The 2019 MomAdvice Reading Challenge (FREE PRINTABLE)

Use this free reading challenge worksheet with 26 reading prompts to help you GROW and STRETCH as a reader in 2019!

We are here and we want our MomAdvice Reading Challenge!

Bookworms, you have been heard! I apologize that I didn’t get this out on the first of the month, but today is my FIRST day without my kiddos home from their winter break. I am sitting amid a mountain of laundry and four cups of coffee, but I was NOT about to put this reading challenge aside one more day for you!

Each year I hear how much you enjoy doing these and I have loved seeing these worksheets all filled out with your pretty checks. More than that though, I love seeing how it is helping you grow and stretch as a reader.

I am sticking to our plan of having 26 categories and have added many of the suggestions made by our book club members that they were interested in tackling this year.

After all, this challenge is for YOU!!


designed by MJ from pars caeli!!


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Start your engines, friends! I hope this helps you reach your reading goals! Don’t forget to join our book club and check out my list of top books of 2018 for inspiration for this fun challenge! xoxo

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