30 Fictional Serial Killer Books to Read Now

Discover the best serial killer books in fiction, from compelling thrillers to campy tales, perfect for fans of suspense, mystery, and dark, twisted narratives.

30 Fictional Serial Killer Books to Read Now from MomAdvice.com

Summer reading season is in full swing. If you missed my 2024 Summer Reading Guide, it is a lovely place to start, but why stop there? 

This summer, we will share the microphone with some of my favorite authors from the guide and pick a theme from each of their books to build your best book pairings with our guest’s novels. 

This week’s book list celebrates L.M. Chilton’s U.S. debut launch for Swiped– my new favorite campy murder mystery of the summer. You’ll love hearing about his incredible dating history, which inspired this book’s theme.

Listen to the full episode below and subscribe to the Book Gang podcast for more episodes like this (show notes with the full transcript):

This week’s list is a collaborative effort with my co-host Larry on our Patreon Fully Booked Show, whose reading taste I deeply admire. 

For the record, we had many that overlapping novels, but I’ve separated these into two categories for organizational purposes. 

30 Fictional Serial Killer Books to Read Now from MomAdvice.com

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Important Note on Today’s List

Readers should check the content warnings for each novel on the Storygraph app to see if it is a good fit, as some of these take harrowing turns; it’s best to do individual screening for this list.

Let’s explore some of these top picks in this spine-tingling genre! 

30 Fictional Serial Killer Books to Read Now from MomAdvice.com

30 Fictional Serial Killer Books to Read Now

Whether you crave compelling psychological thrillers or enjoy a touch of the campy and macabre, there's a perfect book for you in this list of 30 serial killer book recommendations.

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TELL ME: What are your favorite fictional serial killer books? Let us know in the comments below what this list needs!

30 Fictional Serial Killer Books to Read Now

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