The Most Unique Only One Bed Moments in Romance (Podcast)

Sarah Adler discusses writing her quirky debut novel Mrs. Nash’s Ashes and her favorite memorable “only one bed” moments in romance.

The Most Unique Only One Bed Moments in Romance Podcast

Sarah Adler didn’t know she was writing a romance book when she started her novel. She wasn’t even a romance reader. All of that changed, though, when she wrote Mrs. Nash’s Ashes, her debut romance novel. 

Today, Sarah Adler provides a behind-the-scenes look into her publishing journey, recounting the rollercoaster ride of rejections, what it is like to have a novel go to auction, and what this book taught her about identity that she was surprised to uncover through her characters.

Sarah’s “only one bed” scene I now count among my favorite romance moments, and we discuss her favorite books that uniquely capture this dilemma and why this has become such a beloved romance trope for readers. 

The Best One-Bed Trope Books for Romance Lovers

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Sarah Adler Author

Meet Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler writes romantic comedies about lovable weirdos finding their happily ever afters. She lives in Maryland with her husband and daughter and spends an inordinate amount of her time yelling at her mischievous cat to stop opening the kitchen cabinets.

The Most Unique Only One Bed Moments in Romance (Podcast)

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