The Best Motherhood Lessons from Literary Characters

Celebrate literary lessons found in books about mothers! Adele Griffin shares her riveting surrogacy story in her debut and how these characters shaped her.

The Best Motherhood Lessons From Literary Characters

Adele Griffin knew something had been missing from her fiction for a long time. 

Although she knew it was missing, she admits that it took her years to process and refine this motherhood journey into her adult fiction debut, The Favor

In this moving conversation, we discuss her riveting surrogacy journey and what writers have gotten wrong when writing about this deeply personal partnership. It is a profound bond that can have lifelong impacts on all parties involved, but the author’s challenge was packaging it lightly for a reader like her. 

As a seasoned author of over thirty books, she describes her unique challenges and hurdles in writing adult voices and, ultimately, the literary mothers who shaped this story, and how she viewed motherhood. 

In one of the most eclectic stacks brought to our show, we will discover surprising trivia behind some well-known classics and contemporary literature that brings modern motherhood issues to light.

The Best Page Turners About Motherhood to Read Now

Bonus Books About Mothers Book List

Today’s BONUS BOOK LIST explores The Best Page Turners About Motherhood to Read Now. This includes Adele’s fiction, nonfiction, and memoir selections. I’ve rounded out this stack with the most compelling books I’ve read on motherhood. 

And if you want to dive into Adele’s page-turning plot twists, you will love today’s bonus. Patrons get an additional  SPOILER-FILLED episode with Adele, discussing three pivotal moments in her book’s ending. 

The Favor Book by Adele Griffin

The Favor Book Synopsis

The Favor delves into the intricate world of surrogacy, weaving together the lives of two women from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Readers meet Nora, a vintage fashion curator navigating the hidden burdens of financial debt and fertility struggles. 

Her life takes an unexpected turn when Manhattan’s socialite, Evelyn Elliot, breezes into the vintage shop she works at and enlists her as a personal assistant for high-society events.

As the two women get to know each other, Evelyn proposes an unprecedented favor—offering to be Nora’s surrogate. 

As Evelyn’s pregnancy unfolds on social media with the hashtag #compassionatesurrogate, Nora must navigate uncharted territory in this captivating novel, blending modern motherhood with a fashion-forward backdrop. 

Adele Griffin Author

Meet Adele Griffin

Adele Griffin is the author of over thirty highly acclaimed books across various genres, including Sons of Liberty and Where I Want to Be, both National Book Award finalists. 

The Favor is her adult fiction debut.

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