John Green Exclusive Interview: The Fault In Our Stars Movie

John Green joins us to discuss The Fault in Our Stars movie adaptation. Get the entire young adult book list of the John Green books in this interview post.

John Green Exclusive Interview: The Fault In Our Stars Movie

Have you ever wondered about the adaptation process for an author? John Green is the first author we have featured whose book is adapted into a movie.

We discuss the process of book adaptation, casting, and what it would be like as a writer to watch your book evolve into this format.

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The Fault In Our Stars Book

The Fault in Our Stars Book

The Fault in Our Stars is the story of an unlikely group of friends that meet through their Cancer Kid Support Group. 

Hazel has experienced a medical miracle, and her tumor has been shrinking, buying her a few more years, but she finds that she is depressed despite the good news. Her doctors encouraged her to participate in a support group that permanently alters Hazel’s path. 

When she meets Augustus, they quickly form a deep bond that neither could have ever anticipated.

John Green Author Interview

John Green Exclusive Interview: The Fault In Our Stars Movie

John Green Author Interview

In our interview, John opened up about his initial apprehensions regarding selling the film rights of this novel, emphasizing his fear of “sentimentalizing his story.” 

Green candidly shared, “I was worried that the characters would be defined by their disability. I didn’t want it to be the defining feature of their lives.”

He also expressed a deep appreciation for the magic of books remaining untouched by the filmmaking process, acknowledging the powerful connection readers form with the characters and their stories.

Green laughed and shared, “For the rest of my life, when I close my eyes and think about Harry Potter, I will see Daniel Radcliffe just because the image is powerful and overwhelms the text.”

However, the genuine commitment and passion displayed by producers Wyck Godfrey and Isaac Klausner ultimately convinced him.

He commended their efforts to incorporate fan-favorite lines and passages, contributing to the movie adaptation’s authenticity and emotional depth. 

The Fault in Our Stars Movie Poster

The Fault in Our Stars Cast

When asked who he envisioned for the cast, Green described his detachment from imagining this casting. 

He said, “I’m really bad at looking at faces and understanding faces. So, I don’t see faces that clearly when I’m writing.”

The casting process proved serendipitous when Shailene Woodley auditioned and effortlessly personified the character of Hazel Grace Lancaster. 

The role of Augustus Waters, portrayed by Ansel Elgort, initially posed a hurdle but became an embodiment of the character once he shared the screen with Shailene.

John Green’s involvement allowed him to witness firsthand the passion and dedication of the production team and the cast. 

Although he had no official role, his presence on set was part of his daily routine. Seeing the profound impact of bringing his cherished story to life on the big screen was so rewarding.

Green ended our interview with this statement, “I felt like I was being given such a tremendous gift just to be able to be there and watch them make this movie, to make it so carefully and thoughtfully.”

John Green Movie and TV Shows (Full List)

Where can I Watch The Fault In Our Stars movie?

Currently, The Fault in Our Stars movie is available for streaming on HBO Max. 

For those interested, renting or purchasing options are also accessible via Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

Below we have also included where to stream ALL the John Green movies and tv shows.

New to John Green? Here are some answers to the most asked questions! 

Is it necessary to read John Green’s books in a specific order?

John Green has eight stand-alone books with their own set of characters and storylines. 

However, some readers choose to follow the publication order.

What are the John Green books in order?

  • Looking for Alaska
  • An Abundance of Katherines
  • Paper Towns
  • Let It Snow
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson
  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • Turtles All the Way Down
  • The Anthropocene Reviewed
John Green Books

John Green Books

John Green is a  New York Times bestselling author. Green's book has received many literary achievements, including a Printz medal in 2006 and winning an Edgar Award in 2009, with two nominations for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

His books have achieved global recognition, having been translated into more than 55 languages and selling over 24 million copies worldwide. 

With his brother Hank, John created the vlogbrothers YouTube channel, which fostered a community of "nerdfighters," advocating for positive changes worldwide. They also launched Crash Course, an educational YouTube channel, where they teach humanities and science courses to millions of subscribers.

John Green currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Browse this list of all the John Green books with recommended ages for reading from the publisher. We have also included where to stream the movie and tv series adapations for each book.

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