Better Than The Movies Movie List (FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD)

Download this Better Than the Movies movie list PDF Printable to watch the rom-com movies after you read the Lynn Painter book. We have included every quote!

Better Than The Movies Movie List (FREE PRINTABLE)

It is no secret that I am a sucker for a YA romance, and this year my daughter and I both discovered Lynn Painter and fell in love with the Better Than the Movies book. 

The novel pays homage to all your beloved rom-com movies, featuring delightful throwbacks and clever quotes at the beginning of the chapters. 

Most of the films were ones my daughter hadn’t seen or was unfamiliar with, and we spent our summer together going through the Better Than the Movies film recommendations.

And honestly, it might be one of my favorite memories that we have shared.

As we prepare for next year’s college adventures, I’m savoring these memories together, and I wanted to inspire your next mother-daughter movie night. 

I am sure Lynn Painter has no idea how much she has meant to our family, but I’m so thankful for every moment we have shared over her senior year.   

As she’s off to study UX Design, I begged her to do one last project for our website and make a movie checklist I could share with you so YOU can replicate this moment with your teenager. 

Better Than the Movies Book

Synopsis of Better Than the Movies Book

Better Than the Movies is an endearing teen rom-com that you won’t be able to put down.

Liz Buxbaum always considered her next-door neighbor, Wes Bennett, the least likely candidate for her romantic fantasies. 

He’s been a constant annoyance since they were kids, pulling pranks like putting a frog in her Barbie Dreamhouse and hiding a severed lawn gnome head in their neighborhood book exchange. 

But now, as Liz’s forever crush, Michael, returns to town and unexpectedly bonds with Wes, she needs his help to get noticed. 

Teaming up with Wes, they concoct a fake dating plan to make Liz stand out to Michael and secure a prom date. 

But, as their scheming unfolds, Liz finds herself surprisingly drawn to Wes, leading her to question her beliefs about love and the true meaning of a Happily Ever After.

Meet Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter is my favorite YA writer, and I’d love to introduce you to her writing for you or your teenager because her books have incredible crossover appeal for adult readers. 

Lynn Painter writes cute romance novels for both teenagers and grown-ups.

She wrote books like Better Than the Movies, Mr. Wrong Number, The Do-Over, Betting on You, and Nothing Like the Movies.

She also writes articles for the Omaha World-Herald newspaper.

Lynn lives in Nebraska with her husband and children and has an addiction to rom-com movies- which is quite evident in this book.

Is it Worth it To Read Better Than the Movies?

ABSOLUTELY! I’ve read almost all of Lynn Painter’s novels, and this is the best Lynn Painter book.

This novel is also the best book club book to try with your teen.

Thanks to how the novel incorporates music and film into each chapter, you can both indulge in pop culture references. 

More importantly, this novel explores mother-daughter relationships. 

Liz’s mother has passed away and was a screenwriter who happened to love romcom films. 

Liz gets her love for these movies from her mom, so she imagines any potential romance in light of her favorite romantic comedy movies. 

We love page-turners about motherhood and this fits the young adult book bill perfectly!

Better Than the Movies Quotes

As a reader, you will notice that each chapter starts with an iconic rom-com moment.

Since Liz is navigating senior year without her mom, there are some poignant scenes as she navigates significant senior milestones.

For example, prom dress shopping without her mom becomes a pivotal plot point.

If you are a stepmom, you will find that this relationship has also been tricky for Liz.

A strong relationship that blossoms between the two enhances this story a lot. 

There isn’t a better book to dive into with your teen daughter or son! 

Is Better Than the Movies Spicy?

This novel is recommended for grades 7-9 but will equally appeal to an adult reader.

Common Sense Media recommends this young adult novel for readers 14 years old and over.

For content warnings, readers can expect some swearing and occasional references to underage drinking, kissing, and sexual innuendos. 

Lynn Painter Young Adult Books

Lynn Painter writes both young adult and adult books, so we have separated those into two categories on our Lynn Painter books list to make finding books for your teen easier.

I will keep this updated with new releases as they are announced. 

Better Than the Movies Soundtrack

Download the Better Than the Movies Soundtrack

You’ll find a special treat at the end of the book with a curated soundtrack of all the songs lovingly referenced within the story. 

Lynn Painter has made the soundtrack available online and subtitled it “The Soundtrack of Wes and Liz.” 

Where Can I Read the Better Than the Movies Bonus Chapter?

Lynn Painter offers bonus chapters for readers. 

On Lynn Painter’s website, you can read Wes Bennett’s Vivid Dream, Wes POV- Party Scene Wes and Liz’s College Road Trip, & Wes Pov- Liz’s Proposal. Download those PDF bonus chapters here

Readers can also read Better Than the Prom (Better Than the Movies #1.5), a 30-page prequel short story, to immerse themselves further in their love story.

Where are the Better Than the Movies quotes?

I’ve included each quote and corresponding chapter under each film’s descriptions.

In some cases, films are highlighted in two chapters, and these have been noted below. 

Nothing Like the Movies- Better Than the Movies Sequel

Is There a Better Than the Movies Sequel?

Good news! There is a Better than the Movies series!

Lynn Painter has announced that there will be a Better Than the Movies sequel coming in October 2024.

Titled Nothing Like the Movies, readers are promised more adventures with Wes Bennett and Liz Buxbaum. 

Nothing Like the Movies will be on store shelves in October 2024. 

Be sure to visit my complete list of Lynn Painter books and where to read them. We have included her young adult and adult books with recommended age ratings. 

Books Like Better Than the Movies

We promise to make a more formal list later, but I recommend checking out Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum as a beautiful look-alike recommendation. 

Don’t miss my Julie Buxbaum interview about her inspiration for this young adult book and the parallels it shares with this book. 

As a person who loves Julie and Lynn- is it possible that the author created her character’s last name from the author? I am dying to know!

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

If you click on any of these films, it will take you to Prime Video for streaming but don’t forget to check your DVD collection like we did for several of these films. 

You can also visit our guide to Outdoor Movie Night Ideas for your whole family which includes lots of movie snack options.


Better Than the Movies Movie List

Are you looking for the Better Than the Movies movie list from the book?

We have you covered with this list that you can browse online or print the free PDF checklist we designed for Lynn Painter fans!

This includes the movie ratings and where to stream the films.

If you love this checklist, please share this resource!

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

We can all agree that Lynn Painter has impeccable movie taste. 

And for fans of the book, Lynn Painter adds a final “movie moment” in the epilogue.

In response to this movie quote- “A girl will never forget the first boy she likes,” Liz Buxbaum adds her own personal quote- “But she’ll also never forget the first boy she hates.”

So grab some popcorn and screen these beautiful movies together to create some of your very own movie moments with your kid!

Better Than the Movies PDF Movie List

TELL ME: What movie is your favorite from this list? Did you love the Better Than The Movies book? Let us know what Lynn Painter books you enjoyed reading.

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