The Best Time Travel TV Shows and Movies

The Best Time Travel TV Shows and Movies

Explore the past, future, and alternate dimensions with our top picks for the best time travel TV shows and movies. Stream these new tv series and films today!

From our marriage & parenting contributor, Mary Carver.

What is it about time travel stories that gets me every time? 

Maybe it’s the idea of starting over or changing the past (and therefore the future). 

Or perhaps it’s the thought of seeing a completely different time with my own eyes (rather than trying to imagine while reading a history book or even watching a documentary). 

I don’t really know why I love time travel stories so much, but I do. 

I know several of you do too! And since we’ve been talking about some of the best time travel books so I thought I’d give you a list of time travel movies and TV series to check out!

Of course, we’ve all watched Back to the Future. 

Some of us have probably watched so many times we have most of it memorized. (Oh, just me?) 

And I suspect you’re probably familiar with About Time, Looper, 13 Going on 30, and possibly even Hot Tub Time Machine. 

So instead of revisiting those time travel classics like someone stuck in a time loop (which I consider to be time travel adjacent, though it isn’t quite the same as traveling forward or backward through time), here are 22 tv series and movies that might not be as familiar.

The Best Time Travel TV Shows and Movies

The Best Time Travel TV Shows and Movies

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list of time travel series and movies. (I’d need a time machine to have enough hours to make that list!). Be sure to let us know what YOU would add to today's list!

P.S.- Be sure to scroll down for an additional list from Amy today under our Editor's Picks!


These are Mary's picks for the best weekend escape with time travel.



These are some of the best new options for time travel tv and movies that Amy has gathered to expand this list for today.

TELL US: What should we add to the list? Is there anything you’ve enjoyed from our selections- we would love to hear it!

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