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Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care PackageHave you ever received or sent a care package? There is so much joy in the giving and the getting of unexpected mail anymore. Today I want to share how to mail the perfect happy mail care package.

We talk a lot about caring for others whether it is making care packages for the homeless, embracing the scraps of life giving philosophy, knitting chemo caps for others, or how we teach our children compassion and gratitude for what they have.

There are millions of ways to give and we try to live our lives in the “pay it forwardness” philosophy. 

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

It is no secret that our family endured almost a year of unemployment and a mountain of credit card debt that came along with it. I often look back on that time in our lives and wonder how we ever did it.

How did we make that situation work?

How did our marriage survive it?

How did we manage to keep our home and our car?

Do you know someone that is struggling? Sometimes the littlest things can mean the most and today I wanted to show I wanted to share with you some ways you can make a difference in the life of someone who is undergoing financial struggle or unemployment.

Walmart gave me the chance to showcase a project that I was passionate about and I wanted to think of a way we could bless someone else in our life. We decided to make the ultimate care package for someone we love and wanted to show you some ideas of things you could add to a care package for someone YOU love!

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

Pack Something Fun

What fun would a care package be without a few fun things in them. When we were struggling financially, one of our our favorite things we would indulge in was board games in the evenings. Board games, puzzles, a gift card to Amazon or Netflix, or a month of Hulu could all be fun things to share in your care packages.

Make your gift even more fun with personal notes, pictures, party confetti, and fun tissue paper. I found birthday candles that spelled, “Happy,” to decorate the top of our gift. These fun additions really make it feel like a real present.

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

Pack Something Delicious

If there is one thing that I truly love to share, it is my passion for food. Food gifts are the ultimate in surprises and can be inexpensive to create. In this package, we mailed off my favorite Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Brownies and paired it with some Tazo Chamomile Stress-Free tea.

Other fun food gifts that would be easy to mail are my Sugar & Spice Nut Mix, Honey Nut Granola, Peppermint Marshmallows, Oreo Biscotti, Hot Cocoa or Vanilla Chai Tea Mix, Snickerdoodle Biscotti, Monster Cookie Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, Microwave Peanut Brittle, or Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies…just for a few options to start with!

Be sure to pack them snugly so that they can withstand their travels. I found these smart round foil pans with a sturdy cardboard lid in the baking supplies section of Walmart. I wrapped our brownies snugly in parchment paper and placed our, “happy,” label on the outside.

Although, I understand despite my best efforts, things got damaged in route. If I was doing it all over again, I would secure the entire tin with a good wrap of packing tape around the outside!

If you are mailing these treats to a college student, be sure to snag our cute free printable college coupons for future deliveries!

Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

Send Something Practical

Gift cards are a wonderful gift to send in your care package. If you have their address, you can look up what stores are nearby to the area, or ask them where their favorite place is to shop. Choosing a gift card to a superstore is always a nice option because it can be put towards any of their immediate needs around the house or what they might need in their fridge.

Don’t focus on how little or how much you can give on the gift card. ANY amount is always appreciated and will put to good use.



Mailing the Perfect Happy Mail Care Package

You can make an incredible difference in the life of someone who is struggling financially or unemployed and, in most cases, it won’t even cost you a dime!

Here are some other ideas of how you can help whether you are near OR far! 

Lend an Ear

The most important thing you can do for someone who is having a hard time financially is to just sit and let them talk. Let them share with you the anger that they have over their situation, let them cry tears of grief over the struggles they are enduring, and celebrate with them when those times turn around.

Let them talk about what they feel like talking about and try not to push them to tell more than they feel comfortable with. It is a very brave thing to do to open up and tell someone that you are struggling and it takes time and trust for them to want to share this private information with you.

Offer To Babysit

The #1 cause for divorce is money problems. When a spouse is unemployed, particularly the male in the family, it is such a difficult time in a marriage because so much of one’s pride and self-esteem comes from being able to contribute financially to the family.

The best thing you can do to keep that marriage growing strong is offer to support them by babysitting for them. Give the family the time they need to have a date night or just to have time to quietly do some job searching.

If you have the finances to offer a gift card for a night out, that is a wonderful and thoughtful touch. Think of fun budget-friendly things they could do like going bowling, or a gift card to Barnes & Noble for books or coffee, or a gift certificate to the movie theater.

Better yet, supply a gift that they could use for several nights in like a new board game, an electronic game, a Netflix membership, or ingredients for a fun meal that they could make at home. These are simple gifts that could supply many nights of fun for them during a difficult patch in their marriage.

Meals on Wheels

One of my favorite things to do for people during these times is to just drop off a dinner to them or to bring a meal when I come over to spend time with them. Try to make a big batch of food that could get them through one or two nights when money is tight.

If you lack the cooking gene, head over to the supermarket and pick up a take-and-bake pizza, popcorn, and some break-and-bake cookies. These are likely fun food that have been removed from the grocery budget and will be just as much appreciated as a home cooked meal.

Hire the Unemployed

Check around at your own place of unemployment, contact your friends through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and tap into as many people in your network as you can to find a job for your loved one. Do your part to get their resume out there!

If you aren’t able to find them a job, consider hiring them for some odds and ends jobs around your house. When one of our family members lost their job, we offered to hire him to remove wallpaper and paint our bathroom. It was a job in our house that we were not looking forward to doing and he was looking for a way to make some extra money. We both felt really good about the project and, in the end, it was the money that helped put the Christmas gifts under their tree. In my opinion, that is a total win-win situation!

Be an Anonymous Giver

Pride gets in the way of sometimes getting the help that someone might need. No one wants to say, “I don’t have money for groceries this month. Can you give me some?”

I have some very prideful people in my life who would never tell me when they were struggling. I have learned that anonymous gifts are sometimes the best kinds of gifts to give in these situations. Mail them a gift card or leave pantry ingredients on their doorstep.

Little Things are Sometimes the Best Things

There are so many little ways that you can help those that are struggling that can add up in big ways. Clean out your pantry and bring over the extra food to someone who is struggling, pick up a movie for them, stock them up on diapers for the baby, buy them detergent or paper products that can typically drain the grocery budget, offer to babysit while they run resumes, pass on your old magazines or books for a sweet little pick-me-up, weed through your children’s clothes and share those hand-me-downs, send them a card that you are thinking of them, pray for them daily, and cheer them up when you talk on the phone.

Even though I don’t like to focus on the negative, here is a little advice on things not to do-

  • Don’t harass them every day to ask if they have found a job yet. Know that you are likely going to be one of the first people that would be contacted and let them talk about their successes when they occur.
  • Don’t criticize their unemployed spouse. As I have said before, marriage is hard when a spouse is unemployed and it is important that you do your best not to contribute to the negativity. Allow them to vent, but don’t fuel the fire.
  • Do your best not to chastise them if they are angry or hurt over what is happening in their lives. Many well-meaning people try to correct anger instead of letting them work through it. Simply saying, “I know this must be tough!” will go a lot further in these situations then correcting their feelings.

As someone who has been on both sides of the fence, you will never know what it will mean to that person to be a steady rock for them to lean on. Try to think beyond yourself and do one nice thing for someone who is struggling (health-wise, financial, job loss, etc..)  today. It will mean more than you will ever know!

I am a part of the Walmart Moms program, and Walmart has provided me with compensation for these posts. For this project, all compensation was invested in our care package.  My participation is voluntary and opinions are always my own.


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Amy’s Notebook 06.26.13

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013


Source: Make and Takes


What an easy and incredible way to create your own geometric criss-cross fabric and pillow – and it seems like a great kid summer craft, too…we can create custom color-coordinated pillows for their rooms!

This also looks like a quick and fun craft to do with the kids – and the resulting 4th of July fireworks decorations would be just a bonus!

I love these ideas for outdoor activities with the kiddos – especially using sidewalk chalk as photo props.

Espresso Granita with Whipped Cream sounds like a refreshing way to get a coffee fix, doesn’t it?

And I just have to try at least one of these 3 Amazing Watermelon Cocktails this summer…or maybe all three!

And finally – wouldn’t it be wonderful to be at a summer outdoor party like this? I love how simple and clean the table is and yet very elegant…sigh.


I hope you enjoyed this collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, and thrifty ways to spruce up your home. Nothing brings me more joy then to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration!


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Easy Outdoor Entertaining Tips with Jack’s® Pizza

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013


Jack's Pizza

If there is one thing that you know about me, it is that you know how much our family loves to grill and how much we love our pizza. That is why I am excited to share with you that I will be teaming up with Jack’s® Pizza this summer on the “JACK’S Summer Grilling” program to share just how easy it is to grill their pizza.  Yes, they’re compensating me for this, but I’m a genuine fan!

As a mom, I am always looking for easy meals to entertain with in the summer months and that is why I am excited to share with you how easy it is to grill and entertain this summer with minimal effort, minimal cost and minimal time. If your family is anything like ours, I know these are three requirements for mealtime and JACK’S has you covered.

With a smaller home, the great outdoors allows us to offer a comfortable place for our guests to spread out and enjoy themselves, while basking in the beauty of the outdoors.  Backyard barbecues can be made practically effortless with a little bit of planning and preparation. I wanted to showcase some easy ideas for achieving a successful and fun backyard bash that will long be remembered.

Jack's Pizza

Create a Fashionable Spread

Outdoor entertaining can be very fun and chic with a few fun and inexpensive pieces in your arsenal. Use simple, clean and unused terra cotta pots for displaying your pretzels and chips, fill a clean wheelbarrow with ice to display the drinks, use jars for serving old-fashioned lemonade, and fan finger foods out on wooden cutting boards for a fun display.  I also love to visit the summer display section of a local store for inexpensive and fun outdoor dishes to add a splash of color to your outdoor entertaining.

Offer Ample Seating

If you have a large gathering coming, don’t be afraid to bring your indoor seating outside to add extra chairs to the mix. Create gatherings of seating areas outdoors using your lawn chairs and, if you are short on seats, ask guests to bring their own chairs so everyone is comfortable. Folding tables and chairs can provide additional seating and quilts or blankets can provide fun seating for the younger children.

Jack's Pizza

Bring on the Games

The key to a fun outdoor party are a couple of great outdoor games to keep the guests entertained. Our family loves to play badminton and a few rounds of bean bag toss for a little outdoor fun and to get fun conversations flowing. These are fun investment pieces to make for outdoor entertaining and will provide additional entertainment even in those fall months for tailgating season. Inexpensive sprinkler toys, a sand box, coloring books, crayons, sidewalk chalk and bubbles are fun items to have on hand for the smaller guests at the party.

For a creative idea for keeping the children entertained, create a game of Ring Toss from simple items from your recycle bin.  Fill empty, plastic two-liter soda bottles with colored sand and fasten the tops on tightly. Obtain a package of plastic rings (in the outdoor section of your superstore) for the children to toss on the bottles. Have the kids stand behind a tape line to throw the rings. If they get three rings around the bottle, they win the game.

Take the Night Off

Looking for an easy meal that is perfect for entertaining? Did you know that you can grill a JACK’S Original Pizza? It couldn’t be easier to-prepare a pizza on the gas grill and with some simple additions of a salad and fresh fruit, you have a meal that offers effortless entertaining. My favorite part? The clean-up just couldn’t be easier!

For more information about how to enjoy JACK’S Original pizza on the gas grill and for your chance to win great grilling prizes, visit JACK’S pizza is available nationwide at your local grocery, drug and convenience stores. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. and D.C., 18 and over. Ends: 7/29/13. Void where prohibited.  Click here for Official Rules.

 As a spokesperson for the JACK’S Summer Grilling program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and effort in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Apron Full of Giveaways 06.25.13

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

blue pattern half apron

Source: Apron Addict,  $24.49


Welcome to our Apron Full of Giveaways! I hope everyone is having a great week this week! As we do each week, here is our round-up of giveaways for our readers. We hope that this is beneficial to you and your family! Please let us know if you guys win anything- I love to hear the success stories!

Below are the contest links-if you are hosting a contest please link it up below. Sorry, we are not giving away the aprons just showcasing them! Please put your site name and then what type of contest you are hosting. For example, “MomAdvice (Kid’s Movies).”

Good luck to each of you!

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Easy Tips for Making Over Patio Furniture

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Easy Tips for Making Over Patio Furniture

The season for outdoor entertaining and eating is upon us and if you are looking to upgrade your patio set, you just might want to check your local thrift store.
Today I wanted to share with you easy ways to update, refinish, and refresh an outdoor patio set into a set that is uniquely you with a few easy tools and strategies to help get you started.
I, in fact, recently refinished my old set (pictured above) and have fallen back in love with it again, thanks to an easy afternoon of spray painting.
Here are a few strategies for making over an old set.

Refinishing Metal Furniture

Rusting on metal furniture happens and if you spot a set that looks a little worn in spots, a makeover transformation is easy to do and requires only an old cloth to wipe down the furniture, sandpaper, and spray paint (in any color you desire).
Give your furniture a good wipe down to remove any dirt or debris that may be lingering from summers past.
Use a medium-grit sandpaper to rub down any rust spots or imperfections on the furniture until they are level and no longer flaking off on the piece.
Once the all of the areas have been sanded, spray paint the furniture and allow it to dry fully.
I recently discovered a spray paint nozzle for recovering my furniture pieces and it really helps to coat the furniture evenly.
If you plan to do a lot of spray painting to refinish your pieces, I highly recommend the small $6 investment to get a more even finish on your pieces.

Refinish Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is one of the easiest types of furniture to update.
There is no need to rough up the plastic with sanding, in fact, all you need to do is purchase spray paint that is made specifically for plastic (I recommend Krylon Fusion for Plastic) because it specifically bonds to plastic and requires no priming or sanding.
I’m dying to score a few gently used garage sale chairs to makeover for our back patio.
You see, even plastic furniture can look trendy with the right colors and painting techniques.
Stay up-to-date on fun trends, like paint-dipped furniture as pictured above from The Homemade Diva, for a fun splash of color on your patio.

Refinish Wicker Furniture

Perhaps one of the most intimidating types of furniture to many DIY’ers is wicker furniture.
There is no need to be intimidated though because it is easy to spruce up and to even make minor repairs to.
Look for a waterproof glue to fix any minor repairs and make sure that the glue has plenty of time to set (read the back of the glue bottle for specific times) before beginning your painting.
After thoroughly giving the wicker a good scrubbing and air drying, spray paint your piece in several sessions of very thin coats of spray paint in your desired color.
Try these spray painting wicker furniture tips from Rust-Oleum for refinishing your wicker pieces using their Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint line, that allows you to skip the step of priming.

Recover Old Patio Cushions

Old patio cushions can get a new lease on life with fresh fabrics.
If you have ever priced out new cushions at stores, you quickly realize that it would cost hundreds of dollars to get new cushions for all of your outdoor furniture.
Did you know that you can actually buy weatherproof outdoor fabric at the fabric store? It’s a handy tip to have in your DIY arsenal for a couple of different reasons.
I actually used this material on my dining chair indoors to help with easy clean-up from spills and stains with two small kids.
This same material can be used to freshen up your old patio cushions.
Although I am no seamstress, this tutorial from 33 Shades looks like a great one for how to recover old patio cushions.
Next time you see these at your local Goodwill, consider trying this DIY to get new cushions at a fraction of the retail price.

Have you ever made over patio furniture? What are your tips and techniques for this DIY project?


This post contains affiliate links.



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Amy’s Notebook 06.19.13

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

orange nursery

Source: Apartment Therapy


I love this bright and cheery nursery – and the fact that it works for either a boy or a girl!

It’s time for summer mantels! These tips for layering and using white are awesome, not to mention simple and easy.

Summer & fun science experiments should go together like sun & sand –  I remember doing some of these easy science experiments  during summertime when I was a kid and I LOVED it!

This Southwest chicken chopped salad had me at Chipotle-Honey Dressing!

Excuse me as I drool a bit over this Peach Snickerdoodle Cobbler…doesn’t that sound like the most fabulous combination?


I hope you enjoyed this collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, and thrifty ways to spruce up your home. Nothing brings me more joy then to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration!


I’m Heading to Savvy Blogging Summit With ALDI

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


I’m so excited to be heading to the Savvy Blogging Summit again this year! I am very excited to be speaking and teaching a class on How to Grow Your Blog One Pin At a Time, sharing in a hands-on session assisting people with getting great pictures for their food photography,  and also working this year as a spokesperson for ALDI and assisting them with their Snack Cart during the session breaks this year.


As I am sure you know, I have been a longtime supporter and super fan of ALDI. I had the unique opportunity to get a behind–the-scenes tour of ALDI and learn more about the unique offerings the store has available as well as to sample their products.  I have been shopping at their store for many years, first out of necessity due to our family’s financial situation, and now because I am truly addicted to their products and love the savings that our family experiences by shopping there. I am excited to be sharing more about my own personal experience at the conference and excited to be working with ALDI again to share about the great value that they offer to their customers.

If you happen to be attending the conference, please be sure to stop by the Snack Cart to say hello! I would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have about the store and their offerings. I would like to thank ALDI for sponsoring me for this conference and giving me the chance to learn more about how I can take my own business to the next level at the amazing Savvy Blogging Summit!

This is a sponsored post. ALDI will be covering my travel expenses for the Savvy Blogging Summit.  My participation is voluntary and opinions are always my own.


Site Sponsor Feature: Happy Birthday, Flourish Boutique!

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Today I just wanted to say thank you to one of our advertising sponsors that has been so good to me over the years. Flourish Boutique is known for not only helping women find outfits and accessories to make them feel special, but also for being a unique but affordable places to shop.

Flourish is celebrating their 5th birthday and I will be traveling to the Savvy Blogging Summit instead of getting to participate in all of the festivities this year, which really is quite a bummer for a loyal shopper like me!

Here are just a few events that are happening in the upcoming weeks on their social calendar! 

June 20, 2013 (Thursday)

Flourish Boutique welcomes you to their 5th Birthday Celebration with an open house from 4-8pm at the boutique. A runway fashion show will be held at 6:30. Enjoy sips and snacks, and the first 150 guests will get free swag bags too! 30% off Storewide Sale. Giveaways. Free Admission.

June 21-30, 2013

Flourish Boutique will keep the party going for the next week, celebrating five years of business. Expect surprise flash sales, tons of giveaways and deals, special new inventory and much more!  Don’t forget to give them a Like on their Facebook page to follow those sales!

July 26-28, 2013

Our most popular sale, Overstock, is back and better than ever. We will slash prices with items starting at just $1 and all markdowns 60-90% off. Doors open at 10 am on Friday July 26th for this special and anticipated sale event.


flourish_boutique_gallery_2 Mother's Day Shoot_ Amy & Emily I with info

Emily and I recently had the best time posing for a beautiful campaign they shot for Mother’s Day. I had a hard time getting Emily out of those heels and beautiful accessories when it was time to go!  Who am I fooling? I didn’t want to give up my heels, accessories, or dress either!  (Photo credit: Julia Schwartz of Schwartz Photography)


If you are unsure of what the latest trends are and what types of items you should be stocking up on for the season, Flourish Boutique has a great blog that showcases the do’s and don’ts for the latest fashions and how to achieve that look you have been dying for on your Pinterest boards. You can do it for less by visiting their awesome Sales page or head upstairs in their shop for their clearance items. You just might spy me there!

The store offers online shopping so if you don’t live around here, you can still partake of all of the amazing deals and steals that the store offers on their website. MomAdvice customers receive a 25% discount code. Just enter WEB25 when you checkout!

Thank you again to Flourish for being a valued supporter of MomAdvice and, “Happy Birthday!”


4th of July Flag Cupcake Pick Wreath & Easy Flag Bunting

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from

4th of July happens to be one of my favorite decorating seasons and today I want to show you how to make an easy 4th of July wreath from flag cupcake picks.

This 4th of July wreath idea and easy flag bunting were inspired by a picture from a magazine that I found.


Good Housekeeping Magazine

This picture from Good Housekeeping magazine caught my eye and I knew I wanted to decorate my front door just like it.

Unfortunately, there were no directions on how to create this wreath, what supplies to buy, or how to execute this project.

When Walmart challenged me to come up with a 4th of July project for their customers, I just knew that I had to recreate this door.

My husband said I couldn’t do it.

His doubt fueled this wreath into its amazing flag glory…even when a little voice in my head wasn’t too sure it would look like the picture. If I can make a wreath out of yarn, out of coffee filters, out of Peeps for goodness sake, how could I fail at  a simple cupcake pick wreath?

If you are not crafty this is the project for you.

It requires no sewing, gluing, cutting, or any other crafty-type behavior.

I think that is why I am most excited about it because it is just so easy to do! 

Let’s get started with what you need to tackle this fun patriotic project!


Easy 4th of July Wreath - MomAdvice


4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from 4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from 4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from 4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from


Supplies List

Above are some pictures of the supplies you will need (for visual learners, like myself!) Prices listed are what they are listed at currently at the store!

  • 1- 16″ foam wreath form (that is flat on the back)- $6.99
  • 6 packages of 120 count flag cupcake picks (Note: These are NOT available at Walmart stores. You can find these, however, at your local party supply store)- $2.99 per box (approximately)
  • Jute Rope- $3.24
  • 12- 4×6 US Flags (found on the ends of the aisles in the office supplies)- $.68 each
  • 2- 20 count packages of mini clothespins (over in the office supplies)- $2.48 each

4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from

  1. Take your flag cupcakes and insert them on a slight angle into your foam wreath form. These will not slide in and out easily so you will have to put a little oomph behind it.
  2. Continue filling them in, around and around until you can no longer see your wreath form peeking through. About a box of the flag cupcake picks (120 of them) filled one quarter of my wreath. 
  3. Once the front is filled, build up the behind it, but with a thinner layer, just to camouflage the back of the wreath a bit. Make sure not to stack these too deep so that the wreath can still lay flush against your door.
  4. You can fill in the center of the wreath as well with flags, again adding a thinner layer just to hide any of your wreath form, until all you can see is a sea of little flags. It took 720 flags to fill this wreath form. Yes, your fingers will hurt, but you will be so happy about your wreath, you will forget all about the pain!

4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from


Easy Flag Bunting from

Now that you have your wreath done, we can create our adorable flag bunting to go around the outside of your door, to frame your wreath!


Easy Flag Bunting from


  1. Disassemble your flags from their mini poles. These are stapled on so I just pulled them off, or you can use a staple remover to remove the staples from the flags.
  2. Take two mini clothespins and clip the flags to the jute twine, spacing them evenly, until all twelve have been attached.
  3. Leaving a little bit of length, clip the end of the twine to finish your bunting.

Easy Flag Bunting from This easy bunting could be added to a doorway, dress up a mantle, to frame out your patio doors, or to decorate a ledge for the holiday. I love that it is so sweet and so simple to create.

4th of July Cupcake Pick Wreath from

Here is a side-by-side comparison of my door and the door I spotted in the magazine.

I am so proud how this turned out and I love that these decorations can be used year after year for the holiday!

I look forward to sharing more fun patriotic projects in the next few weeks with you!

I hope you enjoyed today’s easy 4th of July craft projects!



How to Make a Flag Wreath -




How to Make A Flag Wreath -

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Apron Full of Giveaways 06.18.13

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

pineapple apron

Source: Hunt and Gather Style,  $14.99


Welcome to our Apron Full of Giveaways! I hope everyone is having a great week this week! As we do each week, here is our round-up of giveaways for our readers. We hope that this is beneficial to you and your family! Please let us know if you guys win anything- I love to hear the success stories!

Below are the contest links-if you are hosting a contest please link it up below. Sorry, we are not giving away the aprons just showcasing them! Please put your site name and then what type of contest you are hosting. For example, “MomAdvice (Kid’s Movies).”

Good luck to each of you!

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