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Welcome to this installment of Works-For-Me-Wednesday. Please visit Shannon’s blog for some great solutions for your family. These ideas are much better than any parenting magazine you will ever read- and best of all, it is free!

Out of shape? Me too! The problem with a gym membership is that you pay so much money to go to the gym, and rarely use it! I can’t afford to pay forty-sixty bucks a month (to sit on my bum) so I found a cheaper solution to developing an exercise routine.

Our library has a ton of great exercise DVD’s. I check out a few at a time, and can enjoy them for (up to) six weeks. Usually by the time the six weeks is over, I am tired of the routine and ready to switch it up again. The great part about this is that it is free!
We also get a channel called Fit TV. If you get this channel, they have a show called, “All Star Workout” that you should set your TiVo for. They have all types of workouts- boot camp, belly dancing, hip hop, yoga, step, and more! It is a great workout and we get it with our regular channels on our satellite dish.

Purchasing home gym equipment can be expensive, but we found a good deal on our equipment with our wholesale club membership. They didn’t have these items in the store, but we were able to order them through their website. You don’t need fancy gym equipment in order to get in shape though. Things that are low-cost (and just as effective) are jump ropes, exercise bands, a step, and a pedometer. A lot can be said for a good old-fashioned push-up, sit up, and a good run!

If you still insist on suiting up for the gym, check to see if your gym offers classes that you can take without having a membership. One of our local gyms offers a card that you can use to pay for classes. You don’t have to have a membership, and each class is four bucks with your card. You get twelve classes on your card and you can use them anytime you want. This is a great way to sample what a gym has to offer without committing to a membership.

Thank you so much to the new visitors! I have included links, to my past submissions, so feel free to browse around. My blog focus is saving your family money. Now who couldn’t use a little help in this department?

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