How to Paint a Kitchen Table: Our Kitchen Table Makeover

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

Have you ever wanted to paint your kitchen table? This durable table top has lasted a decade and still looks like the day it was painted. Get tips to diy this painting project and give a dining table a makeover at your house too! 

I never dreamed that I would ever paint my kitchen table when we bought it. For ten years though we abused it daily, it survived a brutal move with a terrible moving company, and the polyurethane coating never did look right after it was damaged in route to our house on the day we bought it. The table was loved to pieces, literally, and that is why we had to paint it.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Before

Passing through our kitchen, you might not have noticed the table’s beat-up appearance. From far away or cleverly covered with a tablecloth when it got really embarrassing, the table just didn’t look that bad.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Before

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Before

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Before

Upon closer inspection though, your eyes are assaulted with the damage that has happened to it.

The polyurethane coating was flaking away, the ends were terribly damaged on the table, and a huge gash went right through the center of it that I never thought the table would ever recover from.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Supplies

We decided that we would stain the table and restore the tabletop with a nice deep and rich color. We bought lots of supplies to stain the table and I couldn’t wait to get started.
How to Paint a Kitchen Table Sanding

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Sanding

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Sanding

For two days I sanded the table to within an inch of its poor little life.

The polyurethane coating remained.

I bought polyurethane stripper and left it on the table for twenty-four hours.

The polyurethane remained.

I sanded the table more.

The polyurethane remained.

I cried.

I rocked in the fetal position.

I kicked myself for starting a project that I didn’t feel as confident in.

I gave up.

We ate at a sad folding table and chairs for an entire week, only to discover this staining would not happen at my novice level of furniture staining.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Primer

At this point, I had nothing to lose.

We decided to paint the kitchen table.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

The chairs were in good condition other than a quick reupholster to the tired fabric that had been on them.

The table legs also happened to be in decent condition so we made the decision to leave the table legs and chairs in their natural wood color (partly out of laziness and partly because we needed our kitchen table back) which definitely cut down on the work.

I am no expert on painting furniture so I consulted with my best friend who has been painting her furniture recently and the ever amazing and wildly talented Kate, from Centsational Girl, who has this amazing tutorial on how to paint furniture.

Between the two of them, I felt a tad more confident than I did before.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Primed

Once the table was sanded and wood filled in the spots that were really rough on the table, we applied two coats of the Zinsser Cover Stain Primer over the table.

Between each coat, once the tabletop was fully dry, I gave it another good sanding and wiped it clean with a cloth.

I had to admit, even with just the primer, the table was already looking better.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

How to Paint a Kitchen Table First Coat

How to Paint a Kitchen Table First Coat

Once the primer was dry, I applied two coats of paint to the tabletop.

We wanted our tabletop to match our kitchen cabinets so we chose Valspar Blanched Pine (7005-15) for the shade of white we were looking for.

Two coats of paint were applied to it.

The first coat was applied with a brush and then the second coat, I used a roller and then used a brush to smooth out any roller marks.

I did take Kate’s recommendation and added Floetrol to the paint (as directed on the packaging) which really did seem to help cut down on the mistakes that I usually make when painting.

This paint conditioner will definitely be used again when I tackle another painting project.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Polyurethane

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Poly Coat

After the paint was dry, we then applied two heavy coats of polyurethane to the tabletop with an angled brush.

We allowed the polyurethane to set on the tabletop for four days with no use.

I think this was one of the hardest parts about the process, but we wanted to make sure that the tabletop would really be able to withstand our daily abuse once we brought it inside.

The table legs were reattached, the new-to-me chairs were slid under it. We were in business.

How to Paint a Kitchen Table Matching Chairs

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

Here is our newly painted kitchen tabletop.  It is not perfect, but we truly did the best we could to improve upon something we already owned.

I am so happy to have a tabletop that I don’t have to cover with a tablecloth and my husband is thankful I am done with this project, I am thankful to have reclaimed the garage, and we are all thankful that we didn’t have to purchase a new set of furniture for this room.

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Happy DIY Day, Folks!

How to Paint a Kitchen Table

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