Digital Dating Turns Deadly in This Debut Murder Mystery

L.M. Chilton shares the surprising backstory on his dating history that inspired his debut thriller, Swiped. This millennial murder mystery is pure summer fun.

Digital Dating Turns Deadly in this Debut Murder Mystery (Swiped by L.M. Chilton)

After nearly a decade and 212 failed dates, Chilton channeled his dating frustrations into Swiped, a fresh debut murder mystery exploring the darker side of online dating cleverly crafted for the millennial reader. Today, we discuss his personal story and journalism efforts to uncover the truth behind the algorithms.

But his book isn’t the only thing with plot twists. His decision to go on one last date revealed a real-life plot twist you’ll love discovering in this interview. 

Swiped Book Summary

Gwen Turner’s life is in disarray after ending a relationship. Amidst her struggles, she turns to a dating app to fill the void but is stunned to discover a chilling connection – the victims of a series of murders in her small coastal English city were all her former dates. 

Now, Gwen finds herself the prime suspect in a serial killer’s spree. In a race against time, she confronts former dates, some of whom have ghosted her, to unravel the truth and clear her name before it’s too late.

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Meet L.M. Chilton

L.M. Chilton has been a journalist for 15 years, working for TV shows like This MorningThe One Show, and Loose Women, as well as magazines and newspapers such as The TimesThe MirrorMetro, New!Cosmopolitan, and Glamour.

He started his journalism career writing for ‘real life’ magazines, interviewing people worldwide about the terrifying, hilarious, and heart-breaking things that had happened to them. And also funny things their pets had done.

He works from home in London, thinking of twists for murder mysteries and practicing the banjo instead of writing (much to the annoyance of his neighbors).


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Digital Dating Turns Deadly in This Debut Murder Mystery

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