The Grace Year Book Club: Free Printable Bookmark

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark

Join us for our MomAdvice Book Club as we dig into, The Grace Year by Kim Liggett. Download your free printable bookmark and tie it off with a little red ribbon. This dystopian young adult thriller explores the topic of girls on the edge of womanhood with themes that hit all the right Handmaid’s Tale notes.

The MomAdvice Book Club has started with a bang and the 2020 Book Club announcement yielded over three hundred additional members who have joined the free club.

Our January selection is, “The Grace Year,” by Kim Liggett and I have heard from so many of you how much you have enjoyed this month’s pick. 

For many, I have heard that it has been a long time until a book kept you up until way past your bedtime.  The conversations of exhausted women, who just couldn’t stop flipping those pages, has been just the kind of exhausting story that this bookworm loves hearing about.

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark

Here are some of my favorite comments that were posted in our book club group this month! 

“This book took me back to my early childhood experiences with reading; it took me back to the magic of why I fell in love with books; it completely swept me away, had me staying up to read just one more chapter—just one more chapter; it had me sitting outside of Starbucks flipping page after page, because I just couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. It was an amazing experience, powerful, dark, thought-provoking, and I loved every minute of it! So much ‘meat’ to pull off the bone with this one. I am really looking forward to the January 31st book talk. Thank you for making this the January read.”

“I’m normally in bed by 10, but Oh. My. Goodness. The Grace Year had me up till 3:30! The best book I’ve read since The Nightingale ❤❤. Can’t wait till our discussion!”

“I have read several good and some really good books recently but none that kept me up past bedtime or had me grabbing my Kindle on the way out the door just in case I had any waiting time where I could be reading. Besides that this was a page turner, I loved so many of the messages and things that got me thinking. A real plus when an entertaining story has substance too and isn’t just a fun read for the sake of fun! Thanks, Amy, for this pick!”

“I just finished The Grace Year last night and highly recommend for anyone who loved The Hunger Games!”

“I was up until 2am! Which is not me at all…but I just couldn’t stop reading!”

This is just a snippet of the commentary that was happening around this book. 

Was it everyone’s cup of tea?

Of course not! 

We all have such different tastes in books and that is why I picked so many different genres and books with very different pacing. Some are more character driven, some more plot driven, some slow burns, some fast page-turners…honestly, there is something for everyone this year.

Coming fresh off the holidays, I wanted something that you could devour quickly and that I thought would spur a delicious conversation.

Also in record numbers are the RSVP’s to this month’s book discussion.

137, to be exact, and still counting! 

I am thrilled to see that so many of you have connected with this month’s book and I can’t wait to talk with you about it.

On top of our book club discussion, I will be revealing the responses from a Q&A with Kim Liggett about her book and why she wanted to bring this story to life.

Following the conversation, her answers will be posted here and the Q&A that I’ve developed so you can replicate this one in your own local book clubs.

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark

What is The Grace Year About?

In case you didn’t catch my announcement about our January pick, I’ll give you a quick synopsis (with no spoilers). 

No one actually speaks of the grace year, but this is a rite of passage for all the girls in Garner County.

In this dystopian environment, the men believe that women are able to drive them mad with jealousy because of a powerful aphrodisiac that is emitted from their skin.

Their power to lure grown men,  is why they must be sent to the forest to release their magic into the wild.

To save the men of the county, teenage girls are sent to the forest, to release this, so they can return to their town purified and ready for marriage.

When does their skin emit a powerful aphrodisiac with this potent essence?

Well, unfortunately their sixteenth year releases it and they then must become the grace year girls.

Most girls are resigned to their fate, but there is one girl who thinks this ritual takes her away from a better life.

Sixteen-year-old Tierney James quickly realizes though that these girls aren’t just resigned to their coming-of-age duties…they are out to stop anyone who gets in their way.

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark

As a gift to you, I wanted to share a printable bookmark that was designed just for you by a very talented designer (designer- M.J. from Pars Caeli).

We used the quote, “Your eyes are wide open, but you see nothing,” which was a sentence that stood out to me. Not only is it thoughtful for the plot of this book, but I believe it is  something that we are dealing with in the reality of these modern days.

Please print out this free download, cut it to your desired size, hole punch it, and loop some scarlet ribbon through it. 

I hope you love these freebie as much as I love sharing it.

My goal is to make the book club even more interactive this year and I hope this is just one way I can show my appreciation for your participation.

Click HERE to Download The Grace Year Bookmark 

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Happy reading, friends!

The Grace Year Book Club Free Printable Bookmark


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