Trapped in a Time Loop Novel

Trapped in a Time Loop Novel

 In today’s podcast, escape in a time loop novel. We discuss Groundhog Day books and the comforting ways repeating time travel can charm us in our book stack.

When we say “time loop,” readers immediately react to this statement. Whether it is a no or a yes, Jessica and I have you covered in today’s podcast. 

We discuss why repeating cycles of events work for us or don’t and how some of the storytellers featured today nailed moving the time loop plot forward in new ways. 

The Do-Over by Lynn Painter

Plus, I’m revealing a treasure trove of new time travel resources, including new time travel books, TV, and movies you can stream this weekend to explore a new world that won’t break the bank.

I hope it brings unlimited joy to your weekend, as was the intention of this creator who lovingly created these spaces for you.     

Time Loop Books for Readers Who Love Loops

Today’s BONUS book list celebrates the 14 time loop books to read now. This list includes new releases, thrillers, mysteries, YA, and holiday books.

But wait, there’s more!

Our incredible super-expansion pack of time travel adventures is linked to today’s show notes. These include a massive refresh on new time travel books, alternate realities, and parallel lives, and explorations of parallel worlds and the multiverse.

Meet Jessica Bearak

Jessica is a lifelong book lover who embarked on her literary journey at three, immersing herself in childhood classics like “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

Jessica actively participates in two in-person book clubs and many online discussions regularly. She has been an invaluable member of the MomAdvice Book Club and joins us as a regular contributing voice.

Trapped in a Time Loop Novel

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The Best Lessons From Time Travel Books

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