MomAdvice 2021 Book Club Selections

2021 MomAdvice Book Club Selections

Have you been looking for a free book club to join? Check out the 2021 MomAdvice Book Club Selections and join our FREE book club today! Learn more about how you can join our virtual book chat for these next 12 selections! 

So many things have fallen to the wayside while we have been figuring out our rhythm with parenting through a pandemic and navigating a complex year with my health. 

Despite all the challenges, one thing that I have been working hard on is continuing to cultivate our book club community. This year, we have grown by another thousand members, as so many of us work to find new ways to connect through this pandemic. 

If one of your goals this year is to join a book club or read more, I’d love to introduce you to our FREE book club you can join. This is  an AMAZING Virtual Book Club group filled with almost 4,000 (!!!) readers where we all share in a monthly discussion together.

MomAdvice Free Online Book Club

How Does the MomAdvice Facebook Book Club Work?  

Scroll down to see my list of the twelve books that we will be discussing.

The Book Club Chat is held on the last Friday (of the month)  and an Event invite is sent out to members at the beginning of each month.

Once you RSVP to an event, Facebook does its thing and sends out reminders to you.

Discussion questions are posted throughout the event and you are able to hop on at anytime during the day (or when you finish that book) to answer the questions at a time that is convenient for you.

How Much Does it Cost?


Well, What Do YOU Get Out Of It?

I want this to be fun and free for you. I post the daily Kindle book deals  and I share our book club picks through something called an affiliate link.

What is an affiliate link? 

Great question!

Basically, this link gives me a few pennies on each of your purchases that help pay for the web hosting on our website.

The web hosting currently costs me approximately $200 monthly and your purchases from this group basically help to offset that cost for our family at no cost to you. This year, I will also have the additional expense of mailing giveaway books and the cost to hire a designer for our crafts.

Thank you for helping me make this book club great with your purchases.

I promise that I try to only share the good stuff and good books.

Patreon Community

What If I Want a Premium Book Club Experience?

COVID has made things very challenging as a small business owner. In light of this circumstance, I have created a Patreon community for our book club members! For JUST $5 a month, I create exclusive bonus content just for you! 

Each month I create a fun playlist, a free digital download, and a big fat MomAdvice Book Gang newsletter that gives you an ad-free place to read the book reviews ten days prior to readers, filled with bonus book news about upcoming releases! 

This month, for example, I am giving you a winter preview of upcoming releases with 19 new reads to check out this month.

I would be so honored for you to join us! So far there are loads of book review journal sheets, bookshelf coloring pages, mobile backgrounds, bookmarks, and so many accompanying playlists to listen to while you print out the fun. 

By joining the community, you help a small business owner- thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Grab Our Official 2021 MomAdvice Book Club Shirt

Are you planning to read with us? I have created a brand new book club shirt with our new stack on it.  We are so thankful to Bonfire for their hard work on this adorable design that captures our reading together! Get the shirt HERE!! 

We have long sleeve, short sleeve, crewneck sweatshirts, and hoodies for this year!  

Enough waiting! I’m thrilled to share these twelve 2021 book club selections with you today! I can’t wait to hear what you think about this year’s list. (Click Here for A FREE 2021 Digital Download Of Our Books!)

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club Selections

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsJanuary (MomAdvice Pick)- The Prettiest Star

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsFebruary (Reader’s Choice)- The Girl With the Louding Voice

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsMarch (MomAdvice Pick)- When No One is Watching

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsApril (Reader’s Choice)- The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsMay Reader’s Choice)- The House in the Cerulean Sea

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsJune (MomAdvice Pick)- Lights All Night Long

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsJuly (MomAdvice Pick)- The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsAugust (Reader’s Choice)- The Book of Lost Names

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsSeptember (Reader’s Choice)- Migrations 

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsOctober (Reader’s Choice)- The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsNovember (MomAdvice Pick)- Wunderland

MomAdvice 2021 Book Club SelectionsDecember (Reader’s Choice)- Anxious People

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2021 MomAdvice Book Club Selections



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