The Best Wedding Themed Rom-Com Books

The Best Wedding-Themed Rom-Com Books (With Byron Lane)

Byron Lane joins the podcast to discuss his charming fictional wedding rom-com book, Big Gay Wedding, and top book recommendations for the wedding season.

In this delightful Book Gang podcast episode, the talented author, Byron Lane, of Big Gay Wedding and A Star is Bored, discusses his writing journey. 

Big Gay Wedding by Byron Lane

In the novel Big Gay Wedding, Chrissy owns a Louisiana farm that combines manners and animal encounters for children in town.

She’s been content with her well-orchestrated and polite life until her son, Barnett, returns home with an unconventional request – to host a “big gay wedding” on her property. 

The problem is that Chrissy hasn’t told anyone in town about her son and must now grapple with her expectations for his imagined future too. 

As you’ll discover, this conversation takes a surprisingly personal turn; we discuss Byron’s struggles and what he hopes this novel means for others in the LGBTQ community.

With his heartfelt proposal to Steven Rowley immortalized in his book’s acknowledgments, we explore whether any of their other moments made their way into the story.

Join us as we dive into the world of this charming new wedding rom-com, a perfect selection for Schitt’s Creek fans!

That’s not all, though; Byron brings his favorite books about weddings, including some hot new releases to check out from now from your local indie bookshop or library! We also discuss some little-known trivia around a wedding season classic! 

Meet Byron Lane author of A Star is Bored and Big Gay Wedding

Meet Byron Lane

Byron Lane is the author of A Star Is Bored, hailed by the New York Times Book Review as “wildly funny and irreverent.” He’s a playwright, screenwriter, Emmy Award–winning journalist, and former assistant to actress Carrie Fisher. 

He’s originally from New Orleans and lives in Palm Springs, California, with his husband, author Steven Rowley, and their rescue dogs, Raindrop and Shirley. His newest novel Big Gay Wedding is on store shelves now from Henry Holt. 

The Best Wedding Themed Rom-Com Books

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