The Best Magical Realism Books to Read Now

Browse my curated selection of the best magical realism books. Today’s book list includes new releases, our top book club picks, and classics to check out now.

The Best Magical Realism Books from

If you missed the Book Gang podcast with author Emily Habeck, we discuss her moving literary fiction book, Shark Heart.  

Emily Habeck shares the surprising journey from writing Hollywood screenplays to novel writing and her unbelievable success and connection to readers worldwide. It’s an hour with the author that I don’t want you to miss. 

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What is a Magical Realism Book?

Today’s show discusses magical realism and how a writer can make that experience grounded for a reader. 

If you are new to magical realism, these books mix fantasy into everyday life, making fantastical things part of the real world.

The difference between magical realism vs fantasy books can sometimes feel confusing as a reader.

Fantasy books create brand new worlds or settings where magical elements are expected and central to the plot.

That’s not to say there isn’t overlap between these worlds.

If you have been a reader here a long time, you know these magical books are my favorite.

Today’s book list might have been the easiest I’ve ever done, except for my difficulty narrowing them down for you. 

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The Best Magical Realism Books to Read Now

These are my favorite magical realism titles, including my favorite picks for book clubs, the best books I've read over my many years of reading, and a fun new selection of new-release books that I can't wait to dig into.


Get ready for magical turns in these new-release books that I'm excited to read with you!


These books have been among my favorites of the years including under-the-radar books that deserve a little more love.


This a collection of reader favorites including several I've fallen in love with over the years.


As a book club leader, these are the best books we read and loved in the MomAdvice Book Club. You can also see what we are up to in 2024- join now.


The classic books to read include books readers have loved over the years, including modern classic selections.

What do YOU think are the best magical realism books? Let us know in the comments below what this list is missing!

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