Teaching My Kid to Say Thank You

I decided to do some different types of thank you cards this year. I ran across a cute Martha Stewart stamp set with numbers on it, from the Michael’s Craft Store. The set included two sets of ten numbers (0-9) in two different styles for $14.99 for all of the stamps total. I figured I could use these in the future for each of the kid’s thank you notes and could also use them as invitations for our parties.

The blank note cards were on sale for $1.50 and included twenty cards. Each of the cards were stamped with the number “5” on it and we wrote out a note of thankfulness for the great birthday gifts he received.

It is important to me to teach my children to be thankful for what they receive. I believe it is the key to getting a lot of what you want in life. People take notice when you are grateful and will want to do more for you because they know how much you appreciate things. For me to just write a thank you note on his behalf, however, doesn’t involve him in learning gratitude. I want him to participate in helping with these, even if he can’t write yet.

Next to each of my notes, he drew a picture to help with the card. Of course, what he says the pictures are often become more funny than the picture itself. I ask him to explain what each picture is and write a subtitle. For this set of cards, here were some of his subtitled responses:

Picture of a Door: “You Can Always Come to Our House” (This sounded like he could write for Hallmark, don’t you think?)

Picture ?: Ethan begins laughing, “We don’t know what this is. It is a very strange thing.”

Picture of a Mommy with a giant dress:
Ethan: “This is mommy when you have a baby inside you.”
Me: (About to PASS OUT!) “But I don’t have a baby inside me.”
Ethan: “Yes, you do!”
Me: (Getting agitated) “No, I DON’T”
Ethan: “Yes, when you had EMILY inside of you. That is what I am talking about.”

Isn’t it fun what our children can come up with?

Sound Off: How do you teach your children gratitude?

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