Amy’s Notebook 04.24.20

Buttermilk Substitutessource

6 buttermilk substitutes for your recipes– so clever!

How to shake off the zoom gloom. I am so inspired for my next girlfriend hangout.

I can’t stop laughing at this

10 podcasts to brighten your day.

Learn how to do a pantry challenge the right way-  what a smart idea right now!

These protein-packed vegetarian dishes all look so dang good!

Wow, so many gorgeous stain colors and all made from pantry ingredients.

Honestly, never knew how to explain my struggles with anxiety, but this article explains my issues perfectly.

Reading this beautiful read right now! HIGHLY recommend. I don’t want it to end.

What it’s like to have a baby during our pandemic. These women are offering some heartfelt advice too, if you are near your due date!


Looking for a fun reading challenge? Check out this decades reading challenge!

Speaking of reads, load up on these free reads happening right now!

Have extra TP to share? Check out these hilarious labels and fun ideas for packaging.

This is your favorite recipe– it’s so cheap and easy to make!  One of our family faves!

Check out this list of food you can grow from your food scraps.

4 steps to take if you are considering downsizing your home. I’m never not grateful we kept our smaller home.

This project is such a fun one to do with the kids.

This is still in my earbuds. I didn’t realize it was 11 hours long and I’m loving every minute of it.

How hard is it really to make your own bread. Love that she tried 7 different recipes. 

Nancy Meyers recommendations for feel-good movies to watch right now tops my list.

30 of the most anticipated books coming out this summer. Yay!

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