The MomAdvice Unique Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 20+ Ideas for Everyone On Your List

The MomAdvice Unique Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 20+ Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Each year I look forward to sharing a few fun gifts to add to your holiday wish list. This year we added a new weekly feature called It’s the 3 Little Things where you will find loads of recommendations for things that I love, but I still wanted to honor our annual list for you. Today’s list includes a few I have shared before and lots of new things that I think you will love. My promise to you is that I only share gifts that I believe will add value to your home and life, not more items to junk it up. There are gifts at all price points so I hope you find a few gift ideas that will inspire you for the giving season!

Unique Gifts for Everyone

Puffin In Bloom Collection

I have been coveting these Puffin reissued classics for our family’s bookcase for so long now that I am adding these to my Christmas wish list this year.

Little Women &  A Little Princess were two of my favorite books as a child and I would love to share this classic set with my family and dive in with these with my daughter.

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It is killing me to wait on purchasing this one, but Christmas is just around the corner and I would love to have Adele’s album on vinyl for our collection.

Although Hello is being way too overplayed on the radio right now,  I still can’t get enough of this lady and know that this would be an incredible addition to our collection.

Following closely behind it on my vinyl wish list is the 500 Days of Summer album since that has become one of my favorite little films.

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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is our ALL TIME favorite game in the world to play and share with friends.

Players collect train cards that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America.

The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who can fulfill their Destination Tickets by connecting two distant cities, and to the player who builds the longest continuous railway.

For 2 to 5 players this one is recommended for ages eight and older.

Once you have the game, I highly recommend adding a couple of expansion packs on it.

The first one we added was the 1910 expansion ($21.99)  because the cards are really tiny in the board game and these give you the full-size cards.

To really create havoc on your board though, we love the Alvin & Dexter expansion pack.

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Nikibiki Seamless Tops

I am obsessed with these Nikibiki seamless layers to go underneath my layers in the winter.

They are long enough to cover my rear, don’t add a lot of bulk under my sweaters, and they keep me cozy.

If you are local, check out Ali on the Boulevard to snag a few and support a local business!

These are made in the US and are a one size fits most item.

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UGG Ansley Slippers

This past year, I found a pair of brand new UGG slippers on eBay and I wear them every single day without fail.

Quit throwing out cheap slippers and invest in good slippers- it is a gift that keeps on giving.

As a gift to my husband, I got him this pair too and now we are both super cozy this winter.

These UGG Ansley Slippers look delightfully cozy and I love all the colors they come in.

If you are already a proud UGG slippers owner, a fresh pair of inserts makes a lovely stocking stuffer.

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Should I Wash My Hair Today? Flowchart Print

I hate washing my hair so this Should I Wash My Hair Today? Flowchart is one of the first pieces of art I picked out for our bathroom.

It makes me laugh when I see it and is always enjoyed by the guests in our home.

Poor hygiene always makes for a great ice breaker with new friends, doesn’t it?

Do you have a hair washing problem?

Consider this print from ChipperThings for a spot on your bathroom wall!

Unique Gift Ideas

Kamik Boots

I have been coveting the lace-up furry boots for our Indiana winters that so many of my friends own.

Kamik sent me these boots & my daughter received an adorable pair of Girl’s Solstice boots to sample this winter and this helped quiet my urge to spend a lot more on the Sorel boots I have been eyeing.

These Kamik Porto boots are really cozy and well constructed to keep your feet toasty while still looking stylish.

I have never had a really good pair of snow boots and always wished I did when playing outside with my kids or for our sledding days.

I am excited to break these in with my kids and tackle some hill. Half the price of Sorels and just as cute!

If you are in the market for these, I recommend sizing up one size for the perfect fit.



Janet Hill is a Clark favorite and I dream of adding one of her original oil paintings to our walls.

The English Major was a print that I asked for last year for Christmas and is one of my favorites in our home.

It would be perfect for a little girl’s room too!

My Janet Hill wish list is LONG (this one is on my list right now!).

We have 7 of her prints in our home and it is never enough.

I dare you to look at her art and not find something that speaks to you!



I purchased Carcassonne after playing it at Secret Door Games and we have already played it three more times this week.

This is one of those rare games that can be played with up to five people (yay for families with three kids, am I right?)

Basically, the game board is a medieval landscape built by the players as the game progresses.

The game itself is not complex (although they do have a junior edition), but it is more the point system and your own strategies they make it complex and interesting.

It reminds me of a combo of Blokus & Ticket to Ride, but medieval.

Building roads, castles, and land has now become a highly addictive game in our house.

We watched this video the first time to get the hang of it and now we can’t stop playing!

Locals can find this at Secret Door Games.

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Skin Authority Cleansing System

I have tons of friends that swear by these facial brushes for helping reduce breakouts and keeping their skin looking fresh.

I am a newer convert, but am already seeing great benefits with this Skin Authority Cleansing System for my sensitive skin.

I liked the price tag on this system and appreciate that it is battery powered since we have a tiny bathroom and minimal outlets for charging.

This would make a great stocking stuffer for a teen girl in your home!

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Coobie Bras

Looking for a bra that is the equivalent of your favorite yoga pants. Let me introduce you to the Coobie Bra.

There are no wire, no hooks, no clasps, and these are perfectly lightly padded. I mean, what more could a girl ask for?

It comes in the plain version  or you can get ones with a lace detail if you prefer a lacy cami look.

They are intended to fit women from a 32A to 36D, but they also make a full-size version for  just a few dollars extra if you need a little more support.

This is another great gift for a teen, yourself, or for your bestie!

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

A Man Called Ove 

If you are looking for a book that would be perfect for anyone (your mom, your grandma, your best friend, your husband, your father,  ANYONE), I must recommend, A Man Called Ove to share with them for the holidays.

 This is the most beautiful fictional book on aging that I have ever read.

It really served as a reminder to me how we all have things that happen to us that shape us as we get older and how we often neglect to listen to those layered stories of our elders.

I laughed and cried over this sweet story of Ove & the stray cat that claimed him.

The touching story of his beautiful bride and the difficulties of seeing your friends age and forget you just really pulled at my heartstrings.

Beautifully written supporting characters in the neighborhood just brought the whole story together for me and rounded out the beauty of finding “home.”

hazel and ruby knitted boot cuff

Holiday Knitted Boot Cuffs Crafternoon Kit

I love putting  my own products in my gift guides- ha!  If you do have a crafter in your family though, they will love my Holiday Knitted Boot Cuffs Kit that I created with Hazel & Ruby.

The kit comes with a recipe card to walk you through your knitting a pair of boot cuffs as well as a code on that back that you scan to access a video tutorial.

No need to understand double-pointed needles with this one since the kit provides needles that let you work this one just on smaller circulars.

This would be a fun gift for a tween, teen, or perfect girlfriend gift for them to craft or you could make the set and give it as a gift for a non-crafter.

The link to the DIY version on is here.

Harry Potter Illustrated

Harry Potter Illustrated

Jim Kay is going to be illustrating the entire Harry Potter series and the first colorful book is the Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone in this newly illustrated series.

This first one had over a hundred illustrations, but each illustration is like a million illustrations because of his incredible detail.

Watch this piece on BBC to get a peek at his technique and artistry- it is jaw-droppingly beautiful!

What is more impressive is that he is putting his own interpretation on each of these characters which I would think is one of the biggest challenges since the movie versions are so beloved.

 You will be proud to add this to your library.

Amazon seems to have trouble keeping this one on the shelves so I’m linking to Target to grab it!

Our Q&A

Our Q&A 3-Year Journal for 2 People

If strengthening your marriage is something you want to work on, this Q&A journal is a great way to bond with your spouse especially in busy seasons of your life.

Each day there is a writing prompt like, “What feels vitally important right now,” or “Do you have enough independence,” for example.

On one page, there is room for three years that gives each person the opportunity to write a line or two to answer the question.

Each year, you answer the same question so you begin to see how your answers have changed each year.

We have this on our bed and I move it to his side after I fill it out.

I look forward so much to reading his responses and it has been a good way to begin talking about things that we didn’t even know were important to each other.

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Tapple is a game that our whole family loves and every family member could play.

The object of the game is very simple and there aren’t a lot of rules.

There are a set of cards that tell you a topic like, “Pizza Toppings” or “Animals at the Zoo.”

You start the timer and then you try to think of a word that starts with each available letter on the game board that fits under that category.

If you can’t get it under the allotted time, you are out, and play continues with the remaining players.

The kids absolutely loved this and really loved making up their own categories (an option available on the cards) to create their own game like, “Words to Describe Our Cat Lulu,” or “What Mom Is Like Before Her Coffee” (hardy-har-har!).

We love this one!



For the person who has everything, may I present to you Bucky.

We love this guy so much in our house that my husband got one for his office too.

They come in a flat package and you assemble them much like you would a very beginner LEGO set.

This cardboard guy is a statement piece in any room and comes plain or patterned.

So beautifully made that it is a treat to put him together, he is always a great conversation piece in our house.

Nerdy glasses and accessories you might want to add to him are all sold separately.

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Sherpa Comforters

If you are looking for a gift that will keep your recipient cozy all winter long, these sherpa comforters are my family’s new favorite thing.

We have one on every single bed after I ordered one for my post that I was writing for BHG at Walmart.

It’s the perfect blanket- warm, but not too warm, velvety on one side, furry on the other, and a surprisingly lightweight warm layer.

These do make it a difficult bed to leave, but a delight to stay in on the weekends.

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Have a history nut to buy for?

Give them 11/22/63 right now so they can wait with bated breath for the Hulu series to come out.

King offers up the hypothetical scenario, if you could change something in history, would you alter it?

Jake Epping discovers a secret portal to 1958 that he uses to time travel in the back pantry of a restaurant.

The goal?

See if he can alter the JFK assassination, killing Lee Oswald Harvey before he kills JFK.

Hang on tight, this is a true adventure!

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Happy Socks

My husband has a million pairs of Happy Socks and they have become a go-to gift for him for the holidays from everyone in our family.

I love the trend of wildly patterned socks for men and I also  love seeing these peeking out from his normally neutral attire.

For the guy who has everything, I present Happy Socks.

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What If?

What If? is the book I am recommending for the boys in your life!

Munroe explores the absolute craziest, “what if” scenarios and comes up with a truly scientific explanation of the outcome for each of them.

It is accompanied by hilarious drawings of what might occur in these scenarios, making it a perfect book for tween & teen boys who loved the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

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Adult Coloring Books

I love the stress relieving trend of adult coloring books and my friend Wendy has a beautiful mandalas collection she has designed that I am hoping to give as gifts this year.

I plan to pair one of these with beautiful colored pencils for gift-giving.

This would also make a great teen or tween gift for the holidays!

I hope this little list helps as you plan your holiday shopping.

You can also find a great list of 54 handmade gifts you can make for those special people in your life!

Anything from my list on your wish list?

Share below!!


This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend what I love though! Promise! 

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