The Best Con Artist Queens in Literature

The Best Con Artist Queens in Literature

Wendy Heard discusses her con artist book of the summer, You Can Trust Me. Learn what it takes to write a thriller & get our best books on scammers and cons.

It’s our first thriller discussion of the summer. Join me in an enthralling conversation with renowned thriller author Wendy Heard as we dive deep into the world of thriller writing with her new release, You Can Trust Me.

You Can Trust Me by Wendy Heard

Summer, a skilled pickpocketer, takes Leo, a young woman living on the streets, under her wing, embarking on a dangerous con that quickly spirals out of control. Their target? An enigmatic billionaire named Michael. 

But as they delve deeper, they uncover a startling revelation—Michael is not who he appears to be, putting both Summer and Leo in grave danger.

When Leo mysteriously disappears, Summer refuses to stand by idly. Determined to rescue her friend, she infiltrates Michael’s private island, only to find herself trapped with no escape. As the suspense escalates, Summer realizes she may have met her match in this high-stakes page-turner.

Today we discuss why con artists are having a moment in pop culture on our screens and in our book stacks. In this absorbing interview, Wendy shares the art of crafting a riveting con artist sequence and why the four-act structure works so well in her writing process. We also discuss the challenges of juggling TWO book launches in one month and the differences between writing for a YA audience and adults.  

If you want to dive deeper into the best con artist book stack, we have you covered in the second part of our conversation. Wendy brings her favorite con artist queens and shares why you should add these to your book stack too.

Captivating Con Artist Books to Read Now Book List

Today’s BONUS BOOK LIST offers the best books with grifters, scam artists, heists, and cons. This includes Wendy’s top picks and all my favorite con artist moments in fiction and nonfiction. Don’t miss it!

Author Wendy Heard

Meet Wendy Heard

Wendy Heard is the author of suspense and thrillers for adults and teens, including We’ll Never Tell, The Kill Club, She’s Too Pretty to Burn, and Dead End Girls. Her latest adult novel is You Can Trust Me. Heard has spent most of her life in Los Angeles, loves all things vintage, and has a collection of thrillers and adventure books from the ’80s.

The Best Con Artist Queens in Literature

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