Works-For-Me Wednesday: Programming Your Cell Phone

Good morning and welcome to this edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday. Please be sure to visit Shannon’s blog to view all of the entries from all of the wonderful ladies who make this day so much fun. You really will get some of the best ideas for your family- trust me!

This morning I wanted to talk about programming numbers into your cell phone. This idea came to me after our power went out, I banged my knee three times trying to find the phone book, couldn’t find a flashlight and poorly attempted to find the number using the lighting on the phone. I ended up calling 411 for information and (while rubbing my bruised knee) realized that we should have a flashlight WITH batteries and the number for the electric company should be programmed in the phone.

After talking with a girlfriend, we came up with this list of *must have* numbers for your phone:

ICE- Did you get this forward in your email box? I did! ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and this helps the people who are trying to help you when something bad happens. That way they don’t end up calling your grandmother (who can’t help) or your ex-boyfriend (who won’t help). Be sure to program this one- it could save your life!

Electric Company- as explained above in great and ridiculous detail.

Auto Insurance Company- I would program this directly to the claims department so that you can contact them immediately after you have been in a car accident. This way that yahoo who hits you gets reported for talking on their phone (when they should be concentrating on driving) and will help get your claim processed more quickly and efficiently.

Towing Company- AAA or someone you could call to tow your car if it breaks down. This way you can avoid talking to your hubby to get this number when he is angry with you for doing something stupid like forgetting to fill up the gas tank.

Favorite Restaurants- Particularly ones that you can call ahead so you don’t have to sit with two screaming kids who don’t want to wait for food. Having this programmed for take-out is also really handy.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find this entry helpful.

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