WSBT-TV: Getting Fit on a Budget

Today on WSBT, I discuss some ways to get fit without losing your gym shorts… so to speak! I am trying to get myself back in shape and here are a few links to help with motivation and savings:

Exercise & You

Working Out on a Budget

Creative Gym Membership Alternatives

Kathy Kaehler Interview

Frugal Exercise Solutions

Going Without Prescription Coverage: A Self Discovery


I hit the gym this morning and the owner stopped me to tell me he had seen me on the news. He suggested I do a segment on exercising and I told him that I had just taped one. “Did you mention our gym?” I smiled and said, “No, but I did tell them to call around to gyms and see if you can get a free membership for babysitting.”

I am thinking that wasn’t the answer he was looking for, but I made a beeline to the gym equipment and had to smile a little bit! Just trying to do my part for the moms of the world who can’t afford those expensive gym memberships!

Do you have a new workout DVD recommendation or a new workout that you are really loving? Please leave a comment here and let me know!!

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