September 2020 Must-Reads

September 2020 Must-Reads from

Looking for your next great read? Today I’m sharing 7 incredible books I read for September. Find your perfect memoir, thriller, YA, or romance read in this month’s stack. Be sure to bookmark this post for your next library day!

Don’t worry, you did not miss any reviews, these past couple of months. I’ve just been a bit M.I.A. these days.

To be honest, I have found it difficult to space for my reading life.

I am wondering if you can relate? 

This month, I thought I would try something completely different, for our MomAdvice readers, with the encouragement from you. 

It turns out, the motivation that I need to really get reading this year, is going to come from developing a new Patreon community that I have launched. 

I have missed being creative, using my music background, and the motivation to get back to reading. That is why this corner of the internet is, honestly making my heart so happy.

This answers a lot of needs, within myself, and helps offset numerous expenses for our family, in the process.

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Now let’s talk about this month’s stack!

September 2020 Must-Reads

Daisy Cooper's Rules for Living

Daisy Cooper’s Rules for Living by Tasmin Keily

I have been missing, “The Good Place,” days of television so when I read the synopsis for this sweet read, I was ALL in!

Daisy Cooper is just beginning her life so that’s why it is such a shock when a tragic twist of fate finds her at Death’s door. I mean, like really, at death’s door.

The thing is that Death is just as surprised as she is, by her appearance. Daisy was meant to live another 50 years which makes her untimely demise even more tragic.

It is clear that Death could use a little assistance so Daisy ends up working as his assistant, helping others pass on into their new lives. With this superpower also comes the opportunity to check in on the people she loves and help them mourn and move on from the loss of their lover, friend, and daughter.

Magical realism is something that I always seem to be able to get behind and I found this to be a sweet story that little hole in my heart that’s had a Good Place hole since it ended.

4 out of 5 Stars

The Black Kids

The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishing house for providing a review copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This book is perfect for fans of, The Hate U Give, and packed a POWERFUL punch this month. George Floyd’s death is still so fresh in my mind and, perhaps, that is why this one moved me in so many similar ways. 

In the midst of the 1992 L.A. Rodney King Riots, we see what this would look like to a wealthy high school senior, who happens to be one of the few black kids at her private school . Although Ashley feels distant from the tragedy, her sister is completely enveloped in the protests.

It’s as she is observing the ripple effects of these riots that she begins to learn about her family’s own history, recognize the racism that she had failed to acknowledge before, and finds her place in a community she didn’t feel she belonged.

If you have an older teen, I encourage you to pass this book on to them. This is a strong debut and I can’t wait to see more from this author. 

4 out of 5 Stars

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing by Allison Winn Scotch

Thank you to the publishing house for providing a review copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can say it, I have never met an Allison Winn Scotch book that I didn’t enjoy. It was such a thrill to see that she was included as a Kindle First Reads author this month.

As more women than ever are making headlines in politics, this is a fun exploration of what it would be like to balance the political arena as a woman and mother.

Cleo’s political career, as a senator, is humming along when an old childhood friend decides to write a viral op-ed piece that paints her in a completely different light.  Claiming Cleo is not a good person gives Cleo pause as she reflects on mistakes she has made…233 regrets to be exact.

With the help of her chief of staff, they decide to have Cleo make amends on 10 of these and share the rewards with the world.  If you love a light-hearted peek at politics, add this to your stack. 

4 out of 5 Stars

Three Days Missing

Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

Kimberly Belle writes such satisfying thrillers so I was excited to dig into this one. The story is told from the view point of two mothers who find their lives deeply intertwined after one of their children goes missing.

During a school-sponsored overnight camping trip, one of the students goes missing.  Ethan is a highly intelligent kid that doesn’t fit in and finds himself bullied a lot, which is why it takes quite a bit of coaxing to get him on the board with a trip.

The book opens with a bang as Ethan’s mother, Kat, is contacted that Ethan has gone missing. What makes it even more twisted though is that another mother, the Mayor’s wife, is contacted that HER son is missing. It appears that the bad guys took the wrong kid and now both families must pay.

Having your child taken from you is every mother’s worst nightmare and Belle builds out a really solid plot, once again. It’s got some great plot twists and builds out a satisfying mystery that kept me turning those pages until the wee hours of the morning. 

4 out of 5 Stars

Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park by Mikel Jollett

If you are looking for an audiobook to enjoy Hollywood Park is a haunting memoir that weaves in gorgeous narration and bits of music.

I stumbled upon this book on several best-of-the-year lists and it sounded incredibly intriguing. Jollett was born into one of the country’s most infamous cults and lived a life thick with poverty, abuse, and so unpredictable that it is quite stunning that he survived.

It is evident that he is an incredibly gifted child and finds ways to weather narcissistic parenting and abuse in ways that most children would be unable to endure. In spite of it all, his path finds him on the way to Stanford and working professionally as a musician and writer.

If you are in a blue state of mind, it might be a difficult one to read.  Jollett’s sweetness and poetic writing though makes going on the journey with him to be a worthwhile one, even in the midst of unbelievable heartache. If you found The Sound of Gravel to be compelling, this is a memoir that will have the same type of lasting effects on your heart. 

5 out of 5 Stars

The Lions of Fifth Avenue

The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis

Thank you to the publishing house for providing a review copy of this novel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you aren’t familiar with Fiona Davis, her standalone historical fiction novels are set around New York landmarks and often give you a fresh peek at a historic building. She relies on this theme again and this time, it is all about The New York Public Library.

In 1913, a family lives at the library and works as the caretakers for it. Laura has served in the traditional wife role, but decides to apply to Columbia to work on a degree in journalism. Her headstrong behavior leads her down a path of discovery, as she discovers an all-female where women are encouraged to talk freely about things like birth control, women’s rights, and bucking traditional roles. It is here where Laura finds her people and makes some discoveries about herself and the people she loves.

Eighty years later, her granddaughter is working as a curator, at the same library, when some rare materials go missing.  As Sadie tries to crack the case, she discovers some surprising secrets about her own family.

This is an easy-to-read story that keeps a great pace, has fun facts about the library weaved in, and is satisfying from page one until the very end.  It is, honestly, my favorite book by her yet. 

4 out of 5 Stars

Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

If I was going to pick a book for you to devour, for the Halloween season, I would recommend adding this one to the tip-top of your stack.  This gothic historical-fiction novel reads like a modern day classic that reads like a movie. Many elements, in fact, reminded me of the award-winning film, Get Out.

When Noemi receives an odd letter from her cousin, she decides to make a trip out to the Mexican countryside to see what is troubling her cousin. Noemi is a spoiled debutante, but she is also one smart cookie.  Upon arriving, she’s baffled by the condition of the home, the weird staff, the lack of electricity, and the odd family. What Noemi can’t figure out though is why she’s having such disturbing dreams and what powers this house really holds over the people in it.

This book is atmospheric, dark, and oh-so-twisted. I could not put it down.  Don’t delay on reading this fantastic novel. 

5 out of 5 Stars

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