How to Make the DIY Fluffy Slime Recipe With These Fluffy Slime Ingredients

How to Make the DIY Fluffy Slime Recipe With These Fun Slime Ingredients Header

I am so excited to share these with you and showcase a fun new DIY recipe for making Fluffy Slime that will DEFINITELY be on our summer craft agenda this year multiple times. Making slime is a lot of fun and a great way to teach your children how to measure ingredients.

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Fluffy Slime Stretched Out

In honor of this launch, we thought we’d launch a little something of our own and make some Fluffy Slime to celebrate.

Homemade slimes are quite exciting at our middle school and I have heard there are even slime trades going on when kids mix up a batch.

There has been so much fluffy slime-making that there has even been a reported glue shortage throughout certain areas of the country.

Who knew slime was so dang cool?

Luckily, this diy craft is easy to execute with just a few simple ingredients. Keep in mind, everyone has their own take on slime and require different ingredients.

Some even have contact lens solution (saline solution), baking soda, sodium borate, or other ingredients.

This recipe, however, is simple, straightforward, and foolproof.

We wanted to show you how to make my fluffy slime recipe today which would be the perfect summer activity to do together and another fun way to break your kids out of that summer slump! If there is one thing I know as a mom it is that kids love slime.

How to Make the DIY Fluffy Slime Recipe With These Fluffy Slime Ingredients

Ingredients to Make Fluffy Slime
check out this diy slime recipe video for an additional quick tutorial


Ingredients & Supplies Needed

Elmer’s Washable Glue (this school glue size is the best bet so you don’t run out of your trusty white glue!)

Borax (Make sure a parent supervises and assists with this ingredient. Please note, borax and boric acid are not the same thing. You definitely want to have Borax for this slime recipe)

Shaving Cream (the cheap foaming kind, not the gel variety! look for sensitive skin options if you have a child with sensitive skin)


Measuring cups, spoons, and bowl

Food coloring (optional)

Adding Fluffy Slime Ingredients

Measuring Borax for Fluffy Slime

Directions for Making Fluffy Slime

1. Measure one cup of hot water and mix this with 1 tablespoon of Borax.

Mix until these two ingredients are fully incorporated and the water turns clear.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT- reports of reactions to Borax are because it has not been properly diluted.

I recommend that the parents do this step to insure the safety of the slime.

Set aside.


Pouring the Glue for the Fluffy Slime

Measuring Glue for Fluffy Slime

Pouring Glue Into Fluffy Slime Mixture

2. Add one cup of glue to a large bowl and mix this with a 1/2 cup of water until it is fully incorporated.

Adding Shaving Cream to Fluffy Slime Recipe

Mixing Fluffy Slime Ingredients Together

3. Add shaving cream to the bowl (3 1/2 cups!) and mix together well.

Next, add a few drops of food coloring (we used red in our version) to add a pretty hue to your slime.

Once this is all mixed well, add a tablespoon of your Borax mixture and mix well.

If it is sticky add more Borax tablespoon by tablespoon until your slime pulls away from the mixing bowl and starts to form into a ball.

Our slime only required three tablespoons of our diluted Borax mixture before it pulled away into a ball!

Fluffy Slime Finished

Fluffy Slime Finished

Fluffy Slime Stretched Out

Fluffy Slime Finished

There you have it, folks. It’s time to play with slime for the summer.

We are so excited to share our DIY fluffy slime with our friends and to also share these Summer Brain Quest workbooks with you! Yay!

Here are some FAQ about Homemade Slime

What is the best way to store my homemade slime?

There are several strategies for storage and, by far, the easiest and cheapest storage option is a plastic bag. You will want to add the slime into the bag and make sure to take out all the air in the baggie before completely sealing. 

If you choose to put it in a plastic container, you will want to make sure that your slime JUST FITS so that you can keep as much air out of the container as possible. If you can’t find the proper storage size container, you can add a sheet of plastic wrap to the top of your slime to keep the moisture locked in. 

What if my my slime dries out?

Isn’t that just the worst? Have you heard of slime activator? Check out these options because this is an easy way to restore the texture of your slime without going to a lot of trouble. Slime activators can also be an excellent way to get kids to make slime all on their own. 

If you don’t want to buy a slime activator, consider adding a couple of drops of antibacterial gel to your slime to help it reconstitute.

What can I mix into my homemade slime?

Honestly, the possibilities are just endless for making your own eye-catching version. Check out these slime kits for some really fun options. 

Wouldn’t these slime kits also make excellent birthday gifts?

What if I want to share my slime with friends?

Aren’t crafts so much more fun when you can share them with friends? I highly recommend that you give these containers as a great storage option. Basically, you can have a little slime in your backpack wherever you go.

How long does homemade slime last?

This answer is entirely dependent upon how well you store it. As long as it isn’t smelly or moldy, or has completely hardened, you can still play with it. 

One way you can get your slime to last longer, particularly in the summer months, is to store it in an airtight plastic bag in your refrigerator. 

My child got slime all over our carpet. How do I remove slime from my floors?

The best way is to fill a spray bottle with one part vinegar to two parts water.  After removing as much of the slime out of the carpet, by hand, spray the carpet generously with this solution. Let it set for a few minutes and then begin blotting it with a paper towel until you have removed all the slime. If you still have staining, you can opt for a carpet cleaner product like this one to get out the rest.

My child got slime in their hair. How do I remove the slime from hair?

Did you know that you can buy a slime deactivator product? If you find you are running into a lot of slime mishaps, this is a great product to keep on hand. This deactivating product will take the slime right out of your carpet and hair with ease.

Day. Saved.

Hands in Fluffy Slime

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Happy slime making, friends!

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