Books on Grief and Loss to Read Now

Books on Grief and Loss to Read Now

This curated collection of books on grief and loss include insights into the grieving process through nonfiction and fiction for adults and young adult books.

In times of loss, words often become our solace, guiding us through the tumultuous journey of grief and offering a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. 

At the heart of this collection is Here After, a moving memoir that offers a quiet meditation on the complexities of grief. 

I was so honored to share space with the author on the Book Gang podcast where she offered advice for ways to support grievers and what she wishes people understood about young widowhood that is both deeply moving and instructional for those that feel at a loss in how to support someone.  

Listen to the full episode below and subscribe to the Book Gang podcast for more episodes like this (show notes with full transcript):

The conversation moved me so much, that I wanted to offer a book list for those who may be facing loss. 

I’m including an array of new and backlist titles, each offering a unique perspective on the universal experience of grief. 

Here After by Amy Lin

Whether you seek solace in the pages of a memoir, find comfort in the embrace of fiction, or seek practical guidance in navigating grief’s turbulent waters, there is a book here to accompany you on your journey.

For those seeking smaller lessons, you can explore these grief quotes from books featured in today’s list.

Books on Grief and Loss Book List

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Please note, what may be therapeutic looks different for every reader- be gentle with your hearts, my friends! 

Books On Grief and Loss

Books on Grief and Loss

Explore the human experience of grief and loss through these list of carefully curated books.

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These moving memoirs explore complexities of grief in adulthood, offering solace, understanding, and hope in the face of loss.


Celebrate our resilience in these fiction books about grief, as the protagonists find healing after loss.


These romance books explore love and healing amidst grief in beautiful ways.


Discover moving and relatable stories that explore the complexities of grief for young adults. These YA books have been among my favorite as an adult reader- share the with your teen or tween!

TELL ME: What do YOU think are the best books on grief and loss? Let us know in the comments below what this list needs!

Books on Grief and Loss

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