Time Loop Books For Readers Who Love Loops

Time Loop Books For Readers Who Love Loops

Browse this book list filled with the best time loop books. Today’s list includes new release books, thrillers, mystery, young adult, and holiday books.

Time loop books can be the trickiest to engage readers, but they can be one of the most comforting kinds of books as we contemplate how characters can fix their past mistakes to break the loop. 

I know there are many moments in our lives that we wish we could do again, and in those ways, these stories can be incredibly therapeutic. 

What Are Time Loop Books? 

Time loop books are stories where characters repeatedly experience the same events or day, often without initially realizing it.

While many time loop books can fall into the science fiction genre, we wanted to showcase all the other ways time loops can happen in our stories.

In this time travel story, the characters are trapped in a repeating cycle of events that they cannot escape.

These are often called Groundhog Day stories and are among the trickiest to keep readers engaged.

If you missed the Book Gang podcast, we discuss the beauty in these time loop stories through new books that recently hit store shelves and a few great backlist recommendations to get your book stack started.

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Time Loop Books For Readers Who Love Loops

Time Loop Books to Read Now

In honor of today’s Book Gang podcast theme, we are excited to share this new collection of time loop books featuring our favorite Groundhog Day stories for time travel enthusiasts.

This week's list was created with @tonightsbookishfeast for this week's Book Gang podcast episode.

Explore this book list, which includes thrillers, mysteries, romances, and young adult books for readers. As we find new books, we will update this list!

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These holiday time loop books are perfect for readers who want time travel escapes with winter themes.


These time travel books for young adults are some of our favorites. They showcase the joy of those coming-of-age years in an excellent time loop story.

MomAdvice Book Club Member Favorites-

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

The Best Time Travel TV Shows and Movies

Don’t forget, we have an incredible best time travel tv shows and movies resource list that include time loop stories for the screen like Russian Doll and Happy Death Day

If you crave more magical books like this, don’t miss these book lists:

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The Best Time Travel TV & Movies—This TV list celebrates the new TV shows and movies you haven’t heard about yet and can stream for your weekend!

Books About Alternate Realities or Parallel Lives– Books like Sliding Doors imagine the what-if when protagonist’s are given two or more choices that lead the down different paths. This book list includes books like Maybe Next Time and The Midnight Library.

What do YOU think are the best time loop books? Let us know in the comments below what this list needs! Happy time traveling, friends!

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