Working On My Christmas Countdown

Yesterday evening I started working on my countdown to Christmas for the kids. I wanted to do something special this year and so I put my Martha Stewart stamp set to good use last night and did a number countdown that I hope will be worth the effort.

All year long I have been shopping our local Goodwill looking for Little Golden Books for the kids. I started doing a countdown with books last Christmas and have a special fondness for these books so I wanted to do again this year. I tried to only get these on half off days (making them a quarter each) especially since Emily would be unwrapping her own books this year. I found enough books to give them each their own set of books and I am going to make the last three days of unwrapping something really special like an ornament set or a set of coloring books and crayons. For less than twenty dollars total, I am hoping that it will make our countdown lots of fun and give us plenty of reading material until Christmas.

I wrapped each of the books individually in newspaper and then tied the numbers 1-25 on each of the packages with ribbon. I plan to reuse these numbers in future years so I just tucked them into the ribbon without mounting them onto the package. All of the books were placed into a basket from 25-1 for the kids to open.

I also worked on activities for our very official, “Christmas Jar.” I used the list of activities from my article and put them on green slips of paper. The jar was tied off with festive jingle bells and is clear so that we have a visual of how many fun things we will have left to do. I found this jar when I did my thrift sale shopping and it works perfectly for our jar of activities.

Doing these segments for our local news is helping me get things done early so that is why I am starting these activities so soon. I was excited to get this accomplished for December!

Sound Off: Do you do anything special to countdown the days until Christmas?

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