The Nonfiction November Challenge You Need

The Nonfiction November Challenge You Need

Learn how to participate in Nonfiction November with the ultimate tour guide. Olive Fellows started Nonfiction November on her BookTube channel, A Book Olive. Discover four fun reading prompts and ideas for some great nonfiction books to start your journey.

Do you ever wonder how reading trends got their start? Nonfiction November is something many of us do, but few of us probably wondered how that trend began. 

Lucky for you, I have that answer on today’s show which is full of fantastic nonfiction selections for your reading month! 

Olive Fellows has had a lifelong passion for nonfiction in her reading life and wanted to bring other readers along on this journey. She started this catchy reading prompt to encourage readers to embrace a little nonfiction in their reading life. It expanded into a community initiative that you can use to enrich your reading life. 

Learn more about how to participate and how Olive has grown her BookTube community into thousands of readers. Discover some unique ways to interact with Olive’s books to read and get her reading list for this year’s challenge prompts.

The Nonfiction November Challenge You Need

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