Book Gang Podcast Episode 2: Reading Rituals and Comforting Reads

If I have learned anything in business, it’s essential to show up with a clear idea of what you want to do with your space and let your people know too.

The MomAdvice Book Gang Podcast is a new weekly podcast dedicated to the literary tastemakers of the world and I couldn’t be MORE excited to share it with you.

As your tour guide, I hope to offer lots of fresh perspectives on books you may have already read and new book recommendations with a particular focus on debuts, under-the-radar book choices and helping you expand your book stack with backlist selections.

I’m avoiding the well-known hyped books because (for me) the thrill is in the discovery of new talent that we need to share more of.

Episodes will drop every Friday morning, and I promise this should be listed on every platform this week! If you prefer to upload it directly, here is the RSS feed to add it to your favorite podcast player.


Book Gang Podcast Episode 2: Reading Rituals and Comforting Reads

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Today, I am inviting you to peek into my reading rituals and how I set the reading mood at the beginning and end of my day.

With a commitment to read 100 books each year, these practices help me prioritize my reading time and have taught me to treat this as a sacred ritual for keeping my reading goals.

Discover this and four enjoyable reads to add to your stack this month, all in today’s episode.

Books Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

The Power of Ritual

Bridgerton Series

The Serpent King

The Power of Habit

Nine One, One Dress

The Lager Queen of Minnesota

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Also Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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This week’s episode will offers two more comforting reads and three of my favorite evening drinks to sip on while you are reading. 

Join my Patreon over here to access the bonus episode and show notes. Today’s show also includes a digital download for journaling your favorite books.

I love and appreciate each of you very much. This transition is necessary for my health since typing has become a challenge.

The unexpected joy from learning something new is a giant bonus, and I’m so excited to learn and grow with you.

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