Thursday Thirteen

I am jumping on the blog wagon and participating in a little thing called the Thursday Thirteen. Everyone blogs about thirteen things that they would like to share with their readers. This week, I am going to share thirteen things that you may (or may not) know about me & my family. Each week I will choose something different to share on so please visit us next week for another fun installment.

Thirteen Things You Don’t Know About Amy

1. I married my high school sweetheart. We met when he was fifteen (just turning sixteen) and I was seventeen. We dated all through high school, college, and then decided to get hitched after that!
2. I didn’t get my license until I was eighteen years old because I HATE driving. This has never changed and I get a little freaked about driving still. Don’t ask me to back up too far, park anywhere difficult, or make me drive in high traffic areas because I will have a severe panic attack.
3. I have held jobs as a babysitter, cashier, waitress, administrative assistant, & insurance agent. I enjoyed all of them except the administrative assistant because I am not fond of being told what to do. Oh, and that hasn’t changed either!
4. I did tons of theatre and when the kids get older, I plan to return to it. I returned to theatre after we got married, but after I had my first child, it just became too difficult to do. I did my final play when I was five months pregnant with Ethan. Luckily, it was, “The Christmas Carol” and all of the dresses were empire waist so it discreetly camouflaged my little baby bump.
5. I was not good in school…I have never been a scholar. I have poor concentration and don’t like being told what to do (did I already mention that?) I was, however, a social butterfly and phrases like, “she doesn’t listen, but she loves to talk!” always appeared in the comments section of my report card.
6. I have a sister (five years younger than me) and a brother (eight years younger than me). I am close to both of them and love them both to death!
7. I am a TiVo addict. We have a season pass to about eighty different shows and I try to keep up as much as I can. Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, American Idol, Nip/Tuck, & 8th & Ocean are my current favorites.
8. I like rap music- um, a lot! Unfortunately, my son is at the age now where he is repeating things so I can’t really listen to it anymore, but I am a huge hip hop fan. I know it doesn’t fit with my persona, but it is true!
9. I love board games especially Scrabble & Upwords. I can kick my husband’s butt in those games! I am a poor loser though so I don’t enjoy playing Monopoly with my husband because I have been known to cry because he is really mean with taking over the properties.
10. When I go to the library, I leave with more books than I will ever read. I leave with the books because I can’t stand someone else having the book so I horde the book at my house so no one else can have it.
11. I love stupid smutty magazines like Star & OK Magazine. These have become my escape from the reality of my life.
12. I once sold Avon- and that didn’t go so well! I was afraid to bother people and was worried that they would be mad that I left them catalogs. I would leave late at night and drop them off after it was dark so no one knew it was me. Then I was scared to take products to people because I wasn’t sure what kind of people they would be. I discovered that I am not good at selling!
13. I love being a mom. I feel like that is exactly what God wanted for me! I may not be good at it all of the time, but I do love it!

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