Amazon First Reads for October (Get TWO FREE Books)

Discover the best Amazon First Reads for October and get TWO FREE books. Choose from a selection of Kindle book titles- a limited-time Prime member offer.

Amazon First Reads for October (Get TWO FREE Books)

Is it already time for your October read? I’m thrilled you can access TWO free books this month. 

If you haven’t cashed in before, Prime members can choose Kindle eBooks a month before their release dates. I have an article that fully explains the Amazon First Reads program (previously known as Kindle First).

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see what I picked in October. I encourage you also to browse my UPDATED  Prime Reading Guide and access TEN FREE BOOKS through the Prime library.

Amazon First Reads Pre-Order Screen

Make sure that you see the BUY IT NOW FOR FREE as an option when checking out. If it doesn’t show, you might not be signed into your account.

To assist you, I’ve gathered the book summaries along with early reviews and feedback. You can also go directly to the landing page to pick your book. 

Amazon Kindle First Reads October 2023- Pick 2 FREE Books

Amazon First Reads for October (Get TWO FREE Books)

Pick two FREE Amazon First Reads books for October, included with your Amazon Prime member benefits.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.


These are the short story selections for the October Amazon Reads program.


This is your middle-grade option for October.


This was another tough month, even with the ability to select two selections. 

Based on early feedback, I’m going with The Village Healer’s Book of Cures because it sounds like the perfect Gothic escape for the fall season. 

Lights Out also had such high praise that I’m intrigued to give this series a shot, even as someone who doesn’t love sports. 

TELL ME: What are you picking this month?

Amazon First Reads for October (Get TWO FREE Books)

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