Books About Alternate Realities or Parallel Lives You Will Love

Books About Alternate Realities or Parallel Lives You Will Love

Explore the best book list of books about alternate realities or parallel lives that create a world of second chances for readers that love a “what if” book.

Welcome to the time travel world where reality twists and bends, offering readers glimpses into parallel lives and alternate realities.

What Are Books About Alternate Realities and Parallel Lives?

I describe these stories as books like Sliding Doors because that is how I was first attracted to these storylines through the movie’s imaginative theme. 

One of my earliest memories of these books was a Taylor Jenkin’s Reid story called Maybe, Next Time, when Women’s Fiction was called “chick-lit”- a trend that, thankfully, has ended.

These books offered complete escapism in my early motherhood, and there were indeed days when I imagined what my world would look like if I had taken different paths. 

Sometimes described as ‘what if books,’ they show what happens when characters make different choices, leading to parallel realities with multiple outcomes.

Books About Parallel Lives or Alternate Realities Checklist

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Books About Alternate Realities or Parallel Lives You Will Love

Books About Alternate Realities and Parallel Lives

Let's celebrate my favorite books about alternate realities and parallel lives with this week's book list.

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For time travel enthusiasts, these new books are perfect for this fun trope.

Backlist Books About Alternate Realities and Parallel Lives

Visit your local library to snag my favorite backlist books about alternate realities and parallel lives.

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The Best Time Travel TV Shows and Movies

Don’t forget we have an incredible best time travel TV shows and movies resource list that includes time loop stories for the screen, like Russian Doll and Happy Death Day! 

What do YOU think are the best time loop books? Let us know in the comments below what this list needs! Happy time traveling, friends!

Books About Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities

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