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I do a lot of cooking for other families because that is how I feel like I can help in crisis situations and to show my appreciation to people. Since I take meals all over, I have gotten the whole process down to a science. Because balancing and carrying items was hard, I did finally invest in a serving tray that I could carry everything on, but I had a creative solution before which worked for a long time. This solution works really well, in particular, for those flimsy aluminum pans. Just invert a lid of a 9×13″ pan and rest your dish into that. I used the edges of it as a handle for carrying the dish and it made it easy to put it in the car.

This also works really well for stacking casseroles (until they become frozen or until you remember you put it in there) when you are freezing multiple dishes.

I also find, when I am running meals, usually the space in my fridge is limited. I just use my cooling racks and stack using those. I can usually get two or three stacks going, which saves on space.

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