Amy’s Notebook 01.30.20


How amazing are these dip dyed storage baskets? I love this colorful project!

I couldn’t love this idea more.

A beautiful piece on how to raise a gracious kid.

I needed to read this one today. I have a hard time filtering a lot of headline news.

The heartbreaking effects of being only partly committed to most things– guilty.

This turned out better than expected.

rosemary hot oil hair treatmentsource

What a great idea to diy your hot oil hair treatments. I can’t wait to try this!

How do I make plans without getting a drink? Such great suggestions!

I’ve been curled up with this wild ride of a book this week.

So much pantry eye candy in this post. I am feeling inspired!

I always love peeking at people’s top ten reads of the year. This gal never disappoints!

3 ways to meal prep chickensource

I can’t wait to try these recipes for 3 different ways to meal prep chicken for your week.

What a fun painting project update to a home! I don’t have the bravery, but I’m inspired!

I need to work on this- how to treat your texts like your inbox

9 books to read before they hit the big screen this year.


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