Books About Libraries You’ll Want to Add to Your Shelf Now

Get out your library card and borrow these 25 new books about libraries. This book list celebrates the best place on earth and the community it creates.

Books About Libraries You’ll Want to Add to Your Shelf Now

I adore our library. Whenever visitors come to our town, I often take them there to show off this special place, as my enthusiasm for it is unmatched by anything else in our area. Much like you, nothing makes me feel like a kid again more than a bag of free books and wandering through our library shelves.

As we continue to explore the world of books about books on the Book Gang podcast this month, I wanted to offer some incredible book adventures with libraries at the center of the plot.

This book list includes upcoming releases I can’t wait to discover with you, some of my favorite backlist books, and suggestions from our community.

I hope I’ve captured the magic of library cards, summer reading programs, and a celebration of unlikely friendships forged around the love of books in today’s list.

Books About Libraries You’ll Want to Add to Your Shelf Now

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Books About Libraries You’ll Want to Add to Your Shelf Now

Books About Libraries

Discover the best books about libraries with our curated list of must-read titles. Perfect for book lovers and avid readers, these 25 stories celebrate the magic of libraries.

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What is the best book about libraries that you have read? I’d love to expand our list with your favorites!

Books About Libraries You’ll Want to Add to Your Shelf Now

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