Surprising Truths About Grief with Amy Lin (Here After)

Surprising Truths About Grief with Amy Lin (Here After)

Amy Lin discusses her emotional debut memoir Here After. She offers surprising revelations about the grief process and better ways to show up for grievers.

In our fear of saying the wrong thing, we often don’t get to engage in essential conversations like the one we share today.

Amy Lin, author of Here After, joins the Book Gang podcast to discuss her powerful memoir on grief and loss and what she wants you to understand about young widowhood.

Here After By Amy Lin

Here After Book Summary

Lin never expected to find a love like the one she shared with her husband, Kurtis, a gifted young architect who pulls her toward joy, adventure, and greater self-acceptance. But thirty-two-year-old Kurtis unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind Amy, who struggled to navigate the loss while simultaneously confronting a life-threatening medical crisis. 

This sparse memoir was handcrafted for grievers as Amy shares the painstaking process down to margin, white space, and book size to give readers both space and understanding of her grief experience. 

More importantly, she offers life-altering advice on our falsehoods about grief, from the misconceptions around grief timelines to what we shouldn’t say to those experiencing loss.

After hearing Amy’s sage advice today, I promise you will be a better friend, sister, daughter, or mother after listening to this conversation. 

To accompany today’s show, I have a Books On Grief and Loss book list with fiction and nonfiction selections for adult and young readers. 

Here After Quote (Amy Lin)

I’ve also gathered a curated collection of grief quotes from these books that speak to this universal experience in comforting ways to give words to this experience. I hope you feel both seen and loved through all of this.

Amy Lin

Meet Amy Lin

Amy Lin is a writer and educator who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her work has been published in Ploughshares, and she has been awarded residencies from Yaddo and Casa Comala. Here After is her debut novel.

Surprising Truths About Grief With Amy Lin (Here After)

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Books on Grief and Loss Book List

Grief Quotes From Books

A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney

Here After by Amy Lin

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