The Grace Year Book Club Questions and Reading Guide

 The Grace Year Bookmark Printable

Are you looking for great book club questions for The Grace Year? Look no further than this FREE reading guide that has everything you need to host a great book chat with a thoughtful discussion. We have linked to all of the materials you need to host a book club of your own! 

It was an incredible honor to host our first book chat of 2020 to discuss, The Grace Year. 

We had our highest attendance and participation and even got a surprise appearance by Kim Liggett who raffled off signed copies of her book to our participants. 

The best part about hosting these online is that you can pick up and join in on the chat whenever it is convenient for you. I also leave all events open so even if you read this book months from now, you can still participate and read the book club questions and responses from our members. 

I also wanted to provide our local readers with a reading guide that they can use that has everything they need to host a Grace Year Book Club.

You can print our free reading guide, free bookmarks for attendees, read our author interview, and learn more about this incredible book with all of the resources I have gathered for you.

A big thank you to all of our attendees and to Kim for her generosity and participation in our discussion.

The Grace Year Book Club Questions and Reading Guide

Download The Grace Year Reading Guide


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Happy Reading!

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark

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