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Today I would like to share one of my other fun free obsessions- address labels. I get a lot of these in the mail and I use them for so many different things.

I keep a stash in my purse and use them when I go to get my film developed. It saves me from writing my address out over and over again on those little envelopes.

If you are traveling, it is a quick way to fill out paperwork and to make luggage tags for yourself.

I put address labels on a set of containers that I use to take meals over to people. This particularly helps out the tired new mommies, who are bombarded with fifty casseroles and can’t remember whose dish is whose.

Tack an address label onto your cell phone, address book, day planner, and coupon organizer. These are definitely items that you would want to have back if you lost them.

If you would prefer another free kind of stamp, there are also free self-inking address stamps. I have used mine until I literally have to throw all of my weight down over the envelope to get it to stamp. This is after three years of regular use and abuse in our house though. If you are looking for a self-inking address stamp, I absolutely love using VistaPrint. Many of the items on there only cost you shipping…and it is legitimate! One stamp is free, to buy two is $4.99. Slow shipping is only $5.25. For $5.25, you could save yourself from those horrible hand cramps and writing your address over and over again on your bills. Just think of how much time you will save around the holidays. No writing over and over your address on your American Express, Visa, and Mastercard bills. What a huge timesaver! Oh, and don’t forget the holiday card exchange- who wants to write that ten thousand times.

My husband actually ordered business cards for me one year, from this company, and got them for me as a Christmas gift. If you want to make your wife feel like a million bucks, make up a business card with her name and website on it. You could not have gotten me a better present. I have a whole box of them and I tuck them in my wallet so when someone finds out what I do (usually by my bragging tone or the way I keep dropping the fact that I work), I can just whip one of these little cards out so they are more likely to visit my website.

Speaking of business cards, you can make those up for free through VistaPrint too! I have been toying with the idea of getting a free set of these with our family information on it. I can’t tell you how many times I make friends when our family is out and about or we run into old friends at a store. It would be great to have our information on a card so that I can just hand that to them instead of trying to find a scrap piece of paper in my purse to write our phone number and address on.

If you are interested in VistaPrint, you can actually get ten percent cash back through Ebates. I will stop preaching about signing up for Ebates (because who doesn’t want some free cash back on their purchases?), but I will say that I have over thirty-five bucks in my account since I signed up a couple of months ago. That just goes to show that you don’t have to be a big spender to reap the rewards. If you would like to read some of my past sermons on Ebates, you can read one here and one here.

Thanks for visiting my little smorgasbord of ideas. I hope that you found them helpful! Feel free to browse around the blog and our website. Solutions for families are my cup of tea!

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