The World’s Greatest Homemade Bubbles Recipe

Three years ago I decided to make our family a batch of homemade bubbles after discovering how easy it was to make these at home. Our homemade bubbles, literally, attracted the neighbors due to their sheer volume and and staying power that they had. Ever since that day, making the first batch of bubbles just screams, “IT’S SUMMER!” to me.

The trick to creating the world’s greatest bubbles is the addition of a little glycerin to every batch. You can find the glycerin over by the first aid supplies or you can ask the pharmacist if they have a bottle of it behind the counter. It is a small bottle of liquid that helps give your bubbles real staying power. After reading up on the science of it, I discovered that glycerin added to the soap solution slows evaporation so the soap film stays intact longer. I can’t argue with the science behind it and neither will you after you make these.

This year we put our bubbles in an iced tea container that I found over in the summer housewares, to help make pouring and filling our bubbles easier. The very first day, my daughter refilled it forty-five times then tipped the entire thing over and dumped all the bubbles out. You have been warned. Pouring bubbles out of a dispenser like this allows for unlimited refills and that spout happens to be irresistible.

We made pipe cleaner bubble wands together and spelled out our name and phrases with wooden beads I found in the craft department. Such a simple idea, but endless possibilities for shapes and designs.

Our school ends on Thursday and we can’t wait to start sharing our summer with you! We are looking forward to our carefree summer days and sharing those with you through the blog.

Have you joined in on our 100 days of summer fun? I am still adding daily to our 2012 board ideas, inspiration, and even ways to craft out that summer list as a family.

If you are on Instagram, you can join in on the fun by taking pictures and sharing all of your summer adventures through there. Let’s use the hashtag #100summerdays. Unfortunately, the hashtag that sounds like the event has been taken by Yelp so this is the best I could do!  My username is momadvice and I am happy to have you follow our adventures and follow along with yours!  

By tagging your photos, it will make it easy to find each other in the group and share the projects we are tackling together. You can add the tags to your caption or you can add them as a comment later. In either scenario, the tag will pull it into our summer group.

Looking forward to spending the summer with you, friends!


The World’s Greatest Homemade Bubbles Recipe
Recipe Type: Kid’s Craft
Prep time: 3 mins
Total time: 3 mins
Serves: 1 busy toddler
Make a batch of what we like to call, “the world’s greatest bubbles.” You be the judge!
  • 1 gallon water
  • 2/3 cup dishwashing soap
  • 2-3 tbsp. glycerin
  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a container.
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