The Remarkable Murder Mystery Book That Changed Everything

Dreaming of writing a murder mystery book? Listen to the inspiring story of a mother and daughter who crafted their whodunit amidst a cancer diagnosis.

The Remarkable Murder Mystery That Changed Everything

How does a former NASA engineer make the shift to murder mystery writer?

 In this fascinating Book Gang episode, we sit down with the talented Nina Simon to uncover the remarkable journey behind her debut novel, Mother-Daughter Murder Night

When Nina’s mother battled stage 4 cancer in late 2020, it prompted her to leave her CEO position and care for her. 

Amidst the challenges, Nina and her mother found solace in their shared love for murder mysteries, leading them to write a mystery book of their own to keep them busy during their long days in the hospital room.

Today, we explore the authenticity of mother-daughter relationships portrayed in the story and the intricate balance between land conservation and community tensions depicted in her novel’s narrative. 

We also discuss the therapeutic power of creativity, courage, and resilience that emerged through the act of storytelling bonding Nina and her mother during this challenging period. 

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Mother-Daughter Murder Night Book by Nina Simon

Mother-Daughter Murder Night Book Synopsis

This debut novel was selected as the Reese’s Book Club 2023 (September) pick.

Lana Rubicon, a successful businesswoman, is stranded far from home in a coastal town with her estranged daughter Beth and granddaughter Jack. 

Lana’s battle with cancer is all-consuming until the discovery of a body by her granddaughter, Jack. 

When Jack becomes the prime suspect in the ensuing murder investigation, Lana finds an unexpected purpose in clearing her granddaughter’s name. 

Determined to protect her family and assert her strength, Lana works to uncover the culprit.

Together, all three generations of women unravel a complex web of lies, racial tensions, and land disputes within the seemingly peaceful community. 

As their amateur investigation turns dangerous, the Rubicon women must overcome their differences and learn to rely on one another.

Nina Simon Author- Mother-Daughter Murder Night

Meet Nina Simon

Nina Simon has donned numerous hats throughout her journey, from being a NASA engineer and slam poet to a mystery game designer, exhibit developer, museum director, and founder of a global nonprofit. 

Her career has predominantly unfolded within the realm of museums and cultural centers, earning her recognition as a “museum visionary” by Smithsonian Magazine due to her community-centered design approach. 

As an Ashoka fellow, she established OF/BY/FOR ALL, a worldwide nonprofit that crafts digital tools empowering civic and cultural entities to embrace inclusivity, relevance, and sustainability.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nina lives with her husband and daughter in an off-grid community in the Santa Cruz mountains. 

Mother-Daughter Murder Night is her debut novel. 

The Remarkable Murder Mystery Book That Changed Everything

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