Great Gifts to Give Teachers From Goodwill

The end of the school year is upon us and if you missed showering your teacher with gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, I have some fun gift options for a final thank you for all the hard work your teacher has put in this year.

You may not think of Goodwill as a spot for accessorizing your teacher gifts, but I am showing you how to dress up thrift store items to create beautiful gifts for your teachers.

What is one gift you love to create with thrifty supplies for your teachers?

We would love to hear your ideas!


Frame a Fun Printable

Frame a fun free printable for your teacher.

I love to hunt for these inexpensive frames and then give them a fresh new look with a coat of spray paint.

I made these, “Raise Your Hand if You Mustache a Question,” printables for our teachers for the holidays and they loved them with spray painted red frames.

They coordinate perfectly with a white mug adorned with a painted mustache.


I also really love this fabulous printable and clipboard from eighteen25 that reminds the class to listen to their teachers.

What teacher would not love that?

Create a Pretty Pin

This year I have become obsessed with making cute pins and have found a way to incorporate these pins on everything from bags to belts to jewelry.

Teachers will love these fun accessories and it is an easy way to say thank you without spending a lot.

Pins can be created from recycled t-shirts

or you can create elegant roses from a felted sweater

or use fabric from a cute shirt you can snag on their sale rack.


Bake a Treat

One gift that I think says I truly appreciate you is spending time in the kitchen baking something special for someone you love.

Find cute tins, plates, or even give them right in the baking pans.

The best part about packaging these delicious treats with thrifty packaging is that you don’t have to worry about getting your dishes returned back to you.

I highly recommend these Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Brownies for a treat that will knock your teacher’s socks off!

Just be prepared to have to share the recipe once they have tried them.



Give a Gift of Pampering

If there is one thing that you can find at Goodwill, it is a plethora of mason jars that can be used for all of your craft projects.

Consider giving your teacher a gift to pamper herself and packaging it in a mason jar and attach a spoon.

Mix up some easy bath salts or a hand scrub that she can use to treat herself.


Teacher School Supplies Cake ::



Give Them Something They Can Use

This year I decided to give our teachers a fun teacher supplies cake that I made with school materials I knew they might be missing in their classrooms.

Check the office supplies at your local thrift to see if you can find items you can weave into a school supplies cake for your teacher.

You will often find great folders, binders, and new office supplies that could easily create tiers for a cute school supplies cake to replenish their supplies for next year.

Simply configure your supplies and stack them on top of each other, securing with a little packing tape to hold everything together.

Half of the fun in this craft is in the creating of your cake.

Adorn it with a little ribbon and a picture of your child with a thoughtful message of thanks.


What is one gift you love to create with Goodwill supplies for your teachers?

We would love to hear your ideas!

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