Get the Most Out of the Libby App (Podcast)

Get the Most Out of the Libby App Podcast from

The Libby team is HERE to help us transition from Overdrive to Libby. Learn what makes this public library app so great and how to borrow and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks with your library card.

Are you struggling to make the switch from Overdrive to Libby? As many of you know our time with Overdrive will come to an end in 2023. As I make the switch myself, I thought it would be fun to bring you along on this journey and learn how to load up our Kindle in new ways.

Today I am honored to share an episode with the Libby team on our show.

The Professional Book Nerds (Joe, Emma, and Jill) are this week’s tour guide You may recognize their from their own podcast where work as staff librarians and offer book recommendations.

They love discussing books with their listeners and sharing what you can check out from your local public libraries and school systems, AND they love talking about what makes the Libby app so unique.

Today’s episode walks you through navigating this reading app, the best way to transition our reading history from Overdrive, and what updates are in progress.

Today’s episode includes listener questions that were submitted before taping.

Libby answers these questions (and more) in today’s episode:

  • How to use their new tagging system and some clever tagging categories you might not have explored.
  • Learn the new features for listening to audiobooks and how to download them (without taking up all your phone storage)
  • Discover the accessibility features they offer for ebook readers to make reading easier for ALL readers.

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Meet our Libby Guests:

Joe Skelley is one of the co-hosts of the Professional Book Nerds podcast and has been at Overdrive for five years. He is part of the digital book mobile team which is a truck that goes across the US and Canada that does free stops at libraries and schools and helps people get started with their library.

Emma Dwyer is also one of the co-hosts of OverDrive’s Professional Book Nerds podcast and an avid user of the Libby app. She has been at Overdrive for eight years now in varying roles, and is currently as a product trainer on the Overdrive training team, training our library partners and their staff on how to use Libby and other Overdrive products and services. 

Jill Grunenwald is the creator and the third co-host of the Professional Book Nerds podcast. She works on OverDrive’s marketing team as a Marketing and Communications Specialist for the North American public library. Her role is to communicate with  library partners to let them know about all the fun new services and features that Libby has to offer. 

Get the Most Out of the Libby App (Podcast)

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