miss this compelling episode as we discuss the best book club books to spark conversation.

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You can learn more about this fantastic historical fiction book below. After all, we can’t discuss book club reading without including Meagan’s moving selection.

This list of book club recommendations from Meagan Church, today’s author, will spark conversations and appeal to various book lovers.

13 of the Best Book Club Books to Discuss Now

What makes a good book club pick? For me, it’s one that sparks conversation and gets the book club talking beyond our scheduled time.

Or, well beyond our time, as my pre-teen pointed out after my last book club meeting.

The best books for book clubs start a dialog that sometimes transports us beyond the pages of the books and deep within ourselves.

In other words, I love a book that has characters, plot, and themes that get us talking and, before we know it, we are opening up about our own experiences. Sometimes our conversations lead to tears. A lot of times there is laughter. And my favorite is when we discover commonality, shared experiences and me-too moments.

The following is a list of book club recommendations that I think will spark conversations and appeal to a variety of book lovers. This book club list includes selections from across genres, old and new books, fiction and nonfiction alike.

Best Nonfiction Book Recommendations

These are best nonfiction books for book clubs! To expand this category more, visit this book list of memoirs for Nonfiction November.

Good Book Club Books To Build Friendships

These friendship-enhancing books are perfect for your next gathering. If you want more book ideas like this, don't miss our Galentine's Day books list with 13 friendship stories you'll love.

Historical Fiction Books For Discussion

This short historical fiction book list offers incredible discussions because you can pair the facts with these fictional stories. If you want to expand this list, here are 53 of the best historical fiction books we have featured over the years on the site.

Meet today’s contributor:

Meagan Church writes to explore the truths and nuances of who we are. But mostly she writes because she’s compelled to unearth overlooked stories. Her historical fiction chronicles the plight and fight of unheard voices of the past. After receiving a B.A. in English from Indiana University, Meagan built a career as a storyteller and freelance writer for brands, blogs and organizations. A Midwesterner by birth, she now lives in North Carolina with her high school sweetheart, three children and a plethora of pets. The Last Carolina Girl is her first novel, available on store shelves now.

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What book sparked the best conversation for you or your club? We would love to expand this list!

13 of the Best Book Club Books to Discuss Now

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