The Best Found Family Trope Books To Read Now

The Best Found Family Trope Books to Read Now

Celebrating the found family trope books is a theme any reader can love. Explore chosen family through historical fiction, older protagonists, fantasy, and YA.

If you are anything like me, you love the found family trope in your books and are thankful to experience that in your real life, too. 

Throughout my extensive years of reading, I’ve discovered a consistent thread weaving through many stories—a chosen family narrative showcasing the bonds between characters beyond blood ties.

What is Found Family Trope?

The found family trope is a storytelling trope where a group of characters, often unrelated by blood, come together and form close familial bonds. 

These relationships are built on shared experiences, mutual support, and a deep emotional connection. 

In contrast to traditional family structures, where individuals are related by birth or marriage, the found family trope emphasizes the idea that relationships can be forged through choice and shared hardships can be just as strong and meaningful. 

This theme is prevalent in literature, film, and television sitcoms, showcasing the diverse ways in which individuals create their own families beyond biological ties.

Chosen family is showcased today through this month’s book list and our podcast, where we discuss some of our favorite found family stories from the unexpected to TOTALLY expected (but we loved that for us). 

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The Best Found Family Trope Books To Read Now

The Best Found Family Trope Books

Uncover the magic of chosen family in this gathering of captivating found family trope stories, exploring the beauty in belonging.

This week's list was created with @tonightsbookishfeast for this week's Book Gang podcast episode.

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Discover enchanted worlds where characters forge unbreakable connections through the strength of their chosen family.


These enchanting middle-grade books also celebrate the power of found family!


These are my favorite books on chosen connections in trials and triumphs of the past through historical fiction.


Join characters who, later in life, find unexpected connections, forming bonds that redefine what it means to be family.

What found family book would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below what this list is missing!

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