Let’s Head to Art School With These Amazing Books

Let's Head to Art School With These Amazing Books

Head to art school with debut novelist Antonia Angress today. We discuss the inspiration for her debut novel, Sirens & Muses, which was a best debut of 2023.

If you have ever dreamed of attending art school, you will want to tune in to today’s discussion and fictional art book stack.

Sirens & Muses by Antonia Angress

Today, we are joined by debut novelist Antonia Angress as she shares her inspiration for Sirens & Muses and how pursuing an MFA program allowed her the time and resources to finally pivot from a career in teaching to her dream of writing.

Angress shares the surprising discovery that her novel, set during the financial crisis of the 2010s, has been deeply meaningful for Gen Z readers as they also face their own uncertainty and disillusionment.

We also discuss how success in the art world is often influenced by class, making it inaccessible to marginalized groups, and what we can learn from adding characters from different wealth spectrums to her dialogue to showcase the scarcity of artistic resources for many students.

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Antonia Angress

Meet Antonia Angress

Antonia Angress is the author of the novel Sirens & Muses, which was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award and was named a Best Book of 2022 by Glamour, PopSugar, and Debutiful. She is a graduate of Brown University and received her MFA from the University of Minnesota, where she was a Winifred Fiction Fellow and a College of Liberal Arts Fellow.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Costa Rica, she currently lives in Minneapolis with her family.

Let’s Head to Art School With These Amazing Books

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